bloggers-change-livesWhy do you blog? (This is where you stop and think for a minute without continued reading….)

If you can’t answer this question, then I submit you have a problem. Fact is, you’ve got to know why you’re doing this.

Again, I ask the question: Why do you blog?

Over the past couple of years I’ve carried a pretty hefty blogging schedule between my swimming pool company, my web coaching company, and then the words found here on The Sales Lion. And although I’ve spent a mountain of hours on these tasks, I can without question say why I’m doing this.

A Writer’s Influence

A few days ago I did another guest post on Paul Castain’s extremely popular blog: Sales Playbook. The theme of my story (which I really do hope you read if you have an extra minute) deals with a subject that has touched us all at one time or another: Rejection.

In fact, my post for Paul discussed how I had put my hopes and dreams in a simple job application (while attending college) only to find out the company had rejected me, which was a heavy emotional blow indeed. But what came after this ‘rejection’ is where the life lesson was learned.

Like most guest posts I’ve done in the past, the article received a few nice comments and a variety of positive tweets, but nothing out of the ordinary told me that any of the readers had been affected or inspired in any great manner.

But then came an email from Paul this past Thursday, which included a letter he’d received that day from a reader:

Hi Paul,

I wanted to drop you a quick note of appreciation to tell you that I read with
considerable interest the posting you sent out the other day regarding the
person that wanted a certain internship position and was rejected…the posting
explained how he rejected the rejection and responded back to the company and
ended up getting the position. I had just been rejected by a prospect that I
really wanted to land just before I read that posting. Utilizing the “reject the
rejection” technique, I formulated an email to do just that and sent it off.
Within an hour, I got a phone call back from my prospect-the gist of which was
that my rejection of their rejection email had caused them to want to give me
the order. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for sharing that
technique. I am now committed to using it each and every time the opportunity
presents itself-which will be frequently based on the fact that we are in sales

Thanks again!!

Needless to say, this little story of rejection and triumph absolutely made my day. In fact, it reminded me again why I began blogging in the first place:

I’m here to teach, inform, and inspire. Simply put, I do this to change lives.

Does blogging have other rewards? Heck yeah it does. Anyone that has read even a snippet of this blog knows that content marketing/blogging has catapulted my life to heights never previously reached. My businesses are stronger than ever. I’m financially at peace. My brand grows and grows and grows. But again, all of this is a bonus, and without any of it the hours and hours of writing would still be well worth it for the simple joy and satisfaction that comes with reading a letter like the one above.

Never Doubt….

So remember why you’re doing this. Never doubt the impact you’re having as a teacher and thought leader in your field. Trust me when I say your influence is much, much greater than you realize and lives and families are being changed with the words you offer to the world with each and every post.

14 thoughts on “How to Change Lives with Your Words: A Writer’s Higher Calling

    • Yep, sure is Uncle P’…Heck, I look at you and your blog and really all you do on there is give and give and give….but it’s all worth it, as you and I have certainly come to find.

      Thanks for the second opportunity. You’re a good dude. :-)

  1. Jk

    You are a leader who many follow, Marcus…even when you don’t know it!
    Thanks for creating and sharing this encouraging post. Your dedication and “reason why” is blazingly exemplified through your work. Keep it up – I’m following! Peace.
    .-= Jk´s last blog ..A Different Facet of Leadership =-.

    • Same to you JK. I haven’t known you very long but have been very impressed with your life balance (success at home and work) and the passion you exude from everything you write. Whether it’s a comment on someone’s blog, or an article on yours, you bring sincerity, energy, and reality every time.

      So big dittos back to you and keep up your greatness.

  2. You got it!
    Whenever we get an email or comment from someone we have helped…it is the best source of motivation ever.

    I recently got a comment from a woman thanking me for helping her follow her goals and be brave enough to stand up for them, she had always set too high goals for herself (at least her friends thought so) but now she started following them and getting results, obviously they weren’t to high.

    I emailed her a thank you and now we are friends on facebook having exchanged a few emails.

    I am looking forward to hearing how her future turns out and if she is the only one I help, that would be enough. Luckily we can help some more.

    The same goes for you Marcus, you have probably changed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of business people, hiring tens of thousand of employees who will all have a better work place thanks to your help.
    .-= Daniel M. Wood´s last blog ..How to Make Plans for Your Success =-.

