Mad Marketing #24: The Massive Issue of Paralysis by Analysis w Content Marketing

by Marcus Sheridan


mad marketing podcasatWell it’s podcast time ladies and gents, and as always, we have a lot of fun in this episode talking about a variety of issues, with the main one being: Paralysis by Analysis…and how it can really MESS UP  Content Marketing. So if you’re looking to make your trip to work a lot quicker this week, make sure you listen in!!!

Your Questions

Hi Marcus,

I design Enterprise Web Applications and have just started blogging ..

How do I apply Inbound and Content Marketing to grow my business? I have lots of ideas on what to post on my blog but it seems no one is really interested in reading about it. Or rather I should say that I am having trouble defining my target audience. How do I do this?

I want to blog about the actual ways of designing the web applications rather than just the UI part of it. Most of the popular blogs like Smashing Magazine and other design blogs only concentrate on the graphic design of a website and then generalise it to web applications, which is completely wrong.

But most of the people in this field are web designers, so they like that kind of stuff. How do I find people interested in actually learning how to design an entire web application? I tried reaching out to people on forums, twitter, email etc. but most of these designers just have website design experience and are more inclined toward how an application looks rather than how it works.

Any suggestions? I would really appreciate any advice.




Hey Marcus,

I was advised to download your book from a local SEO consultant that we just engaged last Thursday.  Since then I have been reading and researching frantically as I go, so I’m only half way through.  I’ve found it really inspiring and it’s giving me a whole new look on Marketing in a broader context, not just the industry I am currently in.

At our company, we’ve got right into holding our first team workshop with our 8 employees asking for all the questions they get asked and they came up with the attached list – just FYInterest.  It’s a great start and will keep us busy for a while.  I guess for me as the marketer, the hardest part is knowing what to start as a priority as far as SEO is concerned.  Do I now go through each topic and analyse the keyword competitiveness, or see if at all, there are any search queries RE that question?  Perhaps if I continue to read, my questions will be answered.

Anyway, I feel like we are off to a great start and have your advice to thank for it!



My biggest concern or question regarding inbound marketing is whether the search engines still respond as favorably to this type of content? So many algorithm changes have been made within the search engines that my concern reading this in 2014 is whether the web will still rank it favorably? Take care and good luck to you and yours.



Hi Marcus,

Currently,  my biggest struggle is to choose which kind of content I should start producing.

I want to produce so much content that would be useful for my customers, but what should come first?



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