Mad Marketing #16: The Magical Chain of Success, SEO, Rejection, and More

by Marcus Sheridan


Mad Marketing PodcastIt’s podcast time folks, and if you’ve never listened to one of these episodes, do me a favor and listen to this one. It’s personal, it’s real, it’s passionate, and it represents every reason the Mad Marketing podcast is so different than many other podcasts out there today. Just you, me, and a conversation. Oh, and btw, make sure you read the email I received at the bottom of this post from a reader, and then watch the video, you’ll be moved and inspired, seriously.

As always, if you have any thoughts or questions, I’d love to hear them in the comment section below.

Your Questions

Hi Marcus,

My biggest struggle for inbound and content marketing is creating an all-encompassing strategy that can be implemented with a reasonable time commitment.

Thank you for sharing your content. I look forward to future articles.





Something on the homefront I wanted to get your advice on. All of 2012 we were rolling with content marketing. Had 3 pieces of premium content put out. We were averaging 1-2 posts a week and 2 job posts a week. Generated about 800+ new leads.

At the end of January we had an upper management change. I had printed off some ROI reports on the marketing we have done. I proved about 1.1M in revenue in 2012 produced directly from inbound leads. The new CEO essentially threw those in the trash and said he didn’t care.

Since then my budget has been cut, and I have been told that I need to run errands and support our sales team. I’m trying to figure out how to pitch them back on inbound marketing, but no one seems to want to listen to me and my direct boss. I’m getting very discouraged.

The CEO says we are taking a “new direction” Have you ever dealt with a client who had a regime change? Any advice?


Hi Marcus,

My biggest challenge is having the energy to produce my own content when I spend most of my time creating content for others as part of my web marketing company. That’s the darn truth. Great to see you on the NYT. Much success to you.


~ julian


Hi Marcus, just read your PDF book in 2 sittings, do you have any tips for a very local business when it comes to blogging.  For example, I have a dentist that wants to rank organically in his town and 2 surrounding towns but feels that general topics are a waste of time.  How could we structure his blogging to accomplish his goals?

Take Care and Enjoy Your Day!

Warmest Regards,


Cheers Marcus,

I’ll look forward to reading the ebook and congrats on all your hard work. I became aware of you from a blog I subscribe to from Bob Lefsetz. I’m an artist, musician and well I guess I’m a tech guy as well all due to my passion of supporting ‘Outsider Artists’ I’ve learned a lot about the digital world.

Rudely Interrupted, my band is different in some ways, but if you have a moment to listen to our music you wont hear the story behind the group. Our vocalist was born without eyes and lives with Aspergers, our drummer Josh lives with an intellectual disability and we have Sam, a punk rocker down syndrome entertainment explosion. The UN in new York invited the band to play 2 years after I started the group and as a result the momentum has carried the group around the world many times performing and breaking down barriers and rocking out places that need to be rocked, like the UN.

Just thought I’d connect before reading the ebook, and thanks again Marcus.


(Watch this video, seriously, this is what it’s all about my friends…)

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