The Indescribable Commitment and Marriage that is Blogging

by Marcus Sheridan

blogging committmentOn Monday of this week I married a beautiful young couple. Yes, you did read that correctly. I was the guy officiating, giving the ‘sermon’, and all that jazz. Although I mention religion very rarely here on TSL, this duty comes with my position at my church, and to be honest, I find it to be one of the more sobering and reflective things I’ve ever done.

After the beautiful ceremony was over, and the two (Brittany and Charlie) rode off on their honeymoon, I thought about the years they will now have together, and the commitment that comes with such an important act in their lives.

The Commitment that is Blogging

Speaking of commitment, being a husband, father of 4, entrepreneur, blogger, and active participant in my church has lead me to think about this subject quite a bit over the years. There is a high level of pressure with each, and just as Brittany and Charlie likely can’t currently grasp just how much of a commitment is required for the step they’ve now taken, many new bloggers and content marketers have little concept of what it takes to make their ‘marriage’ a lasting one.

To give you an example, as I write this article, the time is 10:30pm and I find myself sitting in a hotel room, alone and a little spent. I’ve been on the road for about 7 hours today and to be quite honest, like most folks would do in this moment, it would be nice just to grab the TV remote, lay down in the bed, and slowly drift away into the night.

But not on this night. Fatigue and mental weariness are no excuse. I have a post due in the morning (the one you’re currently reading), and now is the time to do it. Such is the life of a serious blogger, and such is the life that I embrace.

Why Most Blogs are Failing

Am I special for doing this? No, not really, as there are thousands out there just like me. But to be completely frank, most blogs fail because of a lack of commitment on the part of the writer, plain and simple. It’s not about talent, ability, or great ideas. It’s about commitment, and they ain’t got it.

  • Corporations stop blogging because it’s too hard to get every article approved by some ridiculous VP in a corner office.
  • Small businesses stop blogging because they’re too busy with the minutia of everyday ‘stuff’ that they forget great marketing is the only thing that will keep their business moving forward.
  • Individuals stop blogging because they too easily get distracted, worn down, or frustrated with their lack of immediate success.

Thus, like everything else of great value in this world, many are called but few are chosen.

It’s a crying shame really. You see, I view what we all do as way more than blogging. In fact, I hate the dumb word—‘Blogging’. I mean could it possibly be any less complimentary to the act itself?? At its core, bloggers are teachers. That’s what we do. Whether I’m teaching someone about swimming pools or marketing principles, it’s all the same, and I’m making a positive difference in someone’s life.

The ‘Why’

We’ve heard many times that companies often fail to motivate their employees because although they understand ‘the what’, they clearly don’t get ‘the why’. For example, some employees with my swimming pool company see themselves as pool builders. Others see themselves as someone who helps bring families closer together by creating backyard memories. See the difference?

This concept is exactly what motivates me late at night when 99% of others in my position would be falling asleep to the TV. I’m not a blogger. No sir. I’m a provider. I feed employees and their families all over the world. My words make it possible for someone who is on the brink of losing his or her business to change what they’ve been doing and turn everything around—leading to a life of financial peace and temporal well-being. In fact, I could go on and on about the difference this blog (and your blog too) can make in someone’s life.

Some folks may read this and think it sounds conceited. That’s fine, because I don’t really care what others think. If I did, I might just see this as ‘just another marketing blog’. But how inspiring would that  be?

The Reward

Like you, I live for the moment when someone says , “Marcus, thank you so much for writing this, I finally understand it” or “Marcus, I’ve been on your website for the last 4 hours. I’m blown away. This is going to change everything for me.

Again, I’m not making these statements to brag. If someone writes to truly help people, no matter the subject or field, over time messages like these will be common occurrences.

And that, my friends, is what moves us to heights we never imagined possible. That is what enables us to type away late into the night when it would be so easy just to close the computer and go to bed. And that is the core of a commitment to blogging.

So that’s my challenge to you on this day. Forget about the ‘what’ and start focusing on ‘the why’. Make that your business and blogging mantra. Commit to sticking with this no matter how long it takes or what obstacles come your way. Embrace the concept that you are a teacher, a helper, and a giver. By so doing, I can assure you this ‘marriage’ will be a lasting and joyous one. ;-)

Your Turn

OK friends, I’m very, very excited to hear your answer to these questions—What is your ‘why’? In other words, what keeps you writing late into the night and committed to making your blog a success? Whether it’s an individual or business blog, I’d love to hear why you do what you do, with the passion you have. And as always, thanks so much for being a part of the conversation.

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