There is something about the ‘learn more about me’ birthday posts I’ve always loved from other bloggers, and being that this past Sunday marked my 34th year on this planet, as well as the 2 year anniversary of The Sales Lion, I figure it’s time for me to do one of these lists. So if you’d like to hear more of my life story, please read on…

Early Childhood

Marcus Sheridan

What's up with my haircut Mom??!

1. The second child of Phil and Sandi Sheridan, I was born on the 6th of November, 1977 in Fayettville North Carolina. My dad was in the army at that time, stationed at Fort Bragg.

2. By older brother’s name is Joseph. We’re only 13 months apart, so that set up for a fun-filled, fight-laden childhood. We’ve always loved each other dearly, but we’re a couple of competitive guys, which meant Mom was always scared to death when we went outside to play basketball. Today, my brother has done quite well for himself in the military, and is stationed with his wife in Germany.

3.  I spent my childhood years in the Northern Neck of Virginia, in the very small town of Callao. At the time, there wasn’t even a stoplight in our county, and my elementary school class had about 45 kids. To say I grew up ‘in the sticks’ would be a serious understatement.

4. I was a chunky kid from early on. Frankly, my weight always bothered me, and of course my brother liked to remind me of my round figure whenever he could.

 5. Growing up, I was a huge football fan of the Washington Redskins, and an even bigger fan of the LA Lakers. I adored Magic Johnson, and for a long time I thought basketball was going to be my best sport. To this day, I have a deadly hook-shot from anywhere on the court. 😉

Teenage Years

6. On the first day of 6th grade middle school, a friend showed me a photo of some students from another elementary school that had combined with ours to formulate our new class. Immediately I noticed a tall girl in the back row and oddly felt a liking to her in that very moment. Her name was Nikki Hayden, and within about a week, we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

7. After being boyfriend and girlfriend for a day, Nikki dumped me for another kid even chubbier than I was—talk about depressing! But Nikki and I would remain close friends for the next 5 years.

8. Once in high school, I started taking sports more seriously than ever. In fact, by the time I was a senior I was the captain of the football, baseball, and wrestling teams.

 9. As a high school junior, on the night of my 16th birthday party, I suffered a serious car accident when I was horsing around with some friends. Because of our stupidity, we flipped my buddy’s brand-new jeep, and my head went through the windshield. To this day, I have a large bump and scar on the top of my scalp to remind me of this incident. In hindsight, this accident put me on a very different course of life, and I’ll always be grateful for the wake-up call it provided.

10. Right at the beginning of my senior year in I met two missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and a few months later was baptized and became a member. This was a very happy and sad time in my life, as my decision greatly disappointed my dear(since passed) grandfather, a devout Catholic, who to this day is the most Christ-like man I have ever had the pleasure of being around.

 11. After 5 years of ‘just being friends’, Nikki came to her senses in 12th grade and told me she wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend. This time, it lasted more than a day. 😉

12. My final GPA when I graduated high school in 1995 was a 2.4. Pretty impressive, ehhh? But I really didn’t care as sports were my focus and it was just enough to get me into West Virginia University, where I’d soon be rooming with my brother Joe.

College Years and Chile


Marcus Sheridan Marathon

Running the Marine Corps Marathon, 1997

13. I started off as a Physical Education major in college. My goals were to teach and coach, as those subjects had always been my passion.

14. Because I was getting more and more chunky as my freshman year in college went on, I decided to pick up running for the first time. Soon, I actually became pretty good. Although I wasn’t very fast, I could run all day, and after about 8 months of training, I won the Charleston WV 15 mile race for the 19 and under age division, averaging about 7 minutes a mile.

Despite a few nagging injuries, about a year later I ran the DC Marine Corps Marathon as well. In the process of that race, I did significant damage to both of my hamstrings, and was never quite the same runner again. To this day, I miss being able to go run the hills of West Virginia on a 20 mile Saturday morning jog.

15. Not long into my freshman year did I have a few experiences that lead me to make the decision to leave school for two years and serve a mission for my church. So I put in my application and waited to find out where I’d be going. Months later, I was on a plane headed to the country of Chile in South America.

16. Chile was a life-altering experience. Two years of no TV, radio, dating, etc. My only purpose was to help and serve others. I arrived to the country with almost no ability to speak Spanish. But months later, after much effort, I found myself forgetting English at times, and even thinking and dreaming in Spanish. Learning a new language is an amazing experience in and of itself.

