The 12 Best HubSpot Partners of 2014: A Massive Review

by Rich McElaney

Best HubSpot Partner Award

The 2014 “Top HubSpot Partners” awards logo

***Note from Marcus: Many of you already know my feelings on HubSpot. In 2009, when my swimming pool company was on the brink, it was their website, teachings, and tool-set that significantly motivated me to embrace the internet and a very different way of doing business– something that would ultimately have a dramatic impact not just on saving River Pools at the time, but catapulting my career path to where it is today with The Sales Lion.

As I’ve watched HubSpot and the Inbound Marketing movement grow over the past 5 years, I’ve been greatly inspired by the individuals and companies in this space that have done exceptional things with their clients and helped make this industry what is currently is. As HubSpot partners ourselves here at TSL, we are constantly impressed as we watch these companies find new and better ways not only to leverage HubSpot with their clients, but also take Inbound Marketing itself to new levels.

It is for this reason I asked Rich McElaney (VP of Business Development here at The Sales Lion) to take on a massive project, with the charge of identifying the best HubSpot partners and Inbound Marketing Agencies in the world today. After 30+ hours of research, interviews, and writing, what you find below is the resulting work. And although this list (like any other) is surely not perfect or inclusive of other agencies that merit praise, we do hope those that read this article will be benefited. Also, you’ll see this article is very long, as well it should be. When companies are choosing an Inbound Marketing Agency to work with, the impact can literally make or break the organization and should not be taken lightly.

And with that, here goes…

Inbound Marketing and HubSpot

For most of us working in and around marketing, the term inbound marketing is synonymous with HubSpot. For those not familiar with the term or the company, HubSpot is a leading marketing automation platform provider that gives its users the ability to create content, publish it and measure its effectiveness in generating incremental traffic, leads and sales for their websites.

HubSpot Inbound Methodology

HubSpot sells its automation platform directly to end users and through a network of certified resellers – officially known as Partners. (Note: The Sales Lion is a Gold Level HubSpot Partner– we’ll chat more about partner levels later in this post.)

One of the most frequent questions that both potential buyers and new users of HubSpot ask is: Who are the best Partners? This is an extremely important question to ask and have answered correctly as selecting the right Partner for your company often means the difference between success and failure in getting inbound marketing to produce a healthy return on investment.

The bottom line is this decision is HUGE for businesses.  At The Sales Lion, we feel there is room on top for every Inbound Marketing agency in this space wanting to do exceptional things with their clients. Furthermore, when agencies are doing great things and moving the industry forward, their work should be noted.

How the HubSpot Partner Tier Structure Works

We’re going to outline a little background on how the Partner Tier system works because a basic understanding of this structure will get you off on the right foot in selecting the best Partner for your needs.

HubSpot Partner Badges

The current Partner structure is comprised of three tiers:  Silver, Gold and Platinum.  (Side note: A new tier – Diamond (the highest level available) will be introduced soon.)

HUbSpot Partner DiamondThese Partner classifications are based on a number of factors, including monthly recurring revenue (MRR) acquired and managed, client retention, software engagement, and actual inbound marketing success.

Monthly recurring revenue looks at the dollar value of the number of clients a Partner has placed on the HubSpot platform.  HubSpot is offered in three versions: Basic – which starts at $200 per month; Professional – which starts at $800 per month and Enterprise – which starts at $2,400 per month. (We’ll review how the particular version you choose can impact your choice of a Partner later in this post.)

As an example, if a Partner has 3 clients on Basic, 3 on Professional and 2 on Enterprise, their MRR would be $7,600 (2 x $200 + 3 x $800 = 2 x $2,400). The software engagement and client success portion of the Tier ranking is based on what HubSpot has termed “CHI” (pronounced chee) and is the Customer Happiness Index. A CHI score is based on a number of factors related to the successful  setup and usage of HubSpot – factors including, but not limited to, landing pages built, blog articles written, number of contacts in the database, email campaigns delivered and monthly user log-in activity.

