Mad Marketing #18: Lousy PR, Article Spinning, and Making Your Content SELL!

by Marcus Sheridan


Mad Marketing PodcastYep, after a couple of months off due to the rigors of being a softball coach for my daughter and the other rigors that come with summers here in the Northern Neck of Virginia, the Mad Marketing Podcast is back and you can be rest assured it will be quite active from here forward. Frankly, I’ve been blown away with the number of emails/comments from listeners that have been busting my chops for allowing this much time to pass between episodes, so for those of you that have been a part of this, thank you!

That being said, here are your questions and I hope you’ll take a listen to the fun conversation we have with some very unique subjects…


On Assignment Selling…


I’m own a small salon in Chico,Ca. I definitely agree with transparency. I hear from my clients all the time “wow, I never had a hairdresser explain/tell that to me.” I teach my clients within the initial consultation for their hair service all the time. I feel it adds value and trust before price is even discussed. My challenge with inbound marketing would be how to get my clients more educated on what to expect upon arriving to my salon. As on your example of making your leads read your ebook first to weed out the “bad fits”. When I get the “Hi , how much question there is a lot of info required to answer that correctly. Should I send them to my blog in lieu of a over the phone ball park. And if so how should i convey the hair lingo “full weave…all over color…double prices” into lay persons terms? Picture with synopsis? I don’t want to over complicate (as I do with most things) my explanations.

​I guess my question is: In a service industry like mine, where there a ton of options for services, what is a concise way to covey complex processes to my potential clients?

Thanks for your time and honesty.



On eBook Titles…

Hey Marcus

I am soliciting your help…Again.

When people read my e-book, my sales closing rate doubles. I’m not even kidding.

The problem is:…you already guessed it. A lot of people don’t open it.

We added a free offer in the book, ( a mold spray treatment worth up to $1,350) and tell people they have to ask for it in order to receive it, and that has helped a little, but not enough. Because, as I said, when people read my e-book, my sales closing rate doubles.

Many people seem to be put off with the term e-book, thinking perhaps it will take days or hours to read.

So, I have reworked my e-book. It was 29 pages (compiled from my first 13 or 14 blogs)and I have edited it down to 13 pages and changed the name from “Basements 101” to “Why Basements Get Wet”. It is still very informative, actually, it is better because I removed a lot of redundancies.

Now here is the question for you; my mentor who I have never met, What should I call it instead of E-book? The new title is “How Basements Get Wet”.

  • Please read our basement guide; “How Basements Get Wet”, or perhaps,
  • Please read our brochure; “How Basements Get Wet”, or perhaps,
  • Please read our pamphlet; “How Basements Get Wet”, or perhaps,
  • Please read our paper; “How Basements Get Wet”, or perhaps,
  • Please read our booklet; “How Basements Get Wet”, or perhaps,
  • Please read our leaflet; “How Basements Get Wet”, or perhaps,
  • Please read our tract; “How Basements Get Wet”, or perhaps,
  • Please read our prospectus; “How Basements Get Wet”, or perhaps,

you have a word of your own choice.

I’m stuck, brother. Please give me a push.

Thanks in advance,

You’re the best.




On Getting Content Marketing Right…

My biggest struggle is “Am I doing it correctly?” I feel the whole time that I’m missing something. You know when you have a recipe to bake a great chocolate cake, you have all the ingredients and the process on how to put it all together. I’m concerned that I have not identified all the ingredients and that I’m missing a step in my recipes.

So, if you have any words of wisdom, I’ll be listening (reading).



On Thinking You’re Doing It Right When You’re Not…

Hi there, Marcus.

Thanks so much for the free e-book. I’m looking forward to reading through it and sharing it with my team. You asked what our biggest struggle is with inbound marketing. Truthfully, we haven’t been able to diagnose it. I work and amazing company with an internal culture that’s out of this world and the most loyal customer base I’ve ever seen. We help small and mid-sized businesses process their payroll & credit card transactions with solutions that are incredibly customizable, cost-effective, and accompanied by customer service you just don’t see anymore. We have a beautiful website, blog regularly, and post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  But the phone never rings. If I may be candid, it breaks my heart because we’re a small company but we have some enormous goals and are armed with an incredibly dedicated team and a limitless capacity to solve our customer’s issues. The potential is palpable.

Although I can’t imagine how it would, I do hope this helps.

Warm regards,



Our biggest problem is we lack Creativity.



On Article Spinning…

Marcus, I’ve been listening to your podcast and really like the Q&A parts. Here’s a couple questions about article spinning and Google penalties: I understand that you should spin your article before posting on sites like Ezine or Infobarrel to avoid a google penalty for duplicate content. But can I just use the same spinned article for several of these sites or do I have to create unique spins for each of them? Also, could I post an article from another relevant blog (with their permission) on my site and just set it to “non-crawl” in order to enrich my blog with good content and the assurance that I won’t get penalized for duplicate content?

Thanks so much for all your help! Daniel


On Re-Titling Past Blog Articles…

I’ve been searching around the internet and can’t find anything on the following topic…

If we have old blog articles that are poorly titled and poorly SEO’d AND/OR not targeted well to converting keywords/Big Five, should we

A. Leave them alone and write a new article on the same topic


B. Rework them in their current state as a published article?

I think I know the answer, but I’d like to know your experience?

You can use this as topic or podcast if it isn’t already in there too.

Thanks in advance,



On Doing Amazing Things….Wow

Hi Marcus,

I own a cleaning business in Massachusetts and while I was cleaning a small bank I was listening to podcast #16. When you spoke about the book publisher that contacted you I was really excited for you and then when you said she was Seth Godin’s publisher I got a little choked up (I am again now that I am writing about it). What a great arrival point in your journey, I can’t congratulate you enough, you earned it.

I’m at the point in my business that you were in your pool business when you decided to become teachers. We are struggling financially and I just emptied my retirement account to keep us afloat…but, I’m not worried, I’m excited. The last 5 months have been spent re-defining my business and the beginning efforts have already bore fruit.

My background is in education and I am working to teach my customers about what we can do for them, with lots of free info. Heck, my web guy has improved his health by reading my content before posting it! I also offer a free seminar for businesses about how to prevent infectious diseases in the home & workplace (my first live presentation is next week).

I want to thank you for your work and I look forward to your emails every week.

Thanks again,


Questions? Comments? Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below!!

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