    • Wow D’, that’s a great story about the gal you helped and now have formed a relationship with. Heck, the same could be said for you and I. Considering we met each other at the same time, when our blogs were infants about a year ago, it’s been great to bounce ideas off of each other and watch each other grow in many ways.

      A pleasure having you as a friend D’.

      Thanks for being who you are.

  3. Awesome post man.
    I love this… i think i need to step back and re-think .. what an encouraging post. Thanks for sharing. Have fun.

    • Thank you more Samuel 😉

      I’m assuming when you say ‘step back’ you’re referring to the ‘Why do you do this?’ question. If so, I honestly believe it’s a question we should ask ourselves often. Simply put, there has to be a deep reason and motivation for what we do and why we do it.

      Thanks for stopping by man.

  4. Dia

    Hi Marcus,

    Wow, I love this post my friend. For sure our words have huge affect on people. A while ago, I was working with a client who felt that her life doesn’t have anything positive in it. After few weeks, I got an email from her to say that I have changed her life for better and that she is on the path of happiness. You have no idea how much happiness I felt when I read those words. Really our words and help do have huge power. Thanks for sharing
    .-= Dia´s last blog ..Smile 400 times a day =-.

    • Thanks Dia, and what a great story yourself! That must be a tremendous feeling to have a client get such tremendous results…

      Keep it up brother!

  5. Thanks for the glimpse back into your college years. That article you linked to was so incredibly inspiring – I’m glad you got the position!

    This just shows that determination, confidence, and the will to succeed can go a long way.

    Why do I blog?

    Truthfully, I blog for a number of reasons – and they all seem to change over time as I grow deeper and deeper with my blog. For instance, back then I blogged to a) make money b) share my goals and aspirations and c) make money (woops – did I say that twice?).

    The truth is, as I continued to share my thoughts (not making a single penny by the way), a new fire burned inside me when I started to get emails from readers saying that my blog was actually helping them to succeed as an entrepreneur, questions about certain aspects of the entrepreneur life, and just genuine words of gratitude. I started reading other blogs, and the fire only burned brighter.

    I didn’t realize it before, but I blog for a whole variety of reasons – reasons that I didn’t once expect. For one, I blog to help aspiring writers reach their dreams. I blog to help writers and entrepreneurs succeed, to watch them grow as a result of my advice and guidance.

    I blog because it simply gives me pleasure. I love to write and, if I stop writing for too long, my days turn dark and murky. Writing gives me that fuel I need to keep going. Blogging gives me something to do with my time, and puts the “fun” into my everyday life.

    I blog to build a presence. I want to be heard in the crowd, and my blog allows me to do that. By building a presence, I open the doors to tons of opportunities that were otherwise hidden from me. Call it selfish, but it makes me feel like I’m part of the worldwide community – that I’m contributing to the world in a way that matters.

    I blog to meet people. Being a writer is a lonely existence – though I don’t complain much. 😉 I like the solitude I find in my office. However, through my blog, I also meet so many new individuals each and every day, with different backgrounds, opinions, and thoughts. I love the chance to collaborate with other bloggers, help others through email, and simply read the comments I get every day on my blog.

    I blog for the future. One day I’ll be able to move into my own home and start a family. When that day comes, I’ll be able to work close to my kids and husband. I won’t have to worry about daycare or even a baby sitter. I’d be there to watch my children grow, spending as much time as possible with them.

    So, those are my reasons. Call them what you will – but they make blogging worth it in the end. :)

    .-= Christina Crowe´s last blog ..5 Ways Clutter and Mess Affect Your Concentration =-.

    • Holy Shnikees Christina, this was beautiful!! I really loved it, seriously….It’s funny how so much of what you said here was focused on other people, giving, helping, etc…..Dang I appreciate your passion girl….I think you should make that a blog post!!

      • Hey Marcus!

        Hehe, I love that word – shnikees. I just might steal it from you! 😉

        But thanks. :) This post seriously made me think about why I write or blog in general. It was also pretty motivating for me. After reading this post, I wrote 2 more consecutive blog entries and scheduled them for later dates. (oh, I love, love, LOVE WordPress’ preschedule feature!)

        But that’s actually a great idea for a new post. I didn’t even think about it before. I think I’ll take advantage of this opportunity. :)

        .-= Christina Crowe´s last blog ..Jump Start Your Writing Career- Design Your Future and Control Your Lifestyle =-.

        • Awesome Christina, LOVE IT!!!

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