The length of time a Partner has worked with their client base also impacts the Tier rating – longer relationships typically indicate that the Partner is creating success for its clients.  To sum it up, the bigger the Partner’s client base, the longer those clients have been with the Partner and the greater the success those clients have had, the higher the Partner will be in the Tier structure.

  •  Silver requires: MRR of $2,500 and client success
  • Gold requires: MRR of $4,500 and client success
  • Platinum requires: MRR of $15,500 and client success
  • Diamond requires: MRR of $50,000 and client success

Certifications are an Important Factor in Partner Selection


Prior to attaining a tier classification, VARs have to achieve at least 2 levels of certification, a process which includes testing and practical execution showing mastery of the functional components of the HubSpot platform. HubSpot has recently added another level of certification which signifies proficiency with their Content Operating System (COS). This certification is becoming more prevalent in the Partner ranks as an increasing number of clients are having their websites built on the HubSpot COS. The current certification levels are:

  1. Inbound Certified – this certification is open to the public and designates an understanding of the foundational aspects of inbound methodology.
  2. HubSpot Certified – you have to be an existing HubSpot customer, pass a written test and complete a practicum designed to verify proficiency with HubSpot’s tools.
  3. Partner Certified – the is open to HubSpot Partners only and shows that a Partner is intimately familiar with HubSpot’s software and is capable of delivering results for clients.
  4. Design Certified – this certification is open to the public (if you aren’t a HubSpot customer you will need to create a free developer’s account) and is primarily aimed at developers wishing to use HubSpot’s  design tools to create intelligent and responsive websites.

The HubSpot platform (for users of the product)offers a Partner Directory in the Resources section in the top navigation bar (See below) where certified VARs are listed. As of today’s date, and this changes frequently, 12 VARs are at the Platinum level, 84 are at the Gold level and 104 are at the Silver level.

For HubSpot users, finding the resource center is just a click away.

For HubSpot users, finding the resource center is just a click away.

As mentioned earlier in the post, HubSpot is offered in three versions: Basic, Professional and Enterprise. As a client, which version you’re on or considering is an important factor in choosing the appropriate Partner. If you’re not yet using HubSpot, you want to get a firm understanding of which version will provide the right level of support for your business.  You may already be talking to a Partner and they’re assisting you in making the right version choice. Or, you could be talking directly to HubSpot and they’re making a recommendation based on assessing your needs.  (HubSpot frequently refers interested parties to a Partner based on a number of factors we’ll review later in this post – it’s called the Custom Match program)

Let’s take a high level look at the differences in versions. Basic is typically used by smaller companies or solopreneurs with small prospect databases. Professional straddles a wide range of industries and company sizes. Typically, Professional users have larger organizations, bigger prospect databases and are using CRM systems that benefit by an integration with HubSpot in order to track prospects from lead to sale. Enterprise meets the needs of larger organizations with large customer databases, bigger marketing departments and more sophisticated marketing strategies.  This chart compares the functionality in each version and is very helpful in focusing in on the right version for your business.

Choosing the Right Inbound Marketing Agency for Your Company

It’s very important to match the skill set and business focus of the VAR with the inbound marketing needs of the client. In general, a Basic user should not necessarily be looking for a Platinum VAR (and vice versa). Platinum VARs tend to be larger companies working with Professional and Enterprise users – they have the staff, structure and footprint to effectively service bigger companies with larger marketing budgets. Although this certainly isn’t the sole consideration, it’s something to make a note of when you start your selection process.

Going beyond the Partner Tiers and Certification structure, you’ll want to consider several other factors:

