Why It’s Important Your Content, Your Blog, and Your Business Change Over Time

by Marcus Sheridan


I’m sitting here late on a Friday night and pondering what is a significant realization—I’ve changed.

My blog has changed.

My business has changed.

And that’s a good thing.

The reason I’m experiencing this minor epiphany is because I’m once again editing my massive eBook, Inbound and Content Marketing Made Easy—which was published on this site just over 2 years ago. Since that time,  I’ve redone the book 5 times—taking out “old” content and adding newer works that more accurately reflect me and my business.

And each time I go through this process, I often find myself thinking;

“Why in the world did I say that???”

“That was dumb advice.”

“Boy was I writing about the wrong thing back then…”

Keep in mind though; I don’t make these statements in sadness or frustration, but more with pensive appreciation.

When I look back to when The Sales Lion started, if I can sum it up in a nutshell, I was just a blogger. Everything was new to me and my identity, especially when it comes to my business, wasn’t close to being established, which is exactly why I wrote articles like: 10 Ways to Get Massive Amounts of Comments on Your Blog Every Time

Last night, that article, was removed from my eBook.


Because I don’t want businesses or bloggers worried about getting comments anymore. At this point, I’ve seen one’s “chase for comments” hurt way more blogs than help—causing individuals to go into a constant flux of happiness and sadness based on the number of people that put their words at the bottom of a post.

It’s sad, really.

Besides, blog comments never have nor ever will help a business make payroll.

It’s Ok to Change Your Mind

A special thanks to my friend Michael Schechter to inspiring this post ;-)

A special thanks to my friend Michael Schechter to inspiring this post ;-)

In other words, I’ve changed my mind on the subject.

But as I said before, I’m glad I wrote that piece. It represents who I was at the time—my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs during that period of my life.

There have been times when I’ve seen people in this space attack or go after others because they contradicted themselves in some way or another—changing their thoughts on a subject over time.

Frankly, I find this to be quite unfortunate.

In fact, if your blog, your website, or your business looks exactly the same today as it did 2 years ago, there is likely something wrong, and chances are you’re not growing.

So let’s embrace change—be it from ourselves or from others.

Because the truth is, we’re all doing our best to figure this thing called “life” out, and each path we take is a very individual thing.

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