Why McDonald’s has the Biggest Social Media Cojones Ever

by Marcus Sheridan

For months now I’ve been preaching on any stage I could find the reality that there “ain’t no such thing as secret sauce” for businesses.

Unfortunately, most companies still aren’t “getting it,” but that’s certainly not the case for  the famous golden arches. Yep, McDonald’s (of Canada) has now become one of the most transparent social media companies ever with their “Our food. Your Questions” program, which is easily one of the gutsiest things I’ve seen a company do in social media in quite some time. To see what I’m talking about, take a look at the following screenshot from their website:

The consumer question…

The answer….with a VIDEO explanation!!!

Well looky here– Ronald McDonald himself even acknowledges he doesn’t have secret sauce. Even better though, he goes on to show, via VIDEO, how to make the “secret sauce” at home.


But that’s just the beginning. Another subject I’ve stressed here on TSL deals with the fact that transparent marketing doesn’t just address the “good” stuff people say about your products/services, but the bad stuff too.

For example, have you ever heard someone say McDonald’s burgers don’t rot? No doubt, it would make for a great question on “Mythbusters” but again, the folks at McD’s have tackled the “problem” head-on.

The question…

Not only is this answer thorough, but McD’s bring out the guy in the white suite to answer it!

I could literally post screen-shots all day of how McD’s is tackling these consumer questions, but I’m sure you get my point.

The bottom line is we live in an age of marketing where we can bury our head in the sand and act like consumers and customers don’t have questions, doubts, and concerns about our products…or we can have the guts to not only acknowledge these questions, but embrace them as well.

So props to the folks at McDonald’s Canada for having the cajones to be real.

Props to them for being forward-thinking enough to be an open forum for the rest of the world.

And props to any other company that has the guts to follow their lead.

Your Turn:

Despite the information age in which we are all now a part of, most companies take the opposite approach of McDonald’s and bury their head in the sand. Why do you think this is? And what’s your impression of McD’s willingness to not only publicly answer these questions, but use video as a teaching tool as well?

Jump in folks, let your voice be heard.

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