The Most Powerful Blogging and Content Marketing Image I’ve Ever Seen

by Marcus Sheridan

I think there are always moments in the life of a blogger when, regardless of how many comments, tweets, and shares you’re getting, you wonder whether or not your stuff is really making an impact to change lives and businesses.

Personally, I’m no different. Yes, all the social media “mentions” are nice, but action is what gets me worked up. Movement. Results.

Such was the case when I received this recent email from a reader and new friend Des Williams, who was kind enough to talk about the impact TSL and the eBook had on his developing business. When I read his email, I responded with a question I often ask– “I’m thrilled to hear it Des! Tell me, have you got that list of blog articles ready to go yet?? ;-)”

As most of you know by now, since the moment The Sales Lion was born I’ve been preaching one essential blogging strategy– Write down every question you’ve received from a prospect/client and make each a title of a blog post.

More than anything I’ve ever taught, this one piece of advice has had a profound influence on businesses all over the world. When done right, it leads to a mountain of blog topics and ideas, no matter the industry or niche.

This is also why I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear when I read Des’ response:

All 69 topics:)……. just remember sometimes, when you’re tired of writing and researching, neglecting your family, or missing out on something fun and you wonder if what you are doing really matters, you do have a huge impact on people like me and who knows the countless others who you will never even know.

Warmest Regards,

If you have a moment, click on the photo above to get a closer look, as I feel it represents everything we’re all going through as bloggers and content marketers in a perfect nutshell—a box of business cards, an invoice, a family photo, many notes, files, and of course– 69 future blog titles.

Even cooler, the first one talks about cost and the last group talks about “vs.” related topics, subjects I’ve chatted a little about in the past.

Anyway, I hope you can relate to this image as much as I did, as everything about it truly hit home.

And I’d also like to wish Des and his lighting/landscaping company well with all their inbound and content marketing efforts, as he clearly has the goods to be one of the absolute best in his industry, and I know his business and brand are soon going to explode.

Your Turn:

A simple question for you my friends: If we were to take a photo of your “blogging station,” what would it look like? And where do your ideas come from?

Note*** I recently came across a profoundly powerful free eBook , The Art of Breaking Out, written by Craig McBreen that I thought was exceptional. If you’re looking to be  moved and energized, get it here. Like I said, it’s free and it’s awesome.

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