Mad Marketing Podcast #6: Poor Blog Traffic, Dumb Typos, and More!

by Marcus Sheridan


Ever heard of someone who has written 2,000 blog posts but doesn’t get much traffic? Yeah, crazy huh? But that’s the problem a TSL reader emailed me about, which ended up on the Mad Marketing Podcast this week, along with a bunch of others that will likely apply to you and your business.

So if you’re looking to make your trip to work quicker this week, make sure you download this episode, I think you’ll really enjoy the relaxed, fun, and somewhat goofy pace of the show. :-)

Also, on a quick side note, my friend Ryan Hanley recently started his podcast as well– Content Warfare–  it’s excellent, so you may want to check it out and add it to your list of podcasts you listen to.

Finally, as we discuss eBooks in this episode, I mention a great resource if you’re looking to learn about publishing your book/eBook online– Jim Kukral–Jim has been crushing the online publishing niche lately, so give him a look if that’s something you’ve been thinking about.

As for this week’s questions, here you go:

My biggest problem is working on creating inbound traffic!  Have almost 2,000 health related posts, but only about 1200 unique visitors / month.  I don’t mind putting in the time, but I write so that the world can read!!  I just don’t feel that I’m achieving that well right now…

James in Arizona


My biggest problem is knowing a general 10,000 foot view of what the general “buckets” should be for inbound marketing. What main “headers” make up a complete inbound marketing plan?




Excellent article, and timely….I’ve also experienced first hand the excuses of “our company is in a niche field” and “people only search for us when we are needed”.  And another I thought you might appreciate…  “What the folks (like Marcus or HS) don’t understand is that content doesn’t save us money from the traditional marketing, because we were never doing the traditional marketing”.  Meaning, we rely 100% on word of mouth referrals – and don’t use newspaper, TV, radio, billboards, etc.  ……..

Have a killer week bro,



Nice article today re making a blog look like a business. Clipped it. Plus one’d it. Pinned it. But pssst… there is a “you/your” typo in the very first line. I’d want someone to mention it to me – the blogger’s equivalent of telling a friend they have spinach in their teeth. Have a great day!




I am just getting started in inbound marketing, and was investigating HubSpot when I came across your reviews.  I believe I know the answer to this question, but do you think that they can be helpful to my small business.  I run a small egg products company that is a start-up.  We are just entering our 3rd year and I need to grow.

Now my largest problem is working capital, but my second issue is customers and opportunities.

Egg products you are probably not familiar with.  I pasteurize liquid egg and sell it to manufacturers – such as bakeries and dressing manufacturers to even small bakeries.  To give you an idea of scale my old company sold 1,500,000#s per week in southern California (for example the Cheese Cake Factory uses 85,000 #s per week).

My company is really still small – but I feel that this would be one way of stimulating growth.




Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the encouragement to create an ebook which I finally did.  Since you push eBooks a lot, I thought I’d give you a report of what I did, since it was a bit different than you.

Anthologize was a bit over my head, so I put most of my ebook together using Zinepal.  Then added to it and created inner links in a pdf editing software called PDFill, which is pretty cool because it’s only $20 bucks.  All together, I probably put 4 to 6 hours into the project (only 47 pages though)

Had the cover designed for $20 bucks on odesk.

My plan is to give it to anyone who signs up for my newsletter, or anyone who gets a quote at my site will receive the link to download it without having to sign up for my newsletter.

You can see the lead capture form down on the right hand side of my page



Christopher J. Huntley, Insurance Agent, Huntley Wealth™

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