Mad Marketing #17: Getting Started with Paid Speaking, Splitting Keywords for SEO, and More

by Marcus Sheridan


mad marketing podcasatWell it’s podcast time again everyone, and although I talk about many subjects in this episode, I spend a good bit of time discussing the subject of getting paid for speaking events, and dive into some personal information about where I started with my speaking, the journey up to this point, what I’m getting paid today, and furthermore, what I hope to be making tomorrow.

As always, this episode is as real and as impromptu as it gets, so I hope you’ll take the time to at least listen to the first few minutes to see if it’s a good fit and if you like what you hear, please be so kind as to leave a review in iTunes.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


Your Questions:

Hi Marcus, I am sure you get emails like this every day telling you how wonderful your inbound marketing ebook is. I have to say it is one of the best books I have read in a long time not since the “marketing agency blueprint” has so many lights gone off in my head. I always remember Stephen King saying sometimes when you finish a great book you just want to pick up the phone and talk to the author. Which I guess is what I am doing here. I was sitting wondering why it was that I loved your book so much. I know I love the subject of inbound marketing but I have read many on this subject so it wasn’t that. It wasn’t until after a couple of days playing your book over in my head that I realised it was how personal you were and how it was real life, not some text book or technical manual. It has soul and heart. …. Kind Regards, Kevin


Hi Marcus

I just signed up for your list after a recommendation from my friendly coach, Jarom Adair, from Solopreneur marketing, and I’m looking forward to reading your inbound marketing book, thank you.

One question I do have at the moment is “getting started with speaking engagements”.

As a result of my website, coaching, and blog etc. I was approached today, for the first time, about the possibility of speaking to a professional photographers’ group next year. This is something I’ve been considering offering for a little while, but I’m clueless about where to start with what to charge, how to get photographic sponsors etc.


Hi Marcus – just listened to the most recent episode of the Sales Lion. Great listen and interesting to hear how each of us has highs and lows.

My hubspot leads this month has dropped off a cliff – no idea why, so consider this month a low! We had 12 in Feb and only 3 so far this month.. No rhyme or reason I guess but it’s frustrating.

I had a question which I hope you don’t mind taking a minute to answer. You can use this on the sales lion podcast but would appreciate a quick reply if you get the time.

I have a couple of keywords which I used in a single blog post. I’d like to split up the keywords into 2 brand new posts but I don’t want to remove the existing post since it’s ranking a little.

Is it OK to blog about the same keyword in multiple posts? The hubspot consultant told me not to do this but looking around, I can see you’ve done it and others as well… Any advice appreciated.  Appears crazy to me that you cannot blog about the same keywords but I’m no expert.

Eventually, I’d like to remove the existing dual keyword post.




I could also stand to get over my “content envy” of all those other brilliant bloggers who come up with such great content and all I can do is sit and stare — at them. And their fabulous content.



Questions? Comments? Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below!!

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