How to Change Lives with Your Words: A Writer’s Higher Calling

by Marcus Sheridan

bloggers-change-livesWhy do you blog? (This is where you stop and think for a minute without continued reading….)

If you can’t answer this question, then I submit you have a problem. Fact is, you’ve got to know why you’re doing this.

Again, I ask the question: Why do you blog?

Over the past couple of years I’ve carried a pretty hefty blogging schedule between my swimming pool company, my web coaching company, and then the words found here on The Sales Lion. And although I’ve spent a mountain of hours on these tasks, I can without question say why I’m doing this.

A Writer’s Influence

A few days ago I did another guest post on Paul Castain’s extremely popular blog: Sales Playbook. The theme of my story (which I really do hope you read if you have an extra minute) deals with a subject that has touched us all at one time or another: Rejection.

In fact, my post for Paul discussed how I had put my hopes and dreams in a simple job application (while attending college) only to find out the company had rejected me, which was a heavy emotional blow indeed. But what came after this ‘rejection’ is where the life lesson was learned.

Like most guest posts I’ve done in the past, the article received a few nice comments and a variety of positive tweets, but nothing out of the ordinary told me that any of the readers had been affected or inspired in any great manner.

But then came an email from Paul this past Thursday, which included a letter he’d received that day from a reader:

Hi Paul,

I wanted to drop you a quick note of appreciation to tell you that I read with
considerable interest the posting you sent out the other day regarding the
person that wanted a certain internship position and was rejected…the posting
explained how he rejected the rejection and responded back to the company and
ended up getting the position. I had just been rejected by a prospect that I
really wanted to land just before I read that posting. Utilizing the “reject the
rejection” technique, I formulated an email to do just that and sent it off.
Within an hour, I got a phone call back from my prospect-the gist of which was
that my rejection of their rejection email had caused them to want to give me
the order. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for sharing that
technique. I am now committed to using it each and every time the opportunity
presents itself-which will be frequently based on the fact that we are in sales

Thanks again!!

Needless to say, this little story of rejection and triumph absolutely made my day. In fact, it reminded me again why I began blogging in the first place:

I’m here to teach, inform, and inspire. Simply put, I do this to change lives.

Does blogging have other rewards? Heck yeah it does. Anyone that has read even a snippet of this blog knows that content marketing/blogging has catapulted my life to heights never previously reached. My businesses are stronger than ever. I’m financially at peace. My brand grows and grows and grows. But again, all of this is a bonus, and without any of it the hours and hours of writing would still be well worth it for the simple joy and satisfaction that comes with reading a letter like the one above.

Never Doubt….

So remember why you’re doing this. Never doubt the impact you’re having as a teacher and thought leader in your field. Trust me when I say your influence is much, much greater than you realize and lives and families are being changed with the words you offer to the world with each and every post.

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