Mad Marketing Podcast #4: No Blogging Ideas, Metrics, and More!

by Marcus Sheridan


Well it’s that time again folks and I’m excited for this week’s Mad Marketing episode, as we discuss your awesome questions that have been absolutely flying into my inbox over these last couple of weeks.

For this episode, we’re going to talk about two articles that really lit a fire under certain readers– “Why Social Media is NOT a Tool” and ” The 10 Most Meaningless Social Media Metrics in the World”– as well as a bunch of other excellent questions, as shown below. As always, if you’d like to subscribe in iTunes, you can do so here or just right click the link at the top to listen in MP3.


1.  From Bryan

Hi Marcus, great seminar today by the way. I’m a fresh graduate from university and this is all stuff I did not learn in school. This is actually useful for my job.

As for your question, one of my biggest struggles with inbound and content marketing, I think the hardest thing will be to know what to say and how to say it. I’m relatively new to this industry, so I’m not sure what consumers are asking, but I will find out by asking my colleagues that have been working in the industry for a while. I have blogged a few times and I was already running out of ideas and I don’t even know if people read them….

2.  Regarding my “Social Media is NOT a Tool” article (from the TSL newsletter):

From Jeannine

Love you Marcus, but I have seen the opposite-> Businesses failing at using social media because they DON”T believe it is only a tool. They believe it is a magical entity that will grow their businesses for them for free. Pretty much, they believe that if you know where to click and what boxes to check, you’re well on your way to a fabulously successful social campaign….

Same article:

3.  Joe says….

Marcus, so refreshing to read you post! We are SOOO on the same  page. I am emphasizing Social Business rather than Social Media for the exact reasons you outlined….

4.  From Mark….

I have a website and am just starting to use a blog to help drive traffic, etc. How often did you blog at the beginning and do you have any advice for a beginner at blogging?

5.  From Craig…

Marcus—Terrific eBook! You invited contact, so here’s a quick question: I am looking at potential speaking engagements (I just did one for free) and I’m curious how you determine when it’s expected that a fee will be paid to the speaker (and how much) and when the presentation it gratis

6.  From Troy Claus

Why I love your stuff is because you make me have heated debates with myself LOL! I will read what you write, agree with you, then build a case why I disagree, only to build a counter case against that…so well done :-)

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