Mad Marketing #21: Success in 2014, Content Creation Tips and More

by Marcus Sheridan


Mad Marketing PodcastAs many of you read in my recent post, one of my biggest disappointments of 2013 was my lack of content at times, especially with my podcast. So to start this year off right, I’ve got a new episode live today, which I hope you’ll find makes your drive to work this week a quicker one. :)

In this episode, I discuss my disappointments of 2013, some goals for 2014, the sellout of The Remarkable Growth Experience and how it happened, and of course– your questions.

So enjoy everyone, and have a GREAT 2014!!!

Reader Questions Answered in this Episode

Biggest challenge for content marketing –

-I work for a medium sized law firm – 37 lawyers (typically) and NONE of them provide regular CONTENT – for me to use – so I am always borrowing, or re-publishing work from other authors.


Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the ebook. Looking forward to reading it.

My big content marketing challenge is finding a way to get non-marketing staff motivated to consistently contribute content. I’m working in marketing for a company in a quite specialised field (gold prospecting equipment) which I’m new to so I don’t have the technical knowledge to create decent content on my own. I really need to be getting material from the staff who’ve been using the equipment regularly for years and are engaging with customers all the time but of course helping with marketing isn’t high on their priority list.





Whats your take on links and link building?

You the Man!




I have my staff brainstorming on the 100 most often asked question by our patients.  They gave me answers that were not written as a blog format and some were short.  Is there a minimum number of words that a blog should have?  I know the answer is whatever it takes to make a point.  But is 100 words too short.  I have 100 answers and plan on posting them all on our blog this month so there will be a lot of contents ( I listened to you podcast… Hahaha) but the content /blogs might not be long, is that a concern or just get er done?


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