Mad Marketing Podcast #2: Business Blogging Mistakes, Platforms, Writer’s Block, and More

by Marcus Sheridan


Nothing gets me more excited than answering real-life business questions that all of us “in the grind” of running a business can relate to. With this episode of Mad Marketing w/The Sales Lion, I’ll be covering the following questions that you, my faithful readers, have sent me recently:

1. When blogging for a business, how “scripted” should you be? How important is proper sentence structure, grammar, and making sure every word and sentence is adhering to every sentence/grammar code we ever learned?

2. Is the time investment of blogging going to pay off for my business and will it all be worth it?

3. Will it help my blog’s rankings in search if we are more of a news feed, and aggregate content from other sites?

4. Our business has 3 different segments. Should we therefore have 3 different blogs? Also, should we set it up on Drupal, WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, etc.?

5. As the head of marketing for an outdoor power equipment company (lawn mowers, generators, lawn trimmers, etc.), will I have enough content to keep a blog up and going, along with my Twitter and Facebook pages?

6. My company is being courted by 3 potential buyers, and our marketing seems to be on hold….should I “go rogue” and do inbound marketing myself or should I wait to see what happens?

7. I work for a solar lighting company and suffer from writer’s block, what do you suggest?

8. Help me understand better how you track actual sales from the blog articles you write??

As you can see, these are some pretty darn good questions that readers have sent in and all are addressed in this episode of Mad Marketing. Also, after listening to this episode myself, I think you’ll find a marked improvement in the quality of the content and podcast in general with this episode, as I’m now getting my feet underneath me.

For those of you on iTunes, make sure you check it out there but also know that if you want to listen to the MP3 version, all you have to do is right click the link above and you’ll be able to download and listen to it immediately.

As always, thanks for listening everyone and if you have any questions or comments about the podcast, be sure to email me directly or leave them below!
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