blogging committmentOn Monday of this week I married a beautiful young couple. Yes, you did read that correctly. I was the guy officiating, giving the ‘sermon’, and all that jazz. Although I mention religion very rarely here on TSL, this duty comes with my position at my church, and to be honest, I find it to be one of the more sobering and reflective things I’ve ever done.

After the beautiful ceremony was over, and the two (Brittany and Charlie) rode off on their honeymoon, I thought about the years they will now have together, and the commitment that comes with such an important act in their lives.

The Commitment that is Blogging

Speaking of commitment, being a husband, father of 4, entrepreneur, blogger, and active participant in my church has lead me to think about this subject quite a bit over the years. There is a high level of pressure with each, and just as Brittany and Charlie likely can’t currently grasp just how much of a commitment is required for the step they’ve now taken, many new bloggers and content marketers have little concept of what it takes to make their ‘marriage’ a lasting one.

To give you an example, as I write this article, the time is 10:30pm and I find myself sitting in a hotel room, alone and a little spent. I’ve been on the road for about 7 hours today and to be quite honest, like most folks would do in this moment, it would be nice just to grab the TV remote, lay down in the bed, and slowly drift away into the night.

But not on this night. Fatigue and mental weariness are no excuse. I have a post due in the morning (the one you’re currently reading), and now is the time to do it. Such is the life of a serious blogger, and such is the life that I embrace.

Why Most Blogs are Failing

Am I special for doing this? No, not really, as there are thousands out there just like me. But to be completely frank, most blogs fail because of a lack of commitment on the part of the writer, plain and simple. It’s not about talent, ability, or great ideas. It’s about commitment, and they ain’t got it.

  • Corporations stop blogging because it’s too hard to get every article approved by some ridiculous VP in a corner office.
  • Small businesses stop blogging because they’re too busy with the minutia of everyday ‘stuff’ that they forget great marketing is the only thing that will keep their business moving forward.
  • Individuals stop blogging because they too easily get distracted, worn down, or frustrated with their lack of immediate success.

Thus, like everything else of great value in this world, many are called but few are chosen.

It’s a crying shame really. You see, I view what we all do as way more than blogging. In fact, I hate the dumb word—‘Blogging’. I mean could it possibly be any less complimentary to the act itself?? At its core, bloggers are teachers. That’s what we do. Whether I’m teaching someone about swimming pools or marketing principles, it’s all the same, and I’m making a positive difference in someone’s life.

The ‘Why’

We’ve heard many times that companies often fail to motivate their employees because although they understand ‘the what’, they clearly don’t get ‘the why’. For example, some employees with my swimming pool company see themselves as pool builders. Others see themselves as someone who helps bring families closer together by creating backyard memories. See the difference?

This concept is exactly what motivates me late at night when 99% of others in my position would be falling asleep to the TV. I’m not a blogger. No sir. I’m a provider. I feed employees and their families all over the world. My words make it possible for someone who is on the brink of losing his or her business to change what they’ve been doing and turn everything around—leading to a life of financial peace and temporal well-being. In fact, I could go on and on about the difference this blog (and your blog too) can make in someone’s life.

Some folks may read this and think it sounds conceited. That’s fine, because I don’t really care what others think. If I did, I might just see this as ‘just another marketing blog’. But how inspiring would that  be?

The Reward

Like you, I live for the moment when someone says , “Marcus, thank you so much for writing this, I finally understand it” or “Marcus, I’ve been on your website for the last 4 hours. I’m blown away. This is going to change everything for me.

Again, I’m not making these statements to brag. If someone writes to truly help people, no matter the subject or field, over time messages like these will be common occurrences.

And that, my friends, is what moves us to heights we never imagined possible. That is what enables us to type away late into the night when it would be so easy just to close the computer and go to bed. And that is the core of a commitment to blogging.

So that’s my challenge to you on this day. Forget about the ‘what’ and start focusing on ‘the why’. Make that your business and blogging mantra. Commit to sticking with this no matter how long it takes or what obstacles come your way. Embrace the concept that you are a teacher, a helper, and a giver. By so doing, I can assure you this ‘marriage’ will be a lasting and joyous one. 😉

Your Turn

OK friends, I’m very, very excited to hear your answer to these questions—What is your ‘why’? In other words, what keeps you writing late into the night and committed to making your blog a success? Whether it’s an individual or business blog, I’d love to hear why you do what you do, with the passion you have. And as always, thanks so much for being a part of the conversation.

97 thoughts on “The Indescribable Commitment and Marriage that is Blogging

  1. CristerDelacruz (@CristerDelacruz)

    Great post, Marcus. Something to think about not only for those who are already blogging – but those of us who aren’t but seriously contemplating it. It really IS a commitment and I admire those of you who do it, and do it very well. Another enjoyable (and insightful) read, my friend! Keep up the great work.

    • Hey Christer, and thanks so much for the kind words!!

      So tell me, what’s rolling around that head of yours for a blog? Will it be a hybrid social media/social change theme? (That would be my guess 😉 )

      Either way, I hope you’ll do it….and I’ll be a fan.

      Have a great weekend!!


  2. Well said, Marcus. The ‘why’ of blogging for me is movement. We must learn to see life unfolding at the level of events – Alfred Adler, colleague of Sigmund Freud, spent his life studying the mind and body. He came to the following conclusion: “Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.” I can trust my movement when my responses to life are clear and precise. Truth like this is the source of all good things. Blogging keeps my writing moving forward as my ideas continually evolve and expand.

    • Beautifully written Rob!

    • Wow Rob. You just have a way of putting things man.

