In a recent video interview with my friend Srini from Skool of Life and BlogcastFM, I was reminded of a question that I’ve been asked again and again over the past 2 years but has honestly never made much sense to me. It goes a little like this:

Marcus, how did you do so well blogging about an industry (swimming pools) that is, let’s face it, kind of boring, and really not at all sexy?

Ahh yes, the ‘sexy’ myth we hear so much of when it comes to blogging and content marketing.

But I understand the question, as it was a good one by Srini, because so many people are thinking the same thing when it comes to their niche, industry, or product. In fact, I’d venture to say I’ve heard a derivative of the following statement at least 50 times:

“I’m in a boring field Marcus, this blogging stuff isn’t going to work.”

Alas, how very misguided you are my friend.

Fact is, every, and I really do mean EVERY, industry can be sexy.

How is it possible? Let’ me cut to the chase:

  • Not making a huge mistake when buying a product is sexy.
  • Purchasing an item or service without stress is sexy.
  • Saving $10,000 is sexy.
  • Saving $1.00 is sexy.

Catch my drift? (If not, watch the video below!)

People search all day online to save $5 on a book they could have bought from amazon in 60 seconds.

And when they do it, they go and brag to their friends and family.

Don’t ask me why this is the way that it is, because I can’t explain the logic, it’s just the truth.

So don’t fall into the trap of thinking your industry, product, or niche is boring; as there are plenty of people just waiting to be fed great information and be taught from someone who actually cares about their well-being and wallet.

I spoke about this topic and more in a recent sit down with Srini while attending Blog World, so check it out here:


Your Turn

Do you think some industries are just ‘boring’, or do you more share my take on the matter? And if this is a subject you’ve been struggling with in the past, what are you doing to make your content more interesting? As always, your thoughts are welcome and appreciated below.

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48 thoughts on “Are Some Industries Just Too ‘Boring’ to Blog About? A Sales Lion Video

  1. I’ve never thought of industries being too “boring” to blog about.

    The way I look at it is that if someone is passionate enough about a topic to write about it, the topic must be ‘sexy’ to them.

    Ditto for someone who is interested enough to read it – they must think it’s sexy and interesting as well.

    Regardless of how boring the rest of the world might find that blog. :)

    • I think you’re very, very right about that Mike. Passion can change a lot of perceived ‘boring’ topics and turn them into something magical.

      Like you said, we have to be careful about we we define as boring versus what someone else does….often times they are two very, very different things.

      Thanks so much for dropping by Mike!


  2. Marcus,

    I work in the insurance industry, talk about boring. People run from insurance. My Halloween costume this year was just a Name Badge that said “Hi, I Sell Life Insurance.” And it was scary as hell.

    But my Insurance blog has consistently grown in traffic numbers and in conversions over the last Three Years as I fill my online library with insurance content.

    “The Curse of Knowledge” – This is where you crush it buddy. There are tons of insurance blogs but most of them suck. Not because the authors don’t know what they are talking about or can’t write. Actually it’s the complete opposite. These insurance authors talk in Terms consumers don’t use about coverages consumers don’t care about…

    TRY THIS: Instead of asking for a Referral. Ask every new client for a Question that they would want answered about your product or Industry. Write it down then answer it on your blog… Freaking Gold!

    Great stuff buddy…

    Ryan H.

    • TRY THIS: Instead of asking for a Referral. Ask every new client for a Question that they would want answered about your product or Industry. Write it down then answer it on your blog… Freaking Gold!

      Love it, love it, love it Ryan. You’re leading the way my man. Eventually all those Fred Flinstones in your field will wake up to the possibilities. ;-)

      Keep it up buddy,


      • Thanks for this Marcus. I actually did that the other day. I asked a customer on the phone how she found us (maybe this is backwards) and when she said she was searching, I asked what she was searching for. She said “terra cotta” so my next article used it as a keyword! I’ve learned everything I know about content marketing – thank YOU for that!
        Now I’m going to try the suggestion you make in this comment! Freaking Gold – ;-)

        • Awesome story Lori!!! You, my friend, are becoming quite the listener and thus quite the content marketer. Go girl!!

          (oh, and thank you so very much for the kind words too :-) )



  3. Thanks for the plug Marcus. It was great to see you at Blogworld and talk with you about a subject that I know is on the minds of many people. Anytime I talk to small business owners regardless of what field they’re in, I refer them to my original interview i did with you and tell them to read your site. Here’s to rocking the world in 2012.

    • It was so great of you to do this video Srini, as well as the many others you did at BW, which I’m really looking forward to watching. In fact, I can certainly see you doing more and more video stuff in the near future.