 17. It was in Chile that I started to realize my unique ability to communicate with and teach large groups of people. What had been a major fear just a few years before was now becoming one of my greatest strengths. Often times I would give sermons or presentations to hundreds of people at a time, with no notes at all, solely relying on passion and personal experiences. It was then, at the age of 21, that I realized I’d been given a very special talent that could possibly bless the lives of others, including myself, for years to come.

18. While in Chile I literally felt protected by angels. For example, I was attacked by dog gangs (yes, dogs travel in ‘gangs’ in Chile) on multiple occasions, I was held up by a deranged mad-man with a knife, and I was even hit with thrown rocks on more than one occasion. But none of it seemed to scare or bother me, as I truly felt a provincial protection during my time as a missionary.

Marriage and Family

19. After two years of traveling the Southern tip of Chile, I returned home. Nikki and I were married two months later. We were dirt poor and happy as can be. Shortly thereafter, we returned to WVU so I could finish my degree.

 20. Before we knew it, Nikki found out she was expecting our first child. 9 months later, Danielle Jayden Sheridan was born. We were thrilled. To this day, I can picture her magical face as it entered this world, and it’s a moment in time I’ll never forget.

 21. Within a few weeks of returning to college, I realized that the field of coaching and teaching might not be for me, as they weren’t the best for pay nor time at home with the family. So I decided to hurry up and graduate so I could get out in the world and start working. By changing my major to Spanish, I did just that. Because I spoke the language better than most of my professors, I skipped a year of classes and graduated in 2001.

 22. It was also during my final year of college I decided to write a book about my time in Chile as a missionary. Balancing school, work, and being a dad was quite the challenge, but somehow I found the time to write as well. Although the book itself wasn’t that successful nor very well written, for me it marked a tremendous accomplishment and was the earliest stages of my love for writing.

23. I applied for one job out of college and got it. Unfortunately, within weeks of working for the company I realized it wasn’t going to be a good fit, and so my wife and I moved back to the Northern Neck to regroup and see where our next move would be.

‘Pool Guy’

24. During this same time period (2001), my friends Jim and Jason had just opened a retail swimming pool store, and asked me if I’d be willing to manage it for them while they worked in the field. I told them I would until I was able to find something different.  6 months later, they asked me to become the 3rd partner in the company, and I accepted. At the time, I was living in a small apartment, just me, Nikki, and Danielle, and bringing home a paycheck of about $400 a week.

25. In 2003, my son Joseph Talmadge Sheridan was born. Needless to say, I was grateful to have a boy. :-)

26. It was also in 2003 that I wrote my second book, Stop the Yawns. Basically, it was a book about speaking and giving sermons in a church setting, and over the next few years it would sell thousands of copies around the globe.

27. In 2004 things went south for my pool company. Our bookkeeper embezzled about $200,000 from the business, and also got us in huge trouble with the IRS. You can read the whole story here, but suffices to say it was a nightmare ordeal, and for the next 4 years, the IRS had leans on our homes and made life very, very difficult.

28. On Feb 5, 2007, my daughter Larsen Nichole Sheridan was born, being named after the missionary that taught and baptized me 12 years earlier.

29. In late 2008, just as we’d finally paid off the IRS and thought we’d be able to make headway as a company, the housing market collapsed. Once again, we were in huge trouble.

30. In March of 2009 we found our answer to the economy—Hubspot and inbound marketing. Within a year of embracing this new way of thinking, our website would be the most trafficked swimming pool builder site in the world.

The Sales Lion is Born

31. On November of 2009 I decided to give myself a 32nd birthday present—The Sales Lion. After feeling the prompting for months, I went to my wife and asked her if she would be willing to see less of me so I could stay up late each night and write. She kindly agreed, and so this blog was born.

32. In 2010, Casey Brooke Sheridan was born. Larsen decided to call her ‘Pink’ instead, and we all agreed that it sounded like an excellent idea.

33. In early July of this year, 10 years after becoming a ‘pool guy’, my two wonderful business partners gave me the blessing to move on to my next phase of life. Although I still am a partner in the company and handle some of the marketing, I’m now able to spend all of my time speaking, writing, and getting the message of Inbound and Content Marketing to the world.

34. Today, I can only sit here and write this with a smile. 2011 has been amazing. My wife and children are happy, strong, and healthy. I’ve spoken all over the country. New opportunities seem to be arriving daily. I’ve been blessed to meet many incredible people and the possibilities and plans seem endless. To say I’m humbled and grateful wouldn’t begin to describe it.

