Mad Marketing Podcast #7: SEO Plugins, HubSpot, and More!

by Marcus Sheridan


Well it’s that time again folks for another episode of the Mad Marketing Podcast with The Sales Lion. In this episode, we’ll be covering some unique questions you’ve sent in over the past couple of weeks (shown below), plus I talk openly about the most important moment in my career to date. So for those of you that need some fun and helpful audio for your next trip to work, I think you’ll love this episode!

Your Questions

Hi Marcus you say in your video “embrace every single blog into your website let it grow and be part your business.” How would you do that ? Do you mean use the same blog on other places than your website or do you mean keep writing new blogs to create more content ? or what is it you mean when you say let it grow ?

Thanks for your help



Hi Marcus!


I used Google suggestions to discover that people are searching for “How to Choose a Subject for a Book.” I wrote a blog post using that title, but when I ran it through my SEO plugin, it told me I didn’t have any relevant keywords. How do long tail keywords work with SEO and keyword research? I don’t get it. AND is using Google suggestions to discover long tail keywords a good idea or not?




Hi Marcus:

I found your story very inspiring indeed! Thanks so much for sharing it via website and the 300+ page eBook.

My tiny LLC is struggling mightily at the moment. I’ve got two great product ideas, but due to a combination of events, etc., my marketing and sales — which have never been at all good anyway……

I do have a couple of domain names I registered a few years ago. After reading through beginning parts of your eBook, I’ve decided to launch a website finally, which I haven’t done yet. (I do have a Facebook biz page, plus a google+ biz page, and I try to post there daily as well as on LinkedIn and twitter…)

My question for you: How far should I get on my website before I sign up for the 30-day free trial at HubSpot? You may have several related tips on this.

Thanks again! Jason


Hey Marcus,

On another note, I’m considering becoming a HubSpot partner. I’d be entering at the basic $200/month level if I do it. Wondering if you can provide me with your thoughts on if this is a good way to build my business. I know in 2010 you wrote a post about being a HubSpot partner. Does most of the same info apply? Also, did you find it easy to sell your services after partnering with them?

Thanks always! And keep crushing it!



What’s your biggest struggle with Inbound and Content Marketing?

Biggest struggle is probably two-fold.    1: I’m fearful of getting started with a blog on my site because I don’t know if I’ll be disciplined enough to make time to keep it up.  Certainly I know if I start I can’t stop or that looks really really bad. Struggle 2:   Can I come up with enough valuable and educational content?



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