  • Partner’s proximity to your business: This is more of a personal choice but there’s something to be said for your Partner being in the same market. Having knowledge of the local business landscape and the ability to get deeper into your organization by virtue of frequent on-site meetings can make a difference in some cases. The reality is that proximity is becoming less of an issue with the proliferation of tools enabling quality virtual support. Here at The Sales Lion, about 25% of our clients are within a 3 hour driving radius and the other 75% are located literally around the world. For us, the only time proximity is a factor is during on-site training and workshops, but with technology the way it is today and virtual meetings so prevalent, face-to-face training isn’t always imperative for success.
  • Partner’s experience in your industry: A Partner with successful experience in your industry can drastically impact the learning curve and shorten the time in achieving a positive ROI from your inbound efforts. This being said, the principles of great inbound marketing are consistent across all industries and niches, and the best Partners generally adapt and apply what they’ve successfully done with previous clients to their newest accounts.
  • A track record of real results: Any HubSpot Partner can make the case on their website how they’re positioned to help your business. This, in and of itself, by no means qualifies them as a “great Partner.” Rather, what separates the average from the elite agencies in the world of Inbound and Content Marketing is their willingness and ability to share the real results from their existing client base. Key metrics such as traffic growth, lead quality, shortened sales cycles, improved margins, incremental revenue growth and return on marketing investment. This is critical information that cannot be overlooked.
  • Partner’s business philosophy and values: This is more about chemistry than anything else, but if a Partner’s general business approach and value set is similar to your company’s, it can positively impact success and set the foundation for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Partner’s client support structure: While titles within Partner agencies may sound similar, the functional roles can often be quite different. Get a clear understanding of who will be supporting your account, their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.

One last thing – not every HubSpot user works with, or is in need of, a Partner. There are numerous success stories from HubSpot users who trained staff on the platform and successfully manage it internally. River Pools is a classic example of this as Marcus and his gang of “pool guys” were literally self-taught on the tool and still managed to make a few waves in their industry as well as in the inbound marketing landscape.

HubSpot Partner Program

The key to remember is every company has different needs, which is why selecting the right partner for you is not a one-size-fits-all process.

Some HubSpot clients will utilize the services of a Partner to consult with, develop strategy, launch the platform and eventually develop self-sufficiency. Other clients may bring in a Partner when they grow to a level that requires expertise and support beyond their capability to effectively manage things internally. Each case is different and the good news is that with the growth of HubSpot and the Partner network, it’s easy to find the support that fits your specific needs.

Tips for Finding Certified HubSpot Partners

The Custom Match Program

In addition to browsing through the Partner Directory in the Resources section, HubSpot has recently initiated a new program where they recommend a Partner for you based on certain criteria you provide.

It’s called the Custom Match program and once you provide the required information (listed below) HubSpot will return a match based on best fit. HubSpot Partners, in order to be eligible for this program, must have a minimum of three HubSpot certifications : HubSpot, Partner and Design.

The information requested by HubSpot in order to start the Custom Match process is:

  • Company name
  • Website
  • Contact name
  • Location
  • HubSpot ID
  • Approximate budget
  • Specific needs and  expectations

Once the form is completed HubSpot will contact the requestor within 3-5 business days and provide the website address of the Partner deemed the best match. HubSpot also notifies the Partner, who will contact the requestor typically well within 1-2 business days of receiving the notification.

Using The HubSpot Partner Directory

Navigating the Partner Directory is pretty straightforward but there are a few things to keep in mind as you review the information.

There are four ways to filter the Partner Directory listings down for easier navigation.

If you are researching a specific Partner, you can enter their company name in the search bar on the top right of the Partner Directory page.

HubSpot's Partner Search Feature

HubSpot’s Partner Search Feature

If you already know you need a Partner with a specific certification, you can select from each of four levels of certifications in this drop down section:

If you're looking for a particular certification with a partner, you can do it here.

If you’re looking for a particular certification with a partner, you can do it here.

If you have a specific service need, you can use the Service Categories on the left column to narrow your results:

If you're looking for a specific category of need, you can also do that within HubSpot.

If you’re looking for a specific category of need, you can also do that within HubSpot.

Just be forewarned – the filtration processes still leave you with many Partner listings to consider, which is why the Custom Match program has been added.

The Partner listings are arranged by the number of client reviews the Partner has obtained. (You can also filter this setting from highest number of reviews to lowest.)  Take the time to look at the reviews and get a feel for the composition of the reviews (are there multiple reviews from the same client) and look at the recency of the reviews (if they’re all from two years ago what does that mean?).  Keep in mind that a low review volume does not automatically equate with low client satisfaction.

