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Blogging Didn’t Save My Business. Neither Did Content Marketing.

May 12, 2014

Blogging didn’t save my swimming pool company. Neither did Content Marketing. Or Inbound Marketing. Or Social Media Marketing. Titles vs. Philosophies Nope, despite the phrases that are so often used (myself included) when describing the River Pools success story, I must be frank in admitting I’ve gotten to the point where I cringe a little [...]

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The 12 Best HubSpot Partners of 2014: A Massive Review

May 5, 2014

***Note from Marcus: Many of you already know my feelings on HubSpot. In 2009, when my swimming pool company was on the brink, it was their website, teachings, and tool-set that significantly motivated me to embrace the internet and a very different way of doing business– something that would ultimately have a dramatic impact not [...]

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The Next Chapter of the River Pools and Spas Story Begins

May 1, 2014

As so many know, it was just 5 years ago that I was simply a “pool guy” with a failing business, scared to death my partners and I would lose our homes and everything we’d worked so hard for over the previous 8 years while in business. It was during this time we shifted our [...]

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5 B2B Companies Crushing It with Content Marketing

April 28, 2014

One of the saddest things I deal with as someone who speaks so much on this subject of content marketing comes in the form of this question, sometimes posed after one of my presentations: “Marcus, I can see how all of this could work in the B2C space, but my company is B2B, so how [...]

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Mad Marketing #27: Why I’m a Better Marketer than Seth Godin

April 22, 2014

It’s podcast time again everyone! Yep, that means your ride to work this week may just seem a little quicker as you give it a listen. Even better, in this episode I discuss why I’m clearly (wink, wink) a better marketer than Seth Godin, how Disney World crushes SeaWorld when it comes to making people [...]

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Why Exclamation Points are Dead and You should Never Use them in Your Content Marketing Again

April 18, 2014

Guess what? When you use exclamation points in your web copy, it has the opposite effect you’re looking for! Really, it’s true! So the next time you’re thinking about using an exclamation point in your content marketing, don’t do it! The Death of the Exclamation Point This article is going to be short and sweet, [...]

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5 Major Mistakes Businesses Keep Making with their Website’s Homepage Design

April 14, 2014

With the web and the way we treat the process of online search evolving quicker than any of us can possibly imagine, the need for a GREAT website has never been greater. But here is the question: How do you define the phrase “Great Website?” As I’ve been speaking and consulting about this topic over [...]

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