      ‘Movement’ is a great ‘why’, and I think I’ll be borrowing that one a little more for myself if you don’t mind. In fact, ‘inducing action’, whether it be in myself or another, is my great goal with all of this.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your thoughts my friend.


  3. Sometimes it is hard to comment specifically when you many thing on your plate. But it all comes down to motivation.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Very true TC. It can be very tough, and a balancing act as well. That’s why this concept of commitment is such a very big deal.

      Have a great weekend man and thanks for stopping by,


  4. The why is simple- it is all part of my plan to take over the world. I simply love to write and am working on making writing a full time career.

    All of my blogging efforts help to take me one step closer to turning that into a reality.

    • Ah Jack! I was gonna say all that (though I hadn’t thought of taking over the world – I want that too!) LOL
      No, seriously, my why is community building – creating that place where I can meet cool people to talk with about life. And the loving of writing, AND the love of interacting with interesting people AND – well that’s enough isn’t it?

      • When it comes to meeting cool people and talking about life Lori, there’s no better than your site girl!!


    • Hey man, nothing wrong with a little world domination here and there Jack. 😉

      Seriously though bud, I love your simple vision and ‘why’. It’s working.


      • Much of success comes from sustaining your effort- if you can do that good things come to you.

  5. Marcus

    The ‘Why’ Of One Spoon At A Time:

    Since my bass guitar website started making a reasonable income level I’ve had lots of conversations with parents of kids in the same years as my two – and lots of times I’ve had people ask me:

    “How do you make money from a website?”

    And then I’d explain what I do, and how I do it, and how it generates revenue.

    Now I’m not the cleverest guy in the world and it took me about fifteen of these conversations to realize that what they were really asking was this:

    “How can I make money on the internet?”

    That’s the WHY of One Spoon – it was set up to teach online business in a No BS/No Hype way. And show that just about anyone can do it – but that it takes hard work, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

    The last 6 months or so I’ve been sidetracked and focusing more on writing online because generally the standard of writing online is poor – and it doesn’t take much to get better. And – as you know – everything springs from the content. Get that right, and everything else falls into place behind that.

    Get the content side wrong – i.e. poorly written, derivative, crappy content – and you can kiss any dreams of creating a worthwhile online business goodbye.

    That’s the why for me.

    And yep, there will be a business element to what I do (eBooks, courses, consulting etc) – but there will always be lots of free stuff to help those folks get started who don’t think they can afford to pay for anything.

    That make sense?


    • Makes tons of sense my friend. And as I watch you do what you do, I can see it all unfolding. Tell me Paul, (if you have a second), is this website with One Spoon going at the pace you had hoped? You did the guitar thing and so going into One Spoon, you had certain expectations. How have those expectations fared up to this point? I’m sure others would love to know too.

      Thanks for all,


      • Marcus

        Interesting question.

        In some ways Da Spoon is going better than expected – I’ve made some great connections that I expected would take far longer to make. In other ways it’s going slower than I anticipated – especially with subscriber rates. (Maybe I’m just spoiled with my subscriber rates with the bass guitar site though….I get around 20 sign ups ever day of the week).

        The other thing that’s slower than expected for One Spoon is producing some of the eBooks I want to create and sell – I’ve got about 4 or 5 products that I have to get out for the bass website first. There’s just not enough hours in the day!

        But I’m really enjoying the journey – I think my writing has improved in the last few months, and I’m striving to produce content to really help people. In fact, I”m REALLY excited about the post I’m working on for Monday – which is a highly detailed article/blueprint on how to create Pillar Content.

        So it’s getting there….how ’bout you? How’s that eBook coming along? (you need any editing help, or a fresh pair of eyes, you know who to emai, right?)


  6. The Why? Easy. Legacy. If you read my latest post, you’ll know one reason why. I have known so many influential people in my life, it would be a shame to not share them with the rest of the world. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t reached the depth of writing I want to attain. I’m still practicing.

    I want to make sure these individuals aren’t forgotten, that they live on, even if it’s only on the internet. When I wrote this last post, the hair was standing up on the back of my neck. I know I’m heading in the right direction.

    What a timely post by you, Marcus. I just had my biggest day of pageviews on August 3rd. How long did it take? Well, I started my blog August 12, 2009. So I guess you could say almost two years. “Lack of immediate success”?? What’s that? :)

    My kids will have a library of their father’s thoughts if they want such a reference. I want to pass on the wisdom of their great grandparents as well.

    I finished my most recent post after midnight within the last week. My wife always wants to know why I’m staying up so late, why I’m not coming to bed. I told her, “You can read about it tomorrow”…Like Jack, I also hope to take this to the level of paid work someday. But I’m in no hurry. One post at a time…

    • Talk about well-written blog comments, this was it Joe. :-) Awesome man.

      You really get the importance of ‘legacy’. I think that’s a word almost forgotten in our society. But you keep it alive with every post, and yes, it’s going to be a treasure for your kids at some point.

      And love your answer to your wife’s question. I think I’ve said something similar about 846 times to date. 😉

      Cheers brother,


  7. Thanks Marcus, inspiring my blog for next week. lots of heart and wisdom (as usual). hope you are following and listing me on Twitter. would love to have you on board. thanks and best, Peggy (Doc Peg0

    • Hey Peggy, and thanks so much for your kind words!! I’ll make sure to follow too!

      Have a great weekend :-)


  8. My primary concern is to help others. That is why I am doing what I am doing. Believe it or not, this is the truth.

    Don’t get me wrong, my ultimate goal (as is made obvious by my blog’s name!) is to duck out of the rat race and choose the life that I want to lead. But the way I plan to get there is by helping others. That is the first step, and everything else falls into line behind that.

