Unparalleled Inbound Marketing and HubSpot Coaching

If you are experiencing any of the following, then we need to talk:

  • You are debating as to whether or not HubSpot is a good fit for your company. (Note** What makes us unique here at TSL is that we tell many clients HubSpot may NOT be a good fit for your business, as there are many factors involved here that will spell success or failure with the software.)
  • You want Inbound Marketing to be a culture,  and not just another “program.”
  • You are a marketer trying to convince management of the value of Inbound Marketing/HubSpot but have failed up to this point to get the message across.
  • You’re thinking about using HubSpot but you’re afraid it might not work because you’ve never handled marketing at an in-house level.
  • You’re currently using HubSpot but for whatever reason, it’s not going well for you and you’re considering dropping it and have started to look at other solutions. (Note: This applies to companies big and small, as our clients here at The Sales Lion range quite a bit in size.)
  • You are tired of having to always go through a webmaster or your IT department to do anything to your site.
  • You are stressed that old forms of advertising and marketing no longer work but the whole idea of web and inbound marketing are all very intimidating.
  • Your current marketing is costing WAY TOO MUCH.
  • You feel like you have no control at all over your website.
  • You’re not even sure if the marketing you’re doing is working.

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 What People are Saying…

Marcus Sheridan’s Inbound Marketing and HubSpot success strategy has become renowned around the world as he took a failing swimming pool company and turned it into one of the most successful pool builders in the world by using HubSpot and embracing  a unique methodology of inbound marketing. Since that time, Sheridan has been on HubSpot TV twice (shown below), spoken on multiple occasions at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston, and has turned many current HubSpot users who were also struggling with inbound marketing into the premier online voices in their industry through his teachings.

Here are a few examples of testimonials from a few clients:

Hi Marcus,

Well, mission accomplished my new dear friend! I am so proud of you and all that you did to rock the entire organization into a new reality. They definitely “got it” after hearing you speak. It was better than I dared imagine. Thank you so much for helping them all understand inbound/content marketing in a new and awesome way. And the coolest part is, not only do they get it… they are EXCITED!

I have been getting text messages, email notes and IMs ever since the retreat from the most unlikely people thanking me. Even the biggest skeptics have made a point to reach out and tell me how much they enjoyed you as a speaker and that they have all these ideas now. It is going to be so very powerful having this many people unified with the same vision and equipped to make it happen.

….. I forgot to tell you that the real lasting proof of a successful retreat was the fact that I had 8 blog posts in my inbox by lunch today and many more on the way.

Krista Kotrla


Block Imaging


….Truth be told, had I (or my staff) never met you, none of this would have happened. Also, hiring a Chief Content Officer took a big load off my shoulders. Doing blogging the right way (the Marcus way) is a huge commitment, but there is long term payoff.

Matthew Stock
Vice President / Owner
U.S. Waterproofing


Marcus and Jason,

I want to thank you both for the coaching and training you provided to us. When we decided to make the jump and take control of our website it was overwhelming to think about. We knew though that we needed to take back the “keys” to our business. With your training and encouragement our website has a COMPLETE overhaul, and we did it all ourselves. The benefits we see from doing this blow me away everyday. Any business owner that wants to be competitive in this day and age will need to have a web presence. You all cut the learning curve so far down for us that it became a simple process. I highly recommend anybody who wants to take control of their website to hire you guys to help. Thanks again for everything you have done for us and God bless.

Nathan Edwards

Edwards Pools



Hey man thanks again for helping me out this afternoon on the phone.  I forgot to tell you, YOU are the missing link that Hubspot isn’t incorporating. I was actually getting really frustrated with Hubspot before I spoke with you the first time.  The problem with Hubspot is that they have the “webinars”, but they never go into anybody’s site and analyze peoples blog.  They just say keep blogging with remarkable content and you’ll get a following.  The difference is that YOU are creative enough to see a website and know immediately how to put yourself in the consumers shoes and come up with the questions that need to be answered.  So, for me, you were the missing piece that put together this puzzle we call Hubspot. Anyways, wanted to pass that along your way.  Thanks again for everything, have a good one brother!

Jason Kohles, CRS,CGP,GRI,SFR

Broker Associate/Realtor

Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group



Thanks for talking social media (Web 2.0) with me today. You called me all the way from Virginia, USA to Winnipeg, Canada.You spent well over a half hour on the phone with me, giving me helpful advice and words of inspiration. I credit you with helping me take my business to the next level!

John, Team Nault Auto Sales


Dear Marcus:

I  am deeply grateful to you for sharing your experiences wisdom and insights. Even though I had been studying inbound marketing for the last 5 months, it was speaking with you that has given me the confidence “Yes! I can succeed at this”. You have given me a priceless gift.

Abid, Massachusetts

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