Mad Marketing Podcast #11: Thanksgiving, Content Creation Tips, and More!

by Marcus Sheridan


Mad Marketing PodcastWell it’s the first “Thanksgiving” episode of the Mad Marketing w/The Sales Lion podcast this week my friends, and it’s a fun one, so I hope you’ll check it out and have an enjoyable listen while on vacation or on your way to work as well. As always, don’t hesitate to leave your questions below or email me directly.

And please know that I’m grateful for all your support these past 3 years online, they’ve been amazing!!!


Hi Marcus,

As requested, out biggest struggle with inbound marketing and content is probably one you hear all of the time…. Creating content!

However, the reasons behind our issue may be slightly different. Myself and a colleague head up the digital marketing team here and we are passionate inbound marketers. We have convinced senior managers and the board to commit to HubSpot and are using various elements now. However, we work in the clinical diagnostics industry and find that, even when reusing existing content, we struggle to create blog posts etc due to our lack of technical knowledge. We have a small marketing team here (approx 10 people) who have become disengaged with marketing and focus more on product management. Our biggest struggle is motivating and re-engaging them with marketing and, more specifically, inbound marketing! We have a breakfast workshop set up at the beginning of December to try to achieve this but I don’t imagine it will be easy!

If you have any advice, I’d love to hear it!




Marcus, hey Bro,

Why do you use aWeber?

I’ve heard some marketers complain about aWeber, and they went with other companies.

I’m currently considering Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and Get Response.





My biggest dilemma at the moment is the best places to advertise for an Excavating Company. I am helping my brother with marketing his company and am self taught. Did a website and am presently paying for google ads.

Thinking about Face book Linked In etc. Just getting started.


Marcus, thinking about Hubspot and I currently use WordPress. Should I switch from the WP blogging platform to HubSpot?


Hi Marcus,

I’m going to answer your question, I read about you and what you’re doing in the book “The rebels guide to email marketing” and my biggest struggle is that I don’t like marketing emails when I get them into my inbox. I have unsubscribed from practically everything that I ended up being opted into. I only read a handful of people, and when they start to bombard me, I unsubscribe to them too. (e.g. Brian Tracy, John Assaraf – I love them both, I’d go see them if they came to Ireland like a hot shot however two, three emails a week, more even, is too much for me and I just unsubscribed from both of them.)….

How do I make my emails stand out from the crowd? Keep them coming back without making them feel like I’m selling them anything?



How do you get buy-in for content marketing from sales and marketing departments where sales are only interested in something if it directly produces revenue and marketing will only do something if they can track the number of leads it generates.  Is the only way you can track the direct impact of each article by using something like Hubspot?

Chris Heffer

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