Yep, it is that time again. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, a couple fig newtons, and get your learn on. In today’s interview I (George Thomas, Inbound Marketer here at TSL) will be talking to Rob Misheloff from Smarter Finance USA. You can check out his website at We here at TSL had the privilege to work with Rob on his latest website redesigned using the HubSpot COS. During the process I saw that he was a one man content producing machine. I knew I had to get an interview with him and see what was going on.We also helped him with his content marketing strategy, one that is already leading to big results in a short period of time. To say Rob is a content machine is an understatement. Once you watch the video you will understand, so sit back and enjoy, and see the power of one motivated, driven person when it comes to content marketing..

If you want to connect with me for an interview or just have questions, hit me up on Twitter @georgebthomas.

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