    Do good things and good things will come to you!

    Great post Marcus :)

    • I absolutely believe that’s your goal Tom. I’ve read your blog and that mentality comes out. Because you have clear priorities—help others as much as you can and eventually monetize—I think you’re going to get exactly what you want brother.

      Just hold the course. And thanks so very much for coming by and supporting the community.


      • It’s my pleasure Marcus – thank you :)

  9. The WHY is business, making myself grow as a professional and communicator and thus making my business grow. I too just eat up the moments when someone says “damn, I wish I wrote this” or “you’re the freshest voice I’ve read in a long time.” Why? Because that means my evil plan is working!!!! 😉

    I blog because I like to think (don’t we all?) I have my own voice, my own style and way of doing things.. and I want that to resonate and yes, eventually, connect me with clients. Understand it’s not all about me.. I write because I have something to say but I try to say it in ways that educate, inform, entertain and amuse. I want my readers to come back for value, b/c they can learn something from my ‘different’ voice that they can’t get elsewhere.

    It is a commitment and tons of hard work .. which I love. I’ve become a better writer, more connected and in touch with the world, have LEARNED a lot by reading and writing. Biggest bonus: the community and friendships I’ve made along the way.. what a great reward. FWIW.

    • Yes, your evil plan really is working Davina!!

      You know, you described some different goals here—like educate, inform, entertain, and amuse. And as you were saying those things, with each word I nodded my head and thought ‘yep’….’yep’….’yep’…..because you certainly do embody those characteristics when you write.

      I’m honored to call you my friend Davina. Not just online, but IRL too. :-) You’re a talented communicator, and you’re just getting better and better. That’s what it’s all about!!


      (thx for being awesome)


  10. Marcus, if I’m dead honest, I write for me. I write so see if I can. I write to learn the discipline. I have a long way to go.

    But I write always in hope, hope that the next post will be better and that this post will not only make a difference to me but to the chance visitor that stumbles across it and says ‘yeah I get it’.

    I dont blog, I share. I give a little of me every time but I always get so much more back in return. Win win all the way.

    As for sticking with it – last night the toilet pipe broke and flooded the front room. I heard the water but I only stopped typing when my socks got wet. I’m either commited or I should be!!

    With every post from you (and JF as well) I get another glimpse of more thought provoking facets that you guys keep tucked away.

    Good post mate.

    • Sean, I love your ‘why’ man. I really, really do. I’ve sat exactly where you’re sitting right now.

      Also, I love your ‘share’ mentality. Stick with that. Don’t see it as ‘blogging’. And the fact that you keep typing when the toilet breaks—now that’s seriously saying something my friend!!

      Cheers to you sir, and don’t forget to get (if you haven’t already) your avatar photo at It’s important for you blog brand, and it’s free and easy.

      Have a great weekend,


  11. Great post, Marcus, and my felicitations to the happy couple! I’m an individual who blogs, and while I am constantly distracted, I keep blogging, and am not frustrated by my lack of success because that’s not why I blog. I blog, plain and simple, because it makes me happy. I love the organization of putting your thoughts on paper (or, in this case, the Internet), and I love reading others’ blogs and contributing. So for other people to read my blog is just a bonus. I know i just started, and have a long way to go, but as long as it continues to be fun, I’ll continue blogging. It’s because of blogs like yours, too, that make me want to keep going, so thanks for that!

    • Wow Kalee, this was really great. Love it. :-)

      I think your ‘why’ is perfect. No matter how much growth you have, don’t let that change. Keep enjoying what you do. For example, I was smiling broad when I read this article as a finished product— not because it was some masterful piece of art, but rather because I knew it was right and good…and was exactly what I wanted to say.

      BTW, with you starting your new journey Kalee, I would suggest you get an avatar photo for your blog comments. It’s very easy and free and quick too, just go to, and it will take seconds.

      Hope to see you again Kalee and thanks so much for your support!!!


  12. The ‘why’ has changed. I started blogging to work through a personal issue that was causing me some angst. What I discovered in the process of writing out some of my life experiences was that those experiences and how I dealt with them helped others. That is powerful. I wouldn’t have thought my life and how I’ve lived it (so far) would help or inspire anyone, but it seems that it has.
    Now going forward I feel a responsibility to those who read my words and share their experiences with me. I’m actually thinking about speaking engagements to spread the word about how powerful gratitude and forgiveness are. To let people know you don’t have to remain a victim of childhood circumstances… you can rise above it and keep a sense of humor to boot.
    Thanks for the post and keep on keepin’ on my friend.

    • Wow Barbara, I had no idea you were thinking about speaking. Very cool! As you know, that is one of my great passions and I hope you’ll continue to carry that vision. Just make sure you talk about the fact that you speak on your blog. Once you do, things will slowly start to happen.

      Thanks so much for sharing lady and all your support too!!!


  13. I wish there was a better word than “blogging” because for a lot of sites I read…the word does not do them justice. Part diary and part serious journalism, these sites (your’s included) bring a real life aspect to teaching that traditional journalism cannot.

    I started “blogging” about Social Commerce after talking with small businesses and realizing they didn’t have a clue about what Social Media was doing for them other than it was really really important. I’m an engineer by trade and am very used to metrics and measurements…but most small businesses don’t have that luxury. Business is WAY more complicated than engineering.

    My goal is to help entrepreneurs use the tools available now to grow their business rather than just react to stuff as it happens.

    • Steve, love this man. Love how you laid it out, and with a vision like that, you’re on your way.

      Keep rockin brother and thanks so much for dropping in to comment and support the community here.