Sheridan family

Your Turn

So there you have it friends– my first 34 years in a nutshell. If you have any personal questions you’d like to ask me, fire away below, as I’m happy to answer.

Thanks so much for all your support on this blog, I hope you know it’s appreciated.

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76 thoughts on “34 Years and Counting: A Birthday Post from The Sales Lion

  1. Hi Marcus, I really appreciated reading this. Although we get the human side through your story articles, seeing the progression and the growth is gratifying. I celebrate you on this your birthday – on your successes, your family, your attitude and your perseverance. Cheers to the next 34 years and many more thereafter. : )

    • Thank you Shelley! That’s very, very kind of you. :)

      And yes, the human side certainly is a nice thing to share on occasion.

      Appreciate your support,


  2. Sounds like #34 was awesome out in L.A. Thanks for sharing this, Marcus. Continued blessings for you and your family, my friend. You are using the gifts you have been given to really make a difference. Thanks for CARE-ing.


    • So kind of you to say that Al. Yeah, L.A. was just another example of what a difference a year can make if we’re diligent and press forward.

      Thanks again bud,


  3. Awesome story Marcus. You’ve achieved so much – it is very humbling. I know I’ve said it before, but you have a beautiful family. Seriously though, you need to stop having kids at some point 😉

    • Hahaha, yeah, I think we’re very likely done with the kid thing Tom. But I gotta tell ya man, being a dad is awesome. I really love it. And it seems to get better with each child.

      Always appreciate your kind words brother,


  4. Happy (belated) Birthday, Marcus! We have something in common… both born in November… my b-day is today! I enjoyed reading your story. You’ve had quite a life! Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished so far – including making yet another trip around the sun. 😉

    Many happy returns, my friend!

    • Thank you Deb, and a big HAPPY BDAY to you too!! :-)

      To many more trips around the sun my friend!


      • Thanks, Marcus. Turns out I’m a day early for my own b-day! It’s tomorrow. LOL.

  5. Another Scorpio now I know why I like you Marcus. Really cool post and enlightening. Always nice to get to know someone I like better. So Happy Birthday (I turned 44 last Friday). You sure are an over achiever! You have built a thriving business. I always worked for corporations til my career change in 2008. So I am actually not making enough right now to qualify for paying income tax. Before I was making just a tad under 6 figures but wasn’t happy. You have a beautiful wife and 4 kids. I have a beautiful girlfriend with a 4.5 month old. You can run a marathon. I can run 4 miles currently. You get paid to speak. I get begged not to speak. You grew up in rural Virginia and are a COUGH COUGH Redskins fan. I was born in Manhattan and raised on Long Island a proud Giants fan. You went on a mission to Chile for 2 years to help people. I went on a mission for 2.5 years to ensure Arizona State kept it’s number one party school ranking! (I graduated from UNC-Greensboro btw)

    I guess I am just a slacker 8) But like wine I keep getting better with age LOL

    But guess what I learned long ago while someones roots help sculpt who they are it never means two people can’t have more in common than they think 8)

    • You absolutely kill me Howie :-) Seriously man, I was laughing my butt off with this one and had to read it 3 times because it kept making me smile. :-)

      From ASU to UNC-G…hmmm, were you running from the law my friend?? 😉

      Thanks again,


      • OMG you just made me spit my water on my laptop.

        I never run from the law. I just hold my hands up, throw myself at the mercy of the court and plead for leniency!

        Actually after ASU with my bad GPA I went back to Long Island kicked ass at a local state school for a year then applied to U Wisconsin and UNC-Greensboro B-Schools. And while I got on the waiting list and was told I had a very good chance of getting into Wisconsin I chose the south purely because my second winter back from Tempe and the warm desert had me suffering so much. I just couldn’t picture being in the cold northern Midwest. It is why I moved to Los Angeles in 92 and stayed through 2008. I love the winter now. I mean living in upstate NY and last winter when one morning it was -18F I went outside in just sweats and a sweatshirt because I wanted to feel what that was like…well I did for like 5 mins then ran back inside. And will be moving to an even colder state next year Vermont.

        Yep Aliens are crazy 8)

  6. Marcus, there will come a day when I get to shake your hand and I look forward to that moment. Thank you for being a inspiration.

    Ryan H.

