Mad Marketing Podcast #15: Speaker Rejections, Marketing Superstars, and More!

by Marcus Sheridan


Mad Marketing PodcastWell it’s podcast time again everyone, and in this fast and furious episode I not only riff about the following blog articles that got so much response these past few weeks, but I’ll also answer your great questions/emails that are listed below. Not only that, but I discuss in this episode getting rejected from a speaking opportunity I really, really hoped to get, and my thoughts on the rejection now that I’ve had a few days to chew on it. As I’ve mentioned before, you can listen to this podcast by hitting play on the button found within this article, or find it in iTunes or Stitcher Radio.




The last time we spoke, I was beginning to unveil my blogging and content strategy with my $100M sales company. 99% of the people here are old school, pavement pounding sales people or administrators. They still use fax, so getting them into this was a challenge.

I managed to grab one, then a second one. The first one has been interesting to watch him attempt to balance his traveling sales duties and the blogging – and it remains to be seen how he is (willing to) incorporating his blogging into is daily sales interactions.

The second guy deals specifically with industrial robotics solutions and I got him interested in writing a short series on one of the new robot products our company is selling. After structuring his topics, I told him just give it a shot and get them to me – I’d give him the media and edit it.

In one month, he’s been swamped with calls, including one business that found [this post] and were considering our competitor, but then chose us! I know you get validation on a daily basis, but this stuff works. Great opportunities to cross sell and up-sell too. ..

These are old school engineers. The truth about content production can be learned by anyone! 



Hi Marcus,

Thanks for your time earlier this week.  At this point, we are not going to move forward.  I believe your content is very relevant, although we need more of a global perspective. (ouch!!!)


Our biggest issue is getting sales to follow-up on the leads we generate.

They receive 150 a month and can’t seem to connect.

I think we have to help our sales people recognize a good lead and then know what to do with it.



Hello Marcus,

My biggest challenge with inbound and content marketing is that we haven’t been doing it.  At all.  Nothing.

I see the critical need for it, hence a website that has been in development for 6 months and is on the verge of going live.

One component we really need to work on is the blog.  We have just hired a ‘marketing coordinator’ who is going to have his work cut out for him in doing this!

I have one question for you:    what is the first step we should take??  

My feeling is that it is something along the lines of getting our team together and coming up with the best  subjects/questions/discussions/etc to start working on.  I would really value your thought on this.

Thanks very much Marcus, have a great weekend,



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