  14. Erin

    Thank you Marcus, I never really knew how to put the the words of why am I working late while all my friends are watching TV or something.
    After reading your post I realized that my reasons are one of helping and teaching.
    I didn’t got it up until NOW :-)

    • Erin, that’s so very awesome!! It’s comments like these that bring me such a smile because it means that people are actually benefitting from the words herein. BTW, you should get an avatar (photo) for your blog comments Eric. It’s free and fast at

      Have a great weekend Erin!!


  15. Marcus,
    This is a beautiful post. Aside from the fact of business and what each one of us “does”, this post is absolutely beautiful. Yes, I see now Blogging (yes it is a stupid, lame word) is a marriage. (It’s my first, by the way! I’ve had a few engagements, but my thread finally spooled itself up and led me to my mate!) I’m loyal and I’m driven.
    My why? To make a difference. That covers it. Completely. To the business. To the Boss. To the folks who want the memories, to the folks that will never be able to come but would like to be included (I love talking to these people), and to us.
    My Why? To Pay It Forward. I have been incredibly blessed. Over and over again. I can’t even keep track of all the lessons in life and business I’ve been given since January… There are people out there suffering the same horrors I’ve seen, been subjected to, lived through…what if knowing they aren’t alone (which is the absolute worst), makes a difference, gives them just enough to hold onto? That’s my why. ~Your pal.

    • You’re such a kind person Amber, as was this comment. And congrats on the marriage!!

      The fact that you see the big picture, and understand just how much difference your blog can make, well that says so much about you.

      Keep going girl, it’s all worth it. :-)


  16. Marcus,

    You are scaring me, man! Seriously, as I work to simply get a blog of the ground, I now have a new level of respect for people who stick to it and succeed at blogging. Work. Work. Work. But it looks like an adventure and what better way to get yourself out there, eh?

    By the way, were you dripping with sweat in that suit? I grew up in Maryland, so can appreciate the oppressive east coast humidity.

    Hope to join the blogging hoards, soon!


    • Haha, yeah, it was a hot one on that day Craig, seriously hot brother. Heck, I had to cut my words short because the bride and groom were sweating pretty good. 😉

      But don’t be too intimidated by the work man. It’s doable. And it’s not so much work as it is commitment and persistence. BTW Craig, you should call me sometime can and bounce your blog ideas off of me. I’d love to help.


      • I attended a wedding in New York once, a mid-summer day. 90+ degrees and about 90 percent humidity. Everyone was soaked with sweat, … not a pretty picture. In Seattle, our high today will be 76 degrees. When it gets above 75 here, people start complaining :)

        Regarding blogging: Good to hear, because I can do commitment and persistence. Thanks for the offer too! I’ll try and get in touch to bounce a few ideas of you.

  17. Hi, Marcus.

    “Why” is one of my favorite words. Why am I blogging? Why did I convince my boss to have a separate blog for our company website? Why I am still holding on, finding the time to write even when my kids are going sick around me?

    I am blogging because first of all, I love to write. I love the feeling of letting words flow from my heart and soul into the white space in front of me. I convinced my boss to have a separate blog from our main website because I love to share the magic of 3D renderings and not their technicalities and I wouldn’t be able to do that on a company blogsite. And, even when my kids are sick, even when I am at the hospital taking care of them, I continue to write my posts because I have a commitment to do so. I may not have many readers yet, but to the few who do check out my blog, my responsibility is to give them something new every two days, to inspire them, make them think.

    As I always say to Kaarina, I may like being spontaneous but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know why I am that way. So, I am writing because I know why. It is in me to share, so I will go on, even when others won’t.

    Thanks for this great post, Marcus. The young couple you wed looked wonderfully blissful. You have a great job in your church. :)

    • Wow, what a thoughtful comment Kim. Your dedication, and ‘why’, are an example to all of us. Your actions go to show that if someone wants something bad enough, and have enough passion, they’ll make it work. And that’s exactly what you’re doing with you blog. I’m truly impressed Kim with what you’ve said here. :-)

      And yes, I do have a great job at my church!


      • Thank you so much for the kind words, Marcus. That means a lot to me, especially coming from you.

        Enjoy your weekend! :)

  18. Marcus,

    So inspirational. Such an important message. But first, let me say that I think it’s awesome that you spoke about your faith and shared the awesome experience that you recently had. How cool is that! That’s what makes you the real deal and not the average Joe.

    My “why” is to make a difference. I want people to realize that life isn’t always what “they” (society) says it is. My why is to share that personal accountability is the “way”, and not blaming others and sitting back and hoping without applying action. My why is to make a difference to people who grew up in situations like myself, but still feel like they are option’less, and in the gutter of our society. And why? Because the statistic I was supposed be (says the media and society), is not what I turned out to be. That’s my why! It’s layered with purpose, passion, and great intentions!

    Inspiring and motivating (blogging) has a definite spot in my life. I know that I haven’t made it to where I am only to sit back, enjoy and not do for others. Noooo! I know I have a purpose that includes service, others and myself. Because of this, I take it serious. So serious that I refuse to just force it.

    One thing I’ve done to strengthen myself as blogger is remove the pressure. The pressure to blog x times per week….to filter my writing and not stick with my shtick! In the recent month or two, I’ve been exceptionally busy with factors that simply sit higher in my list of priorities than blogging…from camping trips w/ the family, to quickly becoming the new standard at my new job (I practice what I preach!)… and to top it off – the kids: they have so many activities that it’s crazy! And, with school coming up I’ve been working on getting them academically ready for the new school year.