    • The honor will be all mine Ryan. You’re a heck of a guy and you’re going to do some big time things down the road bud.


  7. This was a good read.
    This is what makes the idea of the internet valuable.
    We all go through life dealing with what it is we want and end up with something else.
    Enjoyed this post

    • That means a lot to me Billy, it really does. Life is a funny thing, isn’t it? For a while, I thought I was really wasting time as a pool guy. Now I look back and realize just how very important that time period was for everything I’ll do in the future.

      Thanks so much my friend,


  8. Thanks for taking the time to write this post Marcus. I always enjoy learning more about my fellow blogging friends. I do hope you had a wonderful birthday and were able to celebrate in some special way.

    Sounds like your life has been one exciting journey after another. You’re still so young too. I can only imagine what lays ahead for you. Only wondrous things I’m sure.

    Again, thanks for sharing your history with us Marcus. I really enjoyed learning more about you and your family.

    Have a fabulous day and a wonderful week.


    • It really has been an amazing journey Adrienne. I feel so very blessed.

      So glad you stopped by and shared this, and I appreciate your support,


  9. Hey, question over here…how much do you REGRET being a Redskins fan? LOL…

    Happy birthday, great post…You are one accomplished human being!

    • A LOT of regret Joe!! Man are they hard to watch!!! 😉

      Thanks bud,


  10. I love, love, LOVE this list Marcus! What a story! WOW! Here’s to MANY MANY years more :)

    • Thanks Ameena!!! Guess I’ll be looking for yours come time! 😉


      • Few years til I’m 34 dude :)

        yeah for sure, I keep telling John to do this … We’ll get round to it …you’re a Scorpio …. John’s an Aries and I, a real lion, a Leo … let’s say it’s on the radar! :)

        Loved your post … really! :)

  11. A belated happy birthday, Marcus. And what a beautiful and blessed family you have! The story is awesome too.

    • Really appreciate the kind words and support Stan. Thank you!


  12. Hell of a post and nice to get to know you better. Happy Birthday you man-beast you!

    • ‘Man-Beast’…..Did my wife tell you to call me that Michael?? 😉

      Thanks brother,


  13. Happy Birthday Marcus! You have had an interesting life so far! I hope it was a great day and wish you another wonderful 34 years, at least!

    • Interesting it has Lori! And that’s what’s so great about having this blog. I can document the whole thing :-)

      Really appreciate all your support lady!


  14. Nice bio, thanks for sharing with us, it was really nice to read. Happy Birthday.

    • So glad you stopped by to say this Diana :)

      Continued success,


  15. Very inspiring story Mane man. Oh by the way, I didn’t know you were born on November 6. I was born the same day on 1986. Haha.

    • Really Josh??! Sweet man! Love it :)


  16. You’re only 34? Thought you were older! (not because you look older) ((you don’t!))

    And I didn’t know you were a Marine. And a runner! I was a Cav Scout in the Army, and run like crap daily.

    Cool post. Happy Bday man. We’re still cool.

    • You better believe we’re cool Ryan 😉

      Thanks for the kind words brother!


  17. Hey Marcus,

    Wanted to stop by and wish my fellow Scorpio a happy birthday! I always thought you were much older than me for some reason. I’ll be 32 on Friday, so I have a lot of ground to make up to be comparable to you. I only have one daughter, for example. Time to get busy and find me another girl!

    • A fellow scorpio, writer, and father. Love it James!!

      And really grateful for your readership these many months my friend.


  18. Hi Marcus,

    Congratulations on reaching the young age of 34, and having achieved so much in your life so far. Some people reach this level of maturity when they’re twice your age.

    I know that you won’t rest on your laurels, and that you’ll keep pursuing your passions and desires in this world, whilst ensuring that we all benefit as a result.

    You’re the man, you’re the Mane Man :-)

    • I know, right? Marcus has already achieved so much even at just 34. You have a wonderful family, you’re doing something that you love, you know how to speak Spanish, you were a missionary, etc..

    • You got that right Stu, no changing this Lion, I’m going to be good ‘ol Marcus for a long, long time. :-)

      I appreciate all your support bud, you’ve been one of my strongest pillars this past year Stu.


  19. Thanks for sharing more about you life Marcus. I love getting to know more about what shaped the lives of my friends.

    • Appreciate that my friend. Look forward to more chats down the road as well bud. :-)

      Stay well brother,


  20. Love the post Marcus!

    Wishing you a belated birthday, and it was awesome reading about your life and journey.

