Mad Marketing Podcast with The Sales Lion Begins!

by Marcus Sheridan


What do the following people have in common?:

  • A landscape designer
  • An engine building company
  • A perfectionist
  • A journalist turned marketer
  • A musician in South Africa

Well, if you guessed they are all subjects of my first podcast– Mad Marketing with The Sales Lion–then you’re right. In fact, each one of these folks emailed me recently with their inbound and content marketing struggles, and in this podcast we’ll be taking a dive into each scenario so as to discuss how to overcome the real-life issues of each.

Real People, Real Problems, Real Answers–Fast and Furious

You know, there are a lot of podcasts coming out these days and all have their unique “shtick” and style. Many are the 1-on-1 interview format, which is great, but I’ve elected to go a different route and discuss as many “real life” marketing problems and solutions as possible with each episode.

As mentioned earlier, these are YOUR questions and with the amounts coming to my inbox these days, discussion of unique, diverse, and interesting content won’t be a problem at all going forward.

So that everyone is aware, the podcast is now available at iTunes  and can also be downloaded at the top of this post. Although I won’t be transcribing each podcast (due to time), those of you that prefer watching my goofy mug in action will have each episode available on YouTube and showing via video here on TSL  the day each episode comes out.

For those of you that take the time to watch the video or listen to the audio, I want to point out a few important notes:

1. The audio quality is good, but not perfect (something I’m working on).

2. The content is very real and diverse, without a lot of fluff, and certainly relatable to small and large businesses. This being said, I know I’ll do a better job with my Q and A format/presentation style with each new episode.

3. Along with #2, there is almost no small talk (I don’t want to waste any of your time). This episode has a 2 minute introduction before I jump into the content, but that’s only because it’s the first one. Going forward, you can expect immediate content, discussion, and value within the first 30 seconds of the podcast.

4. For those watching video, you’ll see that all of this was done on one take, which means it’s imperfect and real—just like it would be if you and I were chatting in person. In the future as I continue to loosen up and have even more fun, I think the video segments and podcast in general will be a blast.

My point in saying these things is that although it’s not yet a perfect system, it’s a start, and that’s really one of the great keys to marketing, blogging, video, and life in general.  Sometimes we just need to launch that baby. Ship it. Push publish. Correct as you go.

You know the deal, we’ve discussed it time and time again.

YouTube Preview Image


But thanks to all of you for listening and I certainly hope you’ll subscribe to the podcast on iTunes as well as send me any questions you’d like to discuss on the show in the future. :-)

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