    I blog to make a difference. I don’t blog to make a certain number of differences. Just a difference? In order for me to make that difference I have to make sure that I’m balanced by living my life based within my priorities. That’s what gives me my juice; being balanced. Being that blogging is a very time intensive endeavor, I have to manage the time according to the time that’s allotted for it.

    You have a great talent, Marcus, in writing what you think…and writing how you speak. Your content never feels forced…which is a huge thing in this day in age where some are rushing to write, and not writing to to fulfill their purpose. There’s no doubt that you have a fire under you when it comes to the things you have a passion for!

    I think I said this about 20 paragraphs earlier…but this was inspirational.

    It’s 12:15am. I think I’ll try to hit the sack.


    PS – great stuff in officiating that wedding. Awesome!

    • Wow, now that’s a comment JK. This moved me man, really.

      Regarding my faith, thanks. As you know, it’s a balance. I’m not looking to alienate readers, but at the same time, this is who I am, and my life is all about telling others what life has taught me, and so I think stuff like this is important.

      With respect to your ‘why’, holy cow man—-It’s layered with purpose, passion, and great intentions!—You described that perfectly there, and your vision is an example to any writer/blogger that doesn’t understand their true sense of self.

      You mentioned your blog schedule as well. I don’t think most folks never get this. You have clear direction with your blog because you have a clear priority chain. Most folks simply don’t have that, so they move from one ‘urgent’ crisis to another, and feel stress all the time…which can eventually kill a blog. In fact, you could probably do a great blog post on that my friend. 😉

      You really are making a difference JK. This is so obvious when someone looks at your community and the way they respond to your writings.

      And as far as the way I write, well thanks man, that means a ton. This was one of those articles that I looked at when I was done and had a little smile— as it really sounded and felt ‘right’.

      Glad you felt that too.

      You’re the best JK,


      • I’m with you Marcus. If they ever have a comment-of-the-year contest, I know which one I’m voting for.

    • Perhaps the best comment I have ever read. Awesome JK. As our relationship has grown (Marcus, too) you both, live what you write. In other words, you don’t just talk the talk, you also Walk the Talk ! Very impressive, my friend. I can not think of two finer examples (at such young ages) of young men to look up to and follow your lead. Even an “old dog” like me can learn from you guys.

      Always remain teachable. Need to remember that.

      Thanks again JK, for all your help, knowledge, guidance and patience.

      I know you C.A.R.E. Yeah, Baby !!


      • JK is golden, isn’t he Al? Can’t wait to check the new site out.

        Thanks for all brother. :-)


  19. Marcus: I think what your doing here is pretty amazing. This is a really good message, so good that I had to share with my followers, and hopefully they enjoy it as much as I have!

    It’s 2:52 am. I’m still up reading and trying to learn a thing or two, because I want better for myself. I know I have it within me and believing in yourself is the first step to getting anywhere. I can’t say I’m always the most committed person, but you better believe I’ll never give up on my dreams no matter how many struggles I go through.

    No matter what I’m going to always hold my high and keep fight till the last of me.

    I blog because I love writing and having an easy way to share my thoughts. My blog isn’t the most popular blog, but that’s not going to keep me from doing what I love.

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Wow, being up after 2am certainly shows a high level of commitment William, and I’m impressed with your positive words and outlook. Like you said, if you just keep the fight, things will work out when it’s all said and done.

      Stay well brother,


  20. This is a really touching post, Marcus, and it particularly resonated for me since I’ll be walking down the aisle in less than five weeks.

    The question of the “Why” for Firepole Marketing has also been on my mind a lot lately, as we’ve worked through the redesign, and we’re now gearing up for our big launch.

    In a word, the answer is Empowerment.

    The best moment for me isn’t when I land five figure consulting contracts (not that I don’t like those, because I do).

    No, the real high moments for me are when I have a 30 minute conversation with someone, and they later tell me that they had an a-ha moment that led to massive results for them.

    The idea that I can give someone the tools to make their lives better is just amazing, and that’s what Firepole Marketing (and all my business activities) are for.

    • Ahhh yes Danny, you will be taking that walk soon, won’t you? That’s great man, thrilled for you, and I’m sure you can thus appreciate the analogy made here.

      You’ve got a killer ‘why’ my friend. I think that’s one of the biggest reason Firepole has exploded like it has….other than the fact that you just might be the hardest working guy online. 😉

      Cheers brother,


  21. Wow, did this post (your words) come at the Right time. I’ve been losing my twice- a- week committment the last few weeks due to discouragement. For 6 months, I’ve been so good about it. And now, with not much (seemingly) growth or activity, I’m been feeling quite discouraged and down about it.
    It’s interesting how when I don’t sit down to blog, I don’t even feel like I have the ideas to write about. It’s really all a mind thing.
    I’m sitting now to write my next post.
    Thanks as always.

  22. You continue to amaze, my friend. Your writing just keeps getting better and better. This is so good. Like JK said, I love the fact that you mentioned your Faith, because it is who you are. Thanks.

    Is their anything you don’t do ? Jeez. I am sure it was a great experience.

    So many lessons here, Marcus ; Don’t give up, have an open mind, be willing to change, go for it, discover your “Why”, etc. All these things I want to share with people, as well, and are all part of my why.

    My passion and purpose is to really and truly make a difference, by helping people Communicate better, Appreciate, Respect and Encourage each other. In other words, C.A.R.E. for each other. You know Marcus. It is time.

    Thank you so much for what you do. Your connection with your community is second to none. You “Get It” brother ! I am so proud of you and can not thank you enough for your continued support, encouragement and willingness to help in any way you can. Like I told JK, you two “Young Men” are great examples of how to live life and what we should be doing today.