Attend Inbound 2014

Every year, HubSpot hosts an annual gathering of Partners, end-users, top-notch marketing speakers and various and sundry Inbound die-hards in order to propel the Inbound movement ever forward. Last year’s gathering topped the 5,000 attendee count with hundreds of partners present and this year promises to be so much larger that they moved the venue to the cavernous Boston Convention Center.

This is the place to be if you are looking to improve your Inbound Marketing skills, network with fellow Inbounders and HubSpotters, listen to the luminaries talk about best practices and enjoy the Boston vibe.

To say that Inbound is a great networking, learning and business development conference would be an understatement.

To say that Inbound is a great networking, learning and business development conference would be an understatement.

Attend Local HUG Meetings

HubSpot User Groups (HUG) have sprouted up all over the place and provide an excellent resource to learn more about HubSpot, meet Partners and other end users and learn about real world uses of the tools.  There are 74 HUG groups worldwide as of the most recent count –the majority of those are in the US.   Meeting frequency varies among groups – but you can find a listing and links here. Most user groups have a LinkedIn page where you can join, connect with other members and keep track of the group’s activity.

Top 3 Questions to Ask a HubSpot Partner

Now that you’re armed with additional information and insight on how HubSpot Partner tiers work, it’s time to engage in a dialogue to determine who the best fit for your needs is. Here’s a suggested list of initial screening questions to ask a prospective Partner:

  1. Can you show me your process for helping me assess the right approach to inbound marketing?
  2. What would the support team structure for my account look like? What are the roles and responsibilities of each team member?
  3. How long have you been a HubSpot partner, how many clients have you put on the HubSpot platform, and what have been their results?


 12 of the Best HubSpot VARs and Inbound Marketing Agencies of 2014

(Note** There are many, many great HubSpot Partners. Just because someone is not on our list, does not mean they’re not exceptional at what they do, so please don’t allow this list to limit your desire to look beyond these top 12. Based on the expected feedback, we may increase the list size in subsequent reviews!)

Here’s our 2014 list of the Top Twelve HubSpot Partners. Our criteria for including them:

  • They live and breathe the best practices of Inbound in a consistent and visible way throughout their online presence.
  • These Partners readily share real life client success stories that highlight the results they’ve achieved for clients and the agency performance capabilities that drove client success.
  • They are active in the Inbound community through involvement in HUG groups, participation in forums and in the general education of people new to the concepts of Inbound.
  • Directly and indirectly, they are helping shape positive perceptions of the high level of professionalism in the Partner community.

HubSpot Platinum Badge

1. Square 2 Marketing

HUbSpot Partner Square 2 Marketing

Location: Based in the Philadelphia Metro Area with an office in London
Year Founded: 2003
Initial HubSpot Partner Certification: 2010
Employees: 40
Client Mix – B2B/B2C: 80%/20%

Partner Services Include:

  • Marketing Strategy Creation
  • Inbound Marketing Planning
  • Website Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Content Sourcing and Off-page SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sales Strategy Consulting
  • Metrics and Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • Video Marketing

Insider’s Insight: Selected by HubSpot as the 2013 Domestic Agency of The Year.  Square 2 Marketing is known as a thought leader in the inbound marketing space. The author of two books on Inbound Marketing:  Reality Marketing Revolution and Fire Your Sales Team Today! Square 2 Marketing has created a proven process for building inbound marketing programs that generate results and is one of the only firms that provide a pay for performance model for clients. Industries served:  Software, Professional Services, Financial Services, Technology, Manufacturing, Distribution and Healthcare.

2. Kuno Creative

HubSpot partner Kuno Creative

Location:   Headquarters in Cleveland, OH with an office in Austin, TX
Year Founded: 2000
Initial HubSpot Partner Certification: 2009
Employees: 32
Client Mix – B2B/B2C: 90%/10%

Partner Services Include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Marketing Automation
  • KPIs and Analytics

Insider’s Insight:  Kuno Creative was one of the early stage HubSpot Certified Partners. Winner of the HubSpot Happiest Customers Award – in 2012 and 2013. Widely known as leaders in creatively designed and professionally written content. Vertical areas of specialty: SAAS/Cloud, Specialty Manufacturing and Healthcare.