      And thanks so much for the kind words my friend,


  4. I’d define ‘sexy’ Marcus because some industries probably won’t ever benefit from that – undertaking, mine clearance, politics, and autopsies to mention but a few. What I think can make them interesting and spread a fresher face of any line of work is video as you always promoted as it can show new things in new ways to a whole new audience or sector of the public. Perhaps not sexy, more sexed up in the nicest possible way!

    • Great point John. Video can add life to the ‘dullest’ of subjects, and with the proliferation of cheap video equipment that actually works well, it’s high-time we all jumped on board. ;-)

      Hope you had a great weekend my friend and thanks so much for stopping by, as always.


  5. Great post, thanks.

    I’ve started a blog about accounting and taxation for web entrepreneurs. Even the very word “accounting” causes people to skip on to the the next strategy. Taxation really freaks people out. I usually use three strategies to attract interest:.
    1. Saving money is, yes, always sexy.
    2. Crisp writing
    3. Knowing and writing for my audience.

    • Mark, love what you’re doing man, and it sounds like you’ve got a nice vision of what works.

      Congrats on leading the way and continued success brother. :-)


      • Hi Marcus, Your video was really impressive and you were looking damn confident. Great job

  6. Marcus: My blog deals with Office Documents…now that is not sexy. But as you said if you are going to lay out thousands of dollars to equip your office with printing equipment or a document management system or are hiring IT talent then you need to know more than the average office manager or owner does. Too many people make bad choices due to lack of knowledge or some shady industry practices that suck people in. I’m trying to take a more open approach and let people know what they need to know to get value for their money…seems to me that most people want this.

    Is my blog of value to everyone? Probably not, but hopefully to those who are looking for ways to run their offices better I can offer a bit of useful info. In the meantime it has helped us to better define who we are and what we are doing which in itself is good.

    Keep up your great work. It inspires us to keep at it and stay the course.

    • Lee, awesome, awesome, awesome. You are a pioneer in your industry my friend. You ‘get’ the big picture, and because of that I know you’re going to be rewarded for it.

      Thanks so much for the kind words too. I’m honored, seriously.

      Continued success,


  7. As per usual, you hit on several excellent points in that interview. In every marketing/sales situation, customers have questions and concerns. If you start there, it’s hard to go wrong with your content. As long as, as you also pointed out, you get past the “curse of knowledge” and speak to them in a language they understand. So simple, yet so important and so overlooked. You and your staff can understand what you do/your products all day long. If you can’t communicate that understanding, you’re going to struggle. Call it sexy, call it super helpful, call it whatever you’d like, just make sure to do it. And if by chance no one in your organization is good at creating that kind of content- hire it out. Absolutely no shame in sticking to your own skillz and bringing someone else in to round things out and accomplish what needs to be done.

    • LOVED this Cheryl. And yes, I don’t think we can emphasize the Curse of Knowledge enough and how it really impacts so very much of how well businesses are able to communicate.

      Your approach to content is refreshing Cheryl, and I really mean it when I say I think you’ve got an incredibly bright future in this industry.


  8. Marcus – I agree completely with you. The more boring the industry, the more the companies that blog in that industry will stand out!

    • Yup, you said it Tom. I see a boring industry and I start licking my chops man. ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by bud,


  9. As mentioned, just asking what others want to read can produce some great ideas. Which are interesting to the readers. Passion is good, but it’s about the audience. The readers you have and the ones you want to attract. Someone who finds actuarial tables hot may not care for a ‘5 cool blog tips’ post.

    Marcus, I don’t think there are many subjects that are too boring, but bow howdy are there some dull, lifeless posts out there. The content can be made interesting to those who’d find it so; forget the academic prattle or grandstanding for attention, simply write (or video) it better. I spend a lot of time online and it’s the writing as much as the story that holds my interest; tell it poorly, I’ll change the station, tell it sexily – maybe get Antonio Banderas to record the voice overs ;-) – you’ve got my attention. Which is just saying don’t be boring, find what’s interesting to others. And yes saving $$ is almost always good. FWIW.

    • forget the academic prattle or grandstanding for attention, simply write (or video) it better. ….I absolutely LOVED this Davina :))

      Boring writing does equal boring content. And as for academic…..alas, don’t get me started there. ;-)

      Thanks so much for stopping by my friend,


      • Exactly. You can have great subject matter, still turn it to a presentation or blog post that would knock Ambien off the shelves. Or you can take your ‘zzzzz yawn’ story, write the heck out of it and – shared it with those who’d find it interesting and helpful – make it seem like Starbucks on crack.

        It’s what gets me all the time as one of those creative types. It’s why I write the way I do. I fight ‘boring’ as much as sameness, would that I could convince others that it’s got the ROI they’re looking for. FWIW.