    You are doing BIG things now, but you are going to have a HUGE impact in the future.
    I know it.

    I will look for you at “The CARE Movement” soon. Launching tomorrow ! Woo Hoo !


    • The launch is today?? Put the link on the site here in comments man!! And I’ll make sure to give it a mention next week.

      Yeeee Hawwww!!!

      Have a great weekend my friend!!


  23. Marcus,

    I actually thought you were kidding. You married a couple? There are still so many things I don’t know about you. By the way, that’s just amazing. I’m still wondering why you did it, was it because this is something you usually do, or because you know this couple?

    You’re such a huge inspiration, when I read about you sitting in a hotel room late, writing, when I know that I would most likely be on the bed watching a movie. On the other hand, I’m currently sitting in a tent, listening to the rain, while writing this. So, I guess I have learned a thing or two.

    I am finally going to start a blog for the college… but I haven’t told anyone yet. But the why, is a lot more important to me, than receiving the approval :) And I know that they will approve it once they see it published and can read the content. It might not be the right way to do things, but to me, it’s the only way I know that I’m going to be able to accomplish it.


    • Really kind words Jens, and I’m glad to know I can still surprise you a little bit at this time. 😉 Although I do know the couple that got married, it’s something that I have the authority to do with anyone that asks–at least until I stop holding this particular position in my church.

      And thanks so much for considering me an inspiration Jens. That means a ton. And I’m so excited for you and the college blog. It’s going to be AWESOME!!


  24. Marcus, first what a beautiful, captivating photo to open with … it warms my heart! You always bring great light to everything you do!

    My “why” began as trying to inspire the small business owner and entrepreneur, yet it has evolved in more of being an advocate (I feel like more of a crusader at times though! ;)) for the small businesses we work with. Every day, my passion for trying to do our part, to help them in some way grows; especially after hearing all they have to share for hours at time during the day. I don’t have a lot of knowledge in the sense of book smarts or a degree, but I feel I do have a heart for small business and I do have a creative mind to help them. I’m also right there with them and believe we’re in together and together we’ll make it! I’m definitely committed for the long haul. As in life and in marriage, my “why” will evolve and grow and my heart will only grow fonder and bigger for it!

    Thank you Marcus! Thank you for being wonderful, meaningful you! May you and yours have a wonderful, safe weekend!

    Much kindness,


    • Elena, you’re as sincere as anyone online. I really, really mean that. And just as you say my words are inspiring, yours are as well.

      Small businesses need more people like you Elena. They need folks that ‘get’ them and are just looking to make a quick buck, but truly yearn for their success as much as theirs.

      That’s you Elena. Stay awesome, and thanks for all.


  25. Man, I wish I could come up with analogies like this!

    Is it fair to say I am a bit obsessed? And I don’t mean that in a bad way but I am extremely addicted to reading, consuming, learning and writing. I literally have to pull myself away from my computer at night (unless it has already pooped out on me from its own exhaustion with my activity). Just started blogging myself and even though I am starting slow (2 posts per week), I write a lot and am thinking of adding a third day. Why do I do it? One thing is that is comes easy to me. I have a lot to say and if you ever met me or talked to me on the phone, you know that I talk a lot! And, like you Marcus, although my community is still growing, I get so excited when a post makes someone think in a new way or helps them in some regard. That is why I keep doing it and I am not stopping anytime soon!

    • It’s so cool watching you with this fire Christina. You’re literally made for this stuff girl. :-)

      If I may offer advice, I say stick with the 2 times a week thing. Why? Because I’d take the time you spend on that 3rd post and invest it in furthering relationships (one thing you’re already really, really good at).

      Not that 3 is a bad thing, but if you continue to write posts, and have a bunch ready to publish, when you get your next job and your schedule doesn’t allow for nearly as much ‘blog time’, you’ll be ready to continue the pace you’ve already set for yourself.

      But those are just my thoughts CP. Regardless of what you do, I know you’re going to be a success in a big way.

      Have a wonderful weekend,


  26. Marcus, I love these two photos! What keeps me up and running is the goal where not only I will be working from home, but we will be able to stop my hubby’s deployments and we can both retire in Nicaragua :)

    • Hey Bran!!! Seriously, you liked them? Thanks!

      BTW, sorry your husband is deployed again. I hope that’s going OK and that you’re able to Skype with him daily. I know my brother was with his wife when he was out there.

      Regarding retirement, wouldn’t Costa Rica or Belize be a better choice? 😉

      Thanks for stopping by lady!!


      • When did you ever find me conventional? Nicaragua it is 😛

        I hope we will be able to Skype, have no clue yet. I am more worried about my online friends having to put up with me in the next few months LOL

    • Alice, what a tremendous pleasure it is for me to have you stop by here! I’ve read about you many times and you’ve been such a pioneer in the Hot tub industry. And the fact that you’ve been blogging this long– and embracing a ‘new’ technology, speaks volumes for the type of person and business owner you are.

      Thanks for leading the way,


  27. Your posts are always so thought-provoking! You’ve really made me think again — and that’s a very good thing. Even though my blog is about six months old, I’m still thinking about exactly what I am doing – and why.

    I also just read a post from another blogger about jealousy — being jealous of those with more comments, more tweets, etc. The two posts together are helping me to evaluate why I blog — what I want to get out of it and, especially, what I want others to get out of it.

    Needs more thinking — then a blog post of my own!

    • Hi Susan! And thanks so very much for coming by and sharing your thoughts. I understand the struggle you’re going through. We all do it and deal with it. But I do think your ‘why’ is going to be the defining aspect of your blog’s success. If you’re unable to find it, you’ll likely not progress. But if you see it clearly, then movement will occur in the right direction.