    I think this is one of your best posts, as everyone is able to connect so well with you- you do move us and inspire us in your own ways.

    Beautiful family, with adorable kids and your girlfriend who turned into your lovely wife. What more could you ask for!

    Thanks so much for sharing so many years with all of us in this post :)

  21. Happy birthday, Marcus!

    That’s a really wonderful list, and it’s really inspiring to see how far you’ve come in so comparatively short a time (only 34 – nice!). :)

    Your family look really wonderful, too – I can’t think of a greater blessing.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday, and may next year be even better!


  22. I’m with Ameena. I love this story a lot. You’ve done some living in a short time, my friend. Your journey is remarkable and I could literally feel your voice behind your words. Here’s to many, many more, Marcus. May health and happiness and prosperity be yours for a very, very long time.

  23. Quite an inspiring story Marcus. You’ve experienced many highs and some lows, which I believe are always the teaching moments, and become quite accomplished at an early age. May your success continue for a very long time.

    • That’s the truth Barbara. Everything is its own teaching moment. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

      I can’t express how grateful I am to look back and have gone through it all.

      Thanks so much for stopping by my friend,


  24. Like it Marcus, from chunk to hunk (like me as I was a bit beefy as a teenager). Great to read you’re a sporty dude and that sports are in your blood (not sure about the Redskins this year!). Your post shows (and as usual you show) that there’s more to us than just our shop front or business face – we’re human, with lives, and stories, and a history, and there’s nothing wrong with sharing some of that now and again.

    • ‘Chunk to Hunk’….Love that John!!! 😉

      And alas, those dang Redskins. No hope these days man.

      Appreciate you dropping by my friend,


  25. I feel old just reading this, since I can mostly chronicle trips to Disney World and impressively long naps. I’m relieved you survived that car wreck, unsure of that Magic-esque hook shot. No idea you were an Espanol major, which is what makes posts like these fun, we get to know more about each other. 😉 Have a good birthday amigo. FWIW.

    • Girl, get out of here with all that ‘old’ talk!! 😉

      As for that Magic hook-shot, trust me, it’s still deadly 😉

      Thanks for being so dang awesome lady,


  26. Hey Marcus,

    You’re inspirational man. Was really interesting to read about your life. I learnt alot about you (I didn’t know that your religion had played such a significant part in your life!).

    You inspire us all because you are living the life you want, and loving the journey! Unfortunately I can’t say that about many of the people I know.

    Chile must have been an amazing experience. Sorry to hear about the car accident, great to hear you used it to create a positive change in your life.

    Hope you had a great Birthday,


    • You’re such a kind guy to say these things Robert.

      Yeah, I don’t mix religion in here very much at all, but yes, it has been a very big part of my life for 17 years now, and affects almost everything I do, say, write, etc.

      Regardless of what the religion is, I think it’s important we’re all spiritually grounded in some way.

      Appreciate your support my friend,


  27. Marcus…man that was so awesome. That’s by far my favorite birthday post to date. Remember when Marlee did hers earlier this year…that was pretty dang good…and funny. But this one touched me every other sentence…literally.

    From one spiritual guy to another, I appreciate your willingness to share your life. I love how you share that your Mormon and how important it is in your life. I still to this day find it weird that I didn’t even know what Mormonism was until I moved to Colorado for college. The funny thing is Oakland has a huge and beautiful Mormon Temple…I just never knew what it was! (Google’s nice!)

    Amazingly written! I was drawn in to every word.

    I wish you another wonderful 34.


  28. Forget that hair cut! What’s up with your shirt?!?! Great read, Marcus. Thank you so much for sharing. You rock, bud.

    • Hahaha Marlee, yeah, it looks like something you’d see on the old TV show ‘YeeHaw’ 😉

      So great seeing you in BW my friend,


  29. Happy Birthday Marcus!! I love your story, especially about you and Nikki. You must have something magical together. :) I admire your experience in Chili–very inspiring.

    Hope your day was fabulous!

    • Thanks Joanne! You’re too kind…but yes, I’m incredibly blessed, without question :-)

  30. Fellow missionary, I’m grateful for your example. It’s wonderful to see the success (and failures) that come after the process. From you I learn to take it all in big strides, and move with the process of life. Beautiful. :)

    • Thanks Christian, I really appreciate that man.