3. Impact Branding & Design

HubSpot Partner Impact Brand And Design

Location:  Wallingford, CT
Year Founded:  2009
Initial HubSpot Certification:  November 2011
Employees:  32
Client Mix – B2B/B2C: 75%/25%

Partner Services Include:

  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development
  • 3rd Party Platform Integrations
  • Strategic Development and Execution Utilizing Inbound Marketing Methodology and Hubspot

Insider’s Insight:  Impact won HubSpot’s Partner Rookie of the Year award in 2012. Impact was one of the first five Partners to achieve the Platinum Partner designation.  The company is well on its way to doubling revenues for the past three years in a row.  All team members are certified at three levels – Inbound, HubSpot and Partner and all designers and web developers are HubSpot Design certified. Impact just released a cool new tool on their site – the Blog Title Generator.

4. Element Three

HubSpot Partner Element Three

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Year Founded: 2006
Initial HubSpot Partner Certification: 2011
Employees: 31
Client Mix – B2B/B2C:  80%/20%

Partner Services Include:

  • Brand Development
    • Brand Audit
    • Key Messaging
    • Brand Positioning
    • Identity and Naming
  • Marketing Strategy
    • Strategic Planning
    • Email Marketing
    • Lead Generation and Nurturing
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Creative Execution
    • Content Development
    • Website Development
    • Video
    • Photography
    • Sales Support Materials
    • Advertising

Insider’s Insight:  Element Three won HubSpot’s Agency of the Year in 2012. Element Three is known for their strategic prowess in creating unique brands and the integration of traditional and inbound marketing strategies.

5. PCR Agency

HubSpot Partner PCR Agency

Location:  Jacksonville, FL
Year Founded:  2007
Initial HubSpot Partner Certification: 2012
Employees: 9
Client Mix – B2B/B2C: 90%/10%

Partner Services Include:

  • Website Design
  • Digital Strategy Development
  • SEO/ PPC
  • Market Analysis
  • Content Creation and Distribution
  • Website Conversion
  • Social Media
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing

Insider’s Insight: PCR reached the HubSpot Platinum Partner designation faster than any other partner.  PCR is known for developing an Agile approach to consistently improving inbound performance for its clients in the Real Estate, Healthcare, Legal and Home Services industries.

HubSpot Gold Badge

6. PR 2020

HubSpot Partner PR 20/20

Location:  Cleveland, OH
Year Founded:  2005
Initial HubSpot Partner Certification: 2007
Employees: 13
Client Mix – B2B/B2C: 80%/20%

Partner Services Include:

  • Brand Marketing – strategy, identity and consulting
  • Web Development – strategy, design and copywriting
  • Search Marketing – SEO, local and paid search
  • Social Media – social media consulting and enterprise social solutions
  • Content Marketing
  • Public Relations – PR consulting, publicity campaign services, crisis communications, internal communications
  • Marketing Automation

Insider’s Insight:  PR 20/20 was the very first certified HubSpot partner. PR 2020’s founder authored The Marketing Agency Blueprint (and has a forthcoming book:  The Marketing Performance Blueprint) which led to the development of a collaborative agency hub – Marketing Agency Insider.  PR 2020 also developed Marketing Score – a free online assessment tool and marketing intelligence engine. PR 2020 is known for its thought leadership on the new role agencies play today – supported by deep experience creating success for their clients.

7. Precision Marketing Group

HubSpot Partner Precision Marketing Group

Location: Boston, MA
Year Founded: 2002
Initial HubSpot Partner Certification: 2008
Employees: 15
Client Mix – B2B/B2C: 100% B2B

Partner Services Include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Development/Redesign
  • Outbound Marketing
  • HubSpot Marketing Services

Insider’s Insight:  Precision Marketing Group was one of the earliest HubSpot certified Partners. That early HubSpot adoption has allowed the agency to build a tight-knit, seasoned team of certified professionals. PMG has become known as the ideal outsourced marketing department for business clients and a trusted training resource on inbound marketing best practices for organizations that include Harvard University.

