Why Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter When it Comes to Great Marketing

by Marcus Sheridan

marketing opinions

My opinion is that blogs are dumb…

That’s right, it doesn’t, and neither does mine.

Just look at the election for a second. Opinions and projections were incredibly diverse on both sides. Thoughts about which party and candidate had the most “momentum” kept coming up again and again.

Yet when all was said and done, none of those opinions mattered until the final votes were counted. Then, all of the sudden, some folks appeared smart, while others didn’t.

Such is life and such is marketing.

The final numbers are really the only thing that matters.

But It’s “Cool”

3 years ago, when I decided to embrace online marketing with my swimming pool company I was taking a hard look at my website and doing whatever I could to make it better. During this process, I learned that having a black background with white text (which I had) on a website was not good if you wanted your visitors reading a lot of text, as this combination is hard on the eyes.

When I read this information, although it did make sense (After all, when was the last time you read a book that had black pages and white text?) I had one big problem– I liked the way my website looked.

I thought the black background looked “cool.

I thought it looked professional.

And I didn’t see what the big deal would be.

But then I read the numbers and studied further and realized a very important point– my opinion about the color of the background didn’t matter. If I kept things the way they were, readers (potential customers) wouldn’t stay on the site as long to read because their eyes, without them even realizing it, would get tired and lose interest.

Eventually, I changed the background and font colors of my website, but looking back, my reasoning (personal opinions) for keeping the site the way it was for as long as I did was a seriously dumb one–and one that we see over and over again with business owners and marketers all over the world.

Opinions Equal the Death of Great Marketing

When it comes down to it, personal opinions kill successful marketing plans each and every single day. Take for example the business owner or marketer that…

  • says they “don’t read blogs” and therefore doesn’t want a company blog.
  • thinks “Facebook is for gossip and political rants” and therefore dismisses its utility.
  • believes “SEO doesn’t exist” and then misses countless opportunities for free web visitors.
  • is contrary to doing anything that doesn’t fall under “social media”—even though a proper Pay Per Click campaign would work in his/her market.
  • only wants to sound intelligent with their web copy instead of writing in a way that is personable, understandable, and gets results.
  • doesn’t listen to podcasts and therefore thinks having a podcast would be a complete waste of time.
  • refuses to change the copy in an ad even though a split-test has shown the copy is less effective

The examples go on and on and on.

And as one last example, I’ll use one from The Sales Lion.

For many, many months I’ve read articles and stats about the power of pop-ups for list building. Notwithstanding, each time I thought about having a pop-up on The Sales Lion, I rejected the idea.


Because I didn’t like them.

That was until I saw sites like Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute, Amy Porterfield, and others using them—all with great success.

Amy Porterfield Pop Up

With great sites like this one from Amy Porterfield using Pop-Ups, I knew it was time to accept the positive results over my own opinions.

Finally, after swallowing my pride and opinions, I added a pop-up here on The Sales Lion. It’s not too annoying to regular readers because it only appears once every 30 days if someone has seen it already, but the results speak for themselves, with an additional 10-20 sign ups each day coming from the pop-up form alone, which means my newsletter list and the number of folks reading the eBook are growing at a really nice rate these days. (Note** The pop-up I use here is by Pippity (none aff.), and I’ve been very happy with it.)

The bottom line is this my friends—We’ve all got to get used to the idea that our opinions don’t really matter when it comes to smart marketing. The way we think, act, and talk isn’t the way others think, act, and talk.

And the moment we can separate the way we feel versus the actions and decisions that get real results, we’re going to be way, way more successful.

Your Turn

I’d love to hear about a time when you didn’t think something was a good idea yet you did it anyway and saw great results. Also, if you’re a marketer, how do you help business owners get over their opinions and biases so as to make sound marketing decisions?

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