Long Tail Keywords: The Low Hanging Fruit of SEO

For those of you unaware, there are 3 types of phrases when it comes to the way consumers search—short tail, medium tail, and long tail. Here is an example of the three:

  • Short: Blogs
  • Medium: Business Blogs
  • Long: Best Business Blogs or What are the best business blogs?

The longer the tail, the easier it is to rank in Google and the other search engines for that particular keyword phrase (hence the low-hanging fruit reference). And as we all know, the more we rank for multiple search phrases in our industry, the more we’re going to see qualified leads coming into our website.

By having a complete focus on long tail phrases and answering consumer questions, I was able to elevate my pool company to the top of the industry (drastically increasing sales and profits) and have also seen this done in other niches and industries as well, especially with many of my clients.

Simply put, if we’re willing to be great teachers and address every possible subject and question relating to our field, we will be rewarded.

For a long time, I wanted to develop a tool for content marketers that would assist in the process of coming up with blog ideas and subjects. Upon researching developers for this concept I had, I stumbled across  Long Tail Pro, and realized instead of developing a tool myself for fellow bloggers and content marketers, I would throw my support behind this one.

Long Tail Pro: The Best Keyword Research Tool I’ve seen for Content Marketers and Bloggers

Blog Keyword ToolBecause I’m naturally leery of tools, I was very hesitant to make any snap judgments on Long Tail Pro. But after I read the reviews on the product and learned more about its seriously cool developer Spencer Haws, I decided to give it a go and made the $97 purchase. As soon as I started using the tool, I quickly fell in love with these two main features:

1. It offers tons of long tail ideas about any subject you can think of. (As shown in the following video)

2. Incredible analysis of any keyword phrase, including long tails—with thorough stats on the top 10 current sites ranking for that phrase, the site’s title and meta description, its number of inbound links, page rank, and other important metrics.

To really understand what I’m saying here, watch this video I made of how LTP works. If you’ve ever struggled to come up with blogging ideas you’ll not only love it, but quickly see how a guy like me, who has been going after the long tails in my industry for 4 years, was still able to get a TON a value from this innovative product.


If you don’t want to watch the video but would like to see what I’m referring to when I say the tool analyzes the existing sites that rank for a targeted keyword, here is an example of the info is shows if I type in “Content Marketing Companies:

With Long Tail Pro, your ability to quickly gauge the competition for keyword phrases goes up drastically

As you might imagine, the ability to completely see and study how the competition is ranking for certain keyword phrases in your niche has significant value for any company. Tack this on with its other features, and Long Tail Pro makes a ton of sense for content marketers. And like I said before, the price tag is very low compared to some of the tools I’ve seen out there, with a one-time fee (NOT a monthly fee) of $97 and a 60-day, money-back guarantee.

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai

One of the most similar tools compared to LTP is Market Samurai. To help those comparing the two products understand the difference, here what LTP’s developer, Spencer Haws, had to say about the two:

The primary difference is that Long Tail Pro is a big time saver over MS. With Long Tail Pro you are able to enter in multiple seed keywords at once (rather than just 1 with MS). So, instead of entering in 1 seed keyword, waiting five minutes, then going back and entering in one more; you can enter 5 seed keywords (for example), hit generate and then see all the keyword ideas at once!

You can also PRE-filter your keywords (so you are only left with keywords that meet your CPC, search volume, or other criteria). Another big time saver.
Finally, you can automatically check for exact match domains (rather than checking just one at a time with MS). There are other differences, but in reality I created Long Tail Pro because I was unhappy with Market Samurai, so I specifically created it to improve on the areas that MS was lacking.

Is Long Tail Pro a Good Fit for You?

If you’re wondering if such a tool is for you, I’d simply give you this answer:

Long Tail Pro is not a magic pill. If you struggle to get motivated to write blog posts, then don’t waste your money on this product. Also, if you’ve spent a bunch of money on other products you’ve yet to review and utilize, again, LTP is not a smart investment.

But if you’re serious about content and inbound marketing, and you want to create great industry-related blog posts that lead to more traffic, leads, and sales–then you should at least give it a test drive (assuming you need content ideas). Like I said, it comes with an excellent guarantee, and you can visit the site here or click the image below to watch more videos regarding this impressive tool.

(Note**Because I was so impressed with LTP, I became an affiliate. This means if you purchase the product through one of the links here I get a percentage, for which I’m grateful to you!)

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