The Hubcast #6: Inbound Rocks, HubSpot Recipes Tool, Inbound Agencies, and More

by George Thomas


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Welcome back to The Hubcast folks! As mentioned last week, this will be a weekly podcast all about HubSpot news, tips, and tricks. Please also note the extensive show notes below including some new HubSpot video tutorials created by George Thomas.

Show Notes:

Inbound 2014

Only 13 DAYS till Inbound 2014! As of this recording…

Set Your Sessions

Have you set up your sessions for Inbound 2014 yet? Did you know you can login and create and print your agenda? You will need your email and confirmation code to login. Once in you will be greeted with a schedule builder. You can then build and print your entire schedule.

Inbound Rocks

Marcus did you know we have not brought up in 5 episode of the Hubcast what might be the funnest part of Inbound other than all the learning? Inbound Rocks baby! This year they are bringing in Janelle Monáe! an awesome artist with hits like “Tightrope,” “Cold War,” “Dance Apocalyptic,” and “Q.U.E.E.N.”

See Inbound Rocks page here

HubSpot Tips & Tricks

HubSpot Recipies

Not many know that HubSpot has done some great work for you. If you want to easily implement some great HubSpot Inbound strategies you can use the pre-baked recipes just go to portal ID here/workflows

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 2.05.50 AM

In the left corner you will see you can flip through workflows, attribution reports and campaigns. Use them as they are or just as a starting point to build on.

HubSpot Strategy

We talk about a certain section of the Interview with Brian Halligan from HubSpot:

2. In conjunction with #1, what’s the one thing where you feel what you wrote then is even more applicable today?

brian halligan

The importance of agencies in marketing success. We devoted a very short chapter in the first book to choosing an agency that was almost entirely focused on PR. At the time, our agency partner program was still an experiment, and since then the program has grown to over 1,900 agencies worldwide. There are three key takeaways for me on the agency side…

Read the article now

HubSpot Updates

(Each week on the Hubcast, George and Marcus will be looking at HubSpot’s newest updates to their software. And in this particular episode, we’ll be discussing 2 of their newest updates)

New Campaign Wizard

Now live in your HubSpot portal for all customers is an interactive guide that will walk you through creating all of the assets necessary for a successful marketing campaign. In your Campaigns App, after creating a new campaign, you’ll see this new guide:


In each section above, you can expand the step with the drop-down arrow on the right which allow you to edit, modify, create or schedule that asset.

Also, when creating content like landing pages, emails or blog posts, the Wizard stays with you the whole time and allows you to go back to the campaign, skip and work on the next asset in your campaign or, with the drop-down on the right, choose any other piece of your campaign to work on. It looks like this:


The campaign  Wizard… in summary

  • Presents a visual checklist of the content you need in order to launch a campaign
  • Guides you through all the tools and assets you need for creating a campaign
  • Copies content where necessary (e.g. carrying the name of the campaign across all its assets, placing the link of the landing page onto to call-to-action, etc)
  • Creates a thank-you page to go with your landing page
  • Allows you to schedule emails, blogs, and landing pages from the same spot

If you start every campaign with the wizard your portal will be way easier to keep organized.

HubSpot Wishlist

 Social Login for forms

I wish you could Add a new module in the template builder that would integrate a “Login with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +” button on LandingPages and Blogs using forms, blog subscriptions… You get the idea. People don’t want to fill crap out so with social logins they would not have to.

Cool HubSpot & Inbound Tweets


HubSpot Question of the Week (answered in this episode)

Allen Asks: Once a website is designed, what are the steps for proper SEO?

Not only does Marcus answer Allen’s question, he give you a process to crush your sites SEO from start until the end of time.

If you’d like a HubSpot strategy or tool question answered in a future episode, email us at

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