How to Sign Up with HubSpot

So you’re interested in possibly signing up for Hubspot, are you? That’s great, but it’s important to understand the following:

  • HubSpot is just a tool, and only as good as the person using it.
  • HubSpot and inbound marketing will not work overnight. (Usually great results are seen between the 3-12 month time period)
  • HubSpot and inbound marketing require time. (I tell everyone, the first 2 months require about 10 hours of dedication a week, and then goes down with time.)
  • HubSpot and inbound marketing are a culture. To have success, you must stay at it and be consistent.
  • HubSpot is amazing, but it’s NOT a magic pill.

Signing Up with HubSpot Through The Sales Lion

As most folks know, because Marcus Sheridan had so much success with his swimming  pool company and HubSpot, he and his trained team now teach other businesses how to replicate that success. Coming from the side of the ‘average Joe business owner’, The Sales Lion team is able to speak the language of their clients and show them exactly what they have to do to start the inbound marketing race running.

The cost of signing up with HubSpot underneath The Sales Lion as opposed with going to HubSpot directly means that you will spend the exact same amount of money for the package. The main difference between the two comes in the training, as Marcus and his team are all business owners that use HubSpot. You can imagine how much this helps in terms of real-life strategy and experience.

If you’re interested in HubSpot , please fill out the following form and you’ll be contacted immediately.