      Stay well brother,


  31. Happy Birthday! Glad to find out you’re runner, knew there was a reason I liked you :-)

    • Hahahaha, yeah, running was a HUGE part of my time in college Stephen. Still love it, just can’t seem to get my knees to agree with my sentiments 😉

  32. Amazing :)

    Happy B day, Marcus, and I was always wondering where did you find that gorgeous woman :)

    • Thanks Bran :-) She’s an amazing lady, that’s for sure!

  33. mom

    I’ll have you know I cut your hair and I loved that shirt! such a cute little boy! But I’ve got to admit you turned into a pretty awesome man, husband and father. I guess I’m kinda proud of you even if you didn’t appreciate my less than skilled barber atempts!

  34. Hi Marcus,

    This post revealed so much more about you to me. After reading this, I found out that we have three similar aspects:

    1) We are both trained in physical education and sports coaching.
    2) We both discovered our talent and gift in writing and speaking.
    3) You turn around from you life of meagre pay and life of rags as well. I am currently 39 and going through that difficult stage of striking out, writing, parenting, etc. No doubt that your example will be something I could learn from.

    I have a few questions:
    1) Can you share about your life in the early days with young children and only a modest income? How did you guys manage and thrive eventually?
    2) What does it take to become a speaker that attract people?
    3) How did your speaking career start? I am trying to start out now in this area, and find it quite difficult and discouraging having no real interest from others. I guess I am rushing things a little.


    • Jimmy, boy did I love this comment. Thank you so much for sharing this!

      Regarding your question:

      1. We lived meager. We didn’t overspend and certainly didn’t make the credit card disaster mistake. We’ve never based our relationship on ‘stuff’, and so it was very frugal living. We struggled, no doubt, but we made it
      2. I’m going to do an extensive post on this soon. In fact, I think I will be doing a major, major product on this subject over the next year. For me, everything changed with speaking when I learned to talk to an audience as if the audience was a close friend. The core to this was the ability to tell stories, use imagery, and speak/communicate at a level that anyone could understand. Also, the more you write about and live a certain subject, the easier it is to speak about. If someone came up to me right now and asked me to give a 3 hour presentation on marketing, I could simply go up in front of the room and start talking, without a single note, and carry a 3 hour conversation. But this is only possible because I write about the subject so very much. It is engrained in my brain.

      3. You need to get out bud. Speak anywhere, especially things like rotary clubs, biz groups, etc. When you do it, record yourself on video. Also get video testimonials. These segments of video will, overtime, make up your speaking resume. At first, I did many events for free, and I often times still do. But I find that on EVERY event I now do, it leads to at least one new client or paid speaking opportunity, and often times it leads to both.

      And finally, you’ve got to will your way to success Jimmy. Don’t be passive about it. I’ve had to push and push and push to break in to this industry. But now that I’m in, it has gotten much, much easier to build momentum.

      Hope this helps a little.


  35. G’Day Marcus,
    Belated birthday greetings. And thanks for a great story too kid. I can say that without fear nor favour. The youngest of my four children turns 39 in April next year and our eldest grandchild, Camille, just finished high school.

    Now, clearly you’re one smart fella. What’s all this nonsense about Magic Bloody Johnson? Larry Bird was the man Marcus!

    One day I’ll tell you about the trouble I got into on a bus tour of Boston in 1989 when I flippantly presented myself as an Australian surgeon who was in town to fix Larry’s ankle. There are some things you just don’t joke about in Boston……..!

    Good Luck, young fella,


    • Hahahaha Leon! I HATED Bird, but you already knew that. Ahhh, the battles between him and Magic were so epic, and there have been none to equal it since.

      But I got it hand it to Bird, that white boy could shoot the rock 😉

      Thanks so much my friend,


  36. Hey Marcus,

    Happy Birthday, buddy! Great to learn so much about you in this post. Fascinating stories about your journeys in Chile. Always cool to learn new things about the people we get so much out of in the blogosphere. Have a great week!

    • Hey Bryan! Appreciate that man. Honestly, this post was very fun to write. Heck, I could have a blog about my time in Chile alone, so to have a chance to talk about it every once in a blue moon is nice.

      Thanks for all your support brother!


  37. Man, you’re just a year older than me but you’ve accomplished such a tremendous amount of stuff!! I need to get my butt rolling!

    This is a really sweet post. It’s always nice to actually get to know a 3D person online and you’re very good at that. Luckily, you’re a nice person to get to know better, so it all works out!

    Happy (belated, entirely) birthday!

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