8. New Breed Marketing

HUbSpot Partner New Breed Marketing

Location: Winooski, VT
Year Founded: 2002
Initial HubSpot Partner Certification: 2012
Employees: 17
Client Mix – B2B/B2C: 100% B2B

Partner Services Include:

  • Streamlined Branding
  • Digital Onboarding
  • Website Redesign
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Sales Enablement
  • Lead Management
  • Digital Support
  • Champion Enablement

Insider’s Insight:  New Breed has built the highest number of websites on HubSpot’s Content Operating System and specializes in the development of sales-ready websites and integrating those websites into a full inbound marketing strategy.  New Breed has an exclusive focus on technology-based clients – helping them unify marketing and sales through strategies and technology.  Key targets are aspiring enterprise clients and emerging growth companies. New Breed is the winner of multiple Webby Awards from 2010-2013.

9. SmartBug Media

HUbSpot Partner SmartBug Media

Location: Orange County, CA
Year Founded: 2007
Initial HubSpot Partner Certification: 2010
Employees: 19
Client Mix – B2B/B2C: 80% / 20%

Partner Services Include:

  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Inbound marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Website design
  • Lead generation
  • Revenue growth
  • Marketing automation
  • ROI enhancement
  • Analytics and KPIs
  • Sales processes improvement

Insider’s Insight:   SmartBug Media was selected by HubSpot as one of the top 1% of inbound marketers and owns one the highest client ROI case studies on record for a HubSpot Partner. SmartBug’s team consists of ex-HubSpotters (former HubSpot employees) and B2B marketing veterans that focus on outcomes. Recommended by executives at Mattel, Intel, Social Media Examiner and many other leading brands. SmartBug has a strong focus on technology and healthcare.

10. The Whole Brain Group

HUbSpot Partner Whol Brain Group

Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Year Founded: 2002
Initial HubSpot Partner Certification: 2012
Employees: 13
Client Mix – B2B/B2C: 100% B2B

Partner Services Include:

  • Inbound Marketing Strategy and Support
  • Inbound Sales Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Strategy & Execution
  • Training & Education
  • Accessible Marketing for People with Disabilities

Insider’s Insight:  The Whole Brain Group takes a very technical approach to creating inbound sales and marketing alignment and is known for their strong strategic planning and execution process which extends beyond marketing.  The have a unique focus on website accessibility for people with disabilities. Key target is second stage growth companies –businesses emerging from the start-up phase.

11. Stream Creative

HUbSpot Partner Stream Creative

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Year Founded: 2006
Initial HubSpot Partner Certification: 2010
Employees: 7 ( plus 2 full-time consultants)
Client Mix – B2B/B2C: 85%/15%

Partner Services Include:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Branding Services
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • PR Services
  • Print Design and Packaging Design
  • Interactive Services – Animation, Video Production

Insider’s Insight: Stream Creative is known for their strength in design, branding and developing websites on the HubSpot Content Operating System (COS). Stream Creative also provides design and development services to other HubSpot partners – confirming their expertise in this area. The also offer media buying and PR services in-house, bringing Inbound methodology to traditional marketing service provisioning.

HubSpot Partner Silver Badge

12. 98 to Go

HubSpot Partner 98 to Go

Location:  Atlanta, GA
Year Founded:  2011
Initial HubSpot Partner Certification: 2011
Employees: 8
Client Mix – B2B/B2C: 60%/40%

Partner Services:

  • Content Creation
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Campaign Development
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Customized Content Marketing Strategy Development

Insider’s Insight:  The HubSpot Partner with the highest HubSpot Customer Happiness Index (CHI) score ever, 98toGo develops detailed 26-page content marketing game plans customized for each client’s specific needs. 98toGo is known for having a unique culture of health, fun and fitness that powers their clients’ marketing effectiveness.  They are the only HubSpot partner known to conduct their weekly business meetings during a 7 mile run.

Your Turn:

Well we hope this article has helped you get a feel for the “best of the best” in HubSpot country. If you have any questions about our process of selecting these companies, please contact us here.

Also, we’d love to get your feedback on this post. What Inbound Marketing Agencies would you add to the list? Why? What do you feel makes an exceptional HubSpot partner?

Download the pdf version of this article and share it with a friend or read it on your next trip.

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