      If you ever need any personal advice, don’t hesitate to contact me directly or send me your phone number Susan. I’m happy to give you a few pointers ‘in person’.

      Take care and have a great week,


  28. G’Day Marcus,
    I blog because I really enjoy writing well.

    I blog because I know it will take some time to build an online marketing presence and blogging’s part of doing that.

    I blog because I believe that I have something worthwhile to say to my target market; owners and managers in small-medium business.

    I blog because, even after many tears I, like you, get a real kick, in the best Cole Porter way,
    when someone writes ‘I never miss your posts” or “I wish I’d learnt this years ago” and similar things. I don’t seek compliments. But I love ’em when I get ’em.

    I blog because It introduces me to people like Gini and Danny and Jayme and many others including that bloke who digs holes, fills ’em with water, and convinces people that the waterfilled hole is a swimming pool. With those skills, he’s worth knowing.

    Finally, I blog because I’ve accepted the reality that I’ll never write the Great Australiain Novel and blogging’s the next best thing.

    Whoops! I nearly forgot to mention. I blog so that I don’t feel guilty for writing posts like this.
    Which reminds me: I have a couple of to write. I’m off.

    Make sure you have fun….and a goodweegend


    • You blog because you’re the best dang bloke I’ve ever met Leon. :-)

      Loved this man, you should turn it into a little blog post even.

      You’ve really got a writing talent my friend, and thanks for sharing so much of it here.


    • Simple yet awesome Alex. Love that man. Thanks. :-)


  29. Marcus, because of your blog I started mine:, focusing on performance driving techniques, auto and product reviews, and preparation advice for track day enthusiasts. Your methods and messages are the ‘road map” I needed to see the value of blogging and motivate me to execute something I’ve wanted to do for years.

    Thank you!

    • That means a ton to me Rob. Really, I’m so excited for you bud and I know you’ve got some amazing things in store that will now happen because of your actions.

      Continued success my friend and thanks for all your support here,


  30. Just like most of you I have different reasons for blogging. I like to take my life in my own hands and blogging is a natural extension of that. It allows me to build an online presence that lands me new business, connects me with new people etc.
    Just like you always say Marcus, at one point in time the blog will gain real traction and that’s when opportunities pop up and it’s time to reap what we sow. The only thing that will get you there is consistency.

    Btw any other activities than church that you cram into your busy schedule? Not too many I hope, or JK might lose his position of the original hustler :)


    • Hahaha Wim, yeah, I’m a busy guy, but I doubt I have too many other surprises for you. 😉

      I love how you say ‘I like to take my life in my own hands’. That’s the beauty to blogging. It’s done by people that aren’t just sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring. They passionately attack life, and that’s what greatness is made of.

      And that’s also why I think you’re headed for big things Wim.

      Thanks for all your support my friend,


  31. Tell me about it, Marcus. You know well that I talked about this very talk just last week and we can’t emphasize it enough. Blogging is so so much work and it is next to impossible to describe it to anyone. IF you want to do it right and well and professionally, it is more of a full-time job than a corporate desk job. It is a 24×7 commitment. I have no idea how you juggle your family with it. I am building a business around my blog so perhaps my situation is even more intense but again, the commitment is real and it gets tested over and over. Thank you for continuing to right and pushing past your fatigue…. ! And the photos are lovely in this post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Farnoosh, so sorry for the late reply on this one, but it was a great comment, and I really appreciate it. Speaking of time investment, I’d love to know how much time you’re able to spend on your blog now as compared to when you had a full time job. Since the transition, is it harder or easier than you thought it would be to make the adjustment and find a rhythm? (Hmmm, that might make for a pretty cool post on your end! 😉 )

      • Good heavens, Marcus, did you see the horrific mistake I made in my comment. “continuing to WRITE” <<< please fix it! How embarrassing! Shows you how tired I was.
        As to your question, I am spending every waking moment not just *on the blog* but on the business. I am creating products, strategies for all these ideas to turn them into solid actions, and how to create all the programs I want and the learning curve on doing everything new from videos to screen casting to webinars to coaching to you name it. Plus, I have two part-time partners, my brother who was already helping me and is now official staff and my husband, who calls himself The Boss. Ha! Transition: I don't even remember my corporate job – I was so so removed from it for years, it's like it was never there. It was this nuisance in my way of getting to my goals and now it's gone. I am thrilled not to have it so my entire focus is here. Oh but there was a bit emotional roller coaster that I didn't anticipate – from excitement to complete terror then back to excitement ;)! I may turn it into a blog post. THANK YOU, sir and keep shining, Marcus!

  32. Hey,

    I still am figuring out the why..I started blogging to beat my boredom from unemployment but the joy stuck on even after the new job! Don’t ask why…maybe the sense of community, maybe my love for writing or maybe something more on a larger scale but whatever it is; it gives me joy and after a ten hour job; I am still looking forward to blogging! Don’t ask why again!

    But, I hope to start something bigger, something smarter and definitely more wiser… maybe a new commitment… a new blog! Yikes…maybe!

    • Your story is such an awesome one Hajra! It appears the hardship of unemployment may just turn out to be a great blessing for you. Now that’s how you turn lemons into lemonade girl!!

      Keep up the great work and thanks so much for all your support,


  33. Look at you all dresssed up! You clean up good!

    Last year I raced my bike, for the fifth season in a row. Racing is a lot of fun (because I win), but it’s a huge time commitment. It takes 25-30 hours a week to be in racing form. But, this year, I couldn’t afford that time away from the business. Last week, two of the guys I rode with last year called me, separate from one another. When I told them that I’ve been writing from 5-7:30 every morning, and then going out on my bike, they both said, “WOW! That’s discipline.” Coming from guys who ride 30 hours a week.