  10. Great Interview! Srini always asks fantastic questions…and of course you always have excellent answers.

    My thoughts…

    I think everything has a certain sexiness to it. But what’s sexy to me, may not be sexy to you. Why, because we all have difference interests. What’s sexy, in relation to content is based on our interests. I really have very little interest in having a swimming pool at my home at the current time…so to me, it’s not sexy. But at the very moment my interest raises in that area…say I want to get a pool – of course the content just got sexy.

    So anything is attractive or sexy to an audience that has interest in learning. I can see how one would think that their business may not be one that people want to read about…but that’s what people do online, learn, buy and socialize.


    • That’s exactly the thing JK. One’s level of interest, and therefore the ‘sexiness’ of a product or service, is always changing. Thus, the only thing a marketer can do is make sure there is something behind that door when someone comes turning the knob. ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by my man…and maybe one day you’ll realize how much you need a pool ;-)


      • Trust me, the day will come when I get a pool. My kids are half fish…I gotta make that happen!

  11. I think saying that your industry is to boring to blog about is about as poor an excuse as “I don’t have time to blog.” I blog about accounting and bookkeeping (I know yikes). However, our bookkeeping blog is a great way for me to insert my personality into the industry. Potential clients that read our blog know a little bit more about us personally just by reading our blog.

    • Matt, can I just say I love your style! If only everyone saw the vision you share my friend. :-)

      Continued success!


  12. G’Day Marcus,
    I’ve always believed that when someone describes another business as “boring” they’re telling us more about themselves than they are about the business they’re describing.

    Years ago, I saw a video about a bloke who’d built up the biggest garbage business in LA. When it was suggested that it was a rather dull business to be in he replied, “I just love trash.” He was very successful and very wealthy.

    “nuff sed!

    He was having fun, as are you.


    • “I just love trash.” ….That is awesome, love it Leon! :-)

      And yeah, it really does tell much more about the person, doesn’t it…

      Always the wise one you are Mr. Noone :-)


  13. If you can’t write about it than you shouldn’t try to sell it. It is that simple.

  14. Fantastic, Marcus! I loved Gary V’s book, “Crush It.” He talked about finding the one thing YOU are passionate about (“Stickers? Heck yes, stickers!”) and if it’s something you could write 50 blogs about, start blogging it. And when you do, that passion will unleash itself and you could write 500 posts about it. Great interview, bro!

  15. great new lesson for me..

  16. Great vid Marcus! I agree… I think you pretty much blog about anything and make it sexy.

    Love the analogy of the kindergarten teachers. So true! It truly is about breaking it down into consumable parts so others can understand where you’re coming from and most of all can take action on it, whether it’s a tactic or concept.

    Keep the videos coming. You are a natural for sure. ;-)

  17. Hi Marcus,

    Awesome interview. It’s time for me to continue listening to BlogCast FM again. I’ve been “too” busy writing my novel, and working for the University. I’ve hardly had time to plan my future, and that’s what I’m going to do during Christmas… I’m planning for 2012 to be my best year ever :)

    When it comes to some industries being too boring to blog about or not. I want to tell you a few things about what I’ve experienced lately.

    I have almost launched the new blog for the Universty, I don’t want to launch it until I have enough content. What I discovered while writing (and creating videos) is that it’s possible to turn anything into something “sexy”. I’ve been interviewing people that are suppose to be boring, but as soon as they got in front of the camera, they turned into superstars. It was awesome to see how the camera transformed them into something I had no idea that they could do. I love it when things like this happens. And people are awesome, even old professors are surprising me by saying yes to be interviewed on camera.

    • Jens!! Dude, this was awesome! Seriously, I’m so digging the fact that you’re watching the metamorphosis that can occur when there is a group effort in content production. I cannot wait to hear how this impacts the school buddy.

      Keep up the tremendous work my friend,


      • So far, I have bought 17 iPads, for 17 students. They’ve all started to use Twitter, and some are now experiencing with YouTube and soon Facebook (they’re all using Facebook already, but not on their iPads). We’re using Storify at the moment to aggregate everything they’re doing, to make it visible on one site/page… I’m so impressed by them.

  18. I think how one makes the product unique makes it sexy. Look at Apple. I mean people used to think computers, micro chips, wires, etc are all so boring. Now their products seem to be the sexiest ones in the market. Mostly due to their innovation, design, and spirit.

    • Exactly Doc, and I really like the last word you said “Spirit”….I think that is often times the great missing ingredient to most business success.

      Thanks again,


  19. I have successfully worked as a service director in the automotive field for over 11 years. I was waking up everyday hating what I did. The company I worked for lacked passion and future direction. I am currently working for Mid Atlantic Concrete, talk about sexy! I see the light getting brighter and brighter. We look forward to not only moving the needle, but pegging it as fast as we can go. Thanks for your insight. There is a reason for everything!

    • That’s so cool Steve! Love it man. :)

      Now let’s make it happen, what do you say?!


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