    But, like you said, if you don’t have some discipline around blogging or content development, you won’t do it. It’s hard work and it’s time intense. If you’re able to find discipline that suits your schedule, and stick with it, it’ll work.

    P.S. You have to see “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” There is a scene in it that will have you crying..and you will know it when you see it. After you see it, you have to call me. I want to hear it for myself. Trust me on this one.

    • If Gini Dietrich tells someone to watch a movie, that’s what they do!! So rest assured, I’ll be watching it soon and will return and report. 😉

      As far as your dedication is concerned Gini, may I just say you are one of the few people that I look up to in awe as to how much you’re able to get done, produce, and achieve on a daily basis. I think I’m going to come to Chicago and do a documentary about that….You think I’m kidding, but as I write those words I realize how stinking awesome it would be….hmmmmmm.

      Thanks for dropping by lady, and thanks for being an amazing example to us all. :-)


      • Marcus,

        If we could only figure out how Gini does it :) I’m beginning to wonder if she dons a cape and tights in the morning. When I start this blogging venture (soon) one of my goals is to gain access to the inner sanctum of Spin Sucks and interview Sensei Gini. If not, maybe talk to Lisa Gerber and find out how in the world someone finds time to do all that she does. Time for a trip to the midwest, just for learnin’

        And, Marcus you have room to talk, about dedication and work ethic an all that :) I mean, come on! Officiating wedding ceremonies, selling pools, blogging and traveling all over the place. You’re making us all look bad, having this productivity thing down to a science! I think you and Gini should co-author a book, so we mere mortals can emulate your respective routines and become more productive.

        I mean, I fell like a lazy, sloth-like, couch potato. An idler who needs to get his lazybones butt up, stop being a good-for-nothing slacker and get with the program. My activity seems like hibernation compared to you two! Time to stop my dilly-dallying ways and get with the program! Okay, now I’m motivated and feel a bit better.

      • That would be hilarious…if only to the two of us!

  34. Yes, there are quite a few other dedicated bloggers out there, but you and Marcus kind of stand out … in that way :)

    • Thanks Craig. You’re a good dude. :-)

  35. Marcus,
    Your post came at a very interesting time for me. Recently my life turned a little upside down. My college age daughter (like a daughter but not blood) was just diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer and moved back home with us, my kids are in their final days of summer, and I just finished up a workshop which the preparation seemed endless and grueling. All that to say, I hadn’t blogged in a several weeks, and I was getting pretty antsy about it. Everything I read, as a new blogger, screams consistency, consistency, consistency! So when I got your post I had to really sit and think about what you wrote, and how I felt about what was going on with my blog.

    Since that time, I came to a pretty significant conclusion. I reminded myself that as much as I want my blog to grow, and as much as I love to write, and as much as I was breaking all the “good-blogger rules,” I had to remember who I am first. I am a mother and a wife first. I made a commitment to them before I made a commitment to my blog. What would I have left to teach others if my life around me was failing at the expense of my blog? As much as I truly desire to build my speaking ministry and an online community, I cannot neglect the life I have going on right in front of me for the sake of a blog and speaking engagements.

    My summers are numbered with my children, my marriage will be here long after the speaking engagements fade, and my college-age daughter needs me more than any person who’ll read my posts. So while, in most circumstances, I agree dedication and commitment are a necessity, I also believe balance is the key to success in anything a person does. I can attest to the discouraged and frustrated who just want to quit, (I know I have, and think about it often) there are those of us that just have “stuff” going on around us that requires, in the triage of life, to be placed on a tad higher priority list.

    Thanks for the timely and awesome post! It gave me time to really sit and think about what I was feeling and what was going on.

    • Beth, I want to thank you so much for stopping in and leaving this reflective post. There is no question that proper balance is the key to all things. And in your case, from the sounds of it, you’ve had some major events happening in your life that take priority.

      Frankly, I don’t know if I would have done anything different. Family should always come first. And hopefully when all this settles down, and you do find a few moments here and there, you’ll be able to share with others these life experiences you’ve had, what you’ve learned, and how it has further shaped you as a person.

      You’re a wonderful person Beth, and thanks so much for taking a moment to chat today.


  36. Meg

    I started blogging when I was living abroad, so it was the ONLY way for me to talk with friends, process my experiences, and use my native language! Now it’s part of my routine, so I don’t think I’m particularly dedicated or committed, any more than anyone else pursuing a hobby. But then I’m definitely a hobby blogger, not a professional.

    • What a cool story Meg! Seriously, that’s a GREAT reason to start blogging, and the fact that you’ve kept it up is even cooler. :-)

      Appreciate you stopping by to comment and hope your blogging adventures continue!


  37. Deep and intelligent Marcus. You have made a very good point about the very nature of blogging and why many have failed in its pursuit. I have been blogging for almost two years now and I have to say that it’s really hard the responsibilities and sacrifices I have to make. Like any other pursuit of success, patience and persistence have been my virtue. The why of my blogging is the sense that I need to share what I have learned to those who are in need. Though I’m not an expert, I believe that somehow I’m able to help someone who have questions that needs an answer.

    All of us have something to contribute in this life; blogging has been my chosen avenue. :-)

    • Hey Walter, great to hear from you man. You’ve described the comittment well. Sacrifice is needed, and there’s no way around it. But the fact that you know your ‘why’ is awesome, and I’m sure it’s what carries the day for you when things are tough.

      Keep on helping my friend,


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