Behind every cloud, there is often a light--waiting to burst through.

Behind every cloud, there is often a light–waiting to burst through.

Last year, one of my most popular articles came as a completely different look into my world, as it discussed my 3 biggest professional disappointments of 2012. Knowing just how much response that article received, and knowing that 2013 has been another year of professional ups and downs, I decided to give readers another honest and transparent look into my world, with the hopes that those of you that may feel like you’re alone in your struggles realize that we are all in this together, just in our own, individual way.

1. The Book

Ahh yes, the book. The book that every single friend I have in this industry has asked me about over the last 6 months. The book that I’ve talked about many times. The book that came as a direct result of the New York Times article in March.

Well, the book isn’t close to being done.

Nope, not even close.

Far and away, this is a huge disappointment for me, and to be honest, I’m not quite sure why I haven’t buckled down to get it done. Yes, like everyone, I have distractions. I have my wonderful wife and 4 kids. I have client work. I have other obligations.

But still, if I wanted to complete the project bad enough, I know I could. I also know that not having a published book is limiting my brand, hurting potential speaking engagement opportunities, and negatively impacting my ability to help more people and businesses to reach their potential.

Needless to say, completing the book is my most important professional goal for 2014, and the fact that it has taken this long is truly inexcusable.

2. Unsuccessful Clients

About 50% of my personal income is generated through consulting work. Companies of all sizes and industries hire me to help them with their content/web marketing efforts. Before any engagement, I do my best to vet each prospect so as to make sure we’re a good fit. In this vetting process, my most important “qualification” is that they are willing to take content marketing very, very seriously—ultimately spending the time and resources to produce the content that we plan together.

Despite my best efforts though, some companies just don’t get stuff done. Whether the obstacles are real or imagined, it’s easy to come up with reasons as to why an article, video, or eBook never gets published. If this becomes a habit, the company will likely fail with content marketing, leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

In 2013, I had a very high number of clients achieve dramatic results with their content marketing efforts. That being said, I had another group that never quite reached their potential—something that bothers me and pushes me to do a better job in the qualification and consulting arena in 2014.

3. Less Blog and Podcast Content than I wanted

Along with not getting my book done, I’ve been bothered this year by my seeming inability to create as much content as I would like. As I’ve analyzed this issue, I feel like I’ve identified the problem: Email overload.

You see, I built a brand on accessibility. I try to be personal. I want people to feel like they have a friend in Marcus Sheridan. This being said, in some ways my greatest blessing (the brand) can be my greatest curse. What I mean by this is that I get many personal emails every day from readers of The Sales Lion. Each one has a problem that requires time and attention. Some are clients. Some are just potential clients. But the majority are people with a question and need, looking for some advice.

These are the people I deeply appreciate and enjoy as a writer and teacher. But they also distract me from producing other content—be it another blog article, a podcast episode, etc.

My good friend Mitch Joel is very well known for the fact that he, for the most part, does not answer comments on his blog. Does he do this because he is an unfriendly guy? Of course not. Just the opposite really. But Mitch has a very clear understanding of time. He also knows that when it comes to his blog, he is often left with a choice: He can spend his time answering comments, or he can spend his time creating more content.

For Mitch, the answer is to produce more content.

Keep in mind that Mitch’s case is unique to him, but the example is certainly symbolic to all of us in some way.

Time is finite. We only have so much of it. Therefore, life’s great challenge comes down to how we use it.

In 2014, I need to change this up a bit. Because I’m so paranoid about answering emails from readers, as well as keeping clients happy, I’m not spending enough time producing content. This is exactly why I’m going to be setting aside more “time blocks” this coming year where I don’t look at email whatsoever and focus all of my attention on one simple act—writing.

4. Personal Health

Those that know me know fitness and health has always been a part of my life. I also believe that personal health is a big factor in our professional success, which is why I include this as part of my list.

When I look at 2013, although I feel “OK” about where I am with my health, I’m not completely happy. Although I work out on the elliptical for an hour just about every single day, I’ve continued to put way too much junk into my body this year. Whether it’s soda or fast food (I eat out multiple times a week), I’ve simply got to do better in this area.

Furthermore, I recognize that I’ve gotten sick way more than I should this year—something that came to a head at the La Guardia Airport in NYC earlier this month. After 3 days of major travel, speaking, and having the flu—I literally passed out while waiting in the security line, and lost control of many of my senses—breathing included—over the next 5 minutes. Eventually, the paramedics showed up and they took me out on a stretcher, administered some tests, put some stuff in my body, and later I was allowed to fly home.

Rarely in my life have I ever been scared about my health, but when I was laying on that airport floor with sweat streaming off my forehead and panting like I’d just ran for my life, fear was certainly present in a way that has made me think differently about things.

In the past, “good health” to me was simply about keeping my weight down (I was a chubby kid), which I’ve managed to do successfully for well over a decade now. But as I get older, I’m getting more and more impressions that “health” is way, way more than just a number on a scale, and it’s time I did more to put my body in a position to feel great, and fight off sickness, all the time.

Your Turn

Hopefully those that have read this post aren’t thinking that I’m “focusing on the negative” with these words. To the contrary, they’re simply an honest look at where I am, but also where I’d like to see things go. Furthermore, 2013 was an amazing year in many, many ways. Personally and professionally, I’m in a wonderful place. The blessings have been profound. And never have I spent so much time with my family as I did in 2013.

But now I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’d like to share, what were some of your biggest disappointments of 2013? And what are your plans to turn things around? As always, I appreciate everyone’s support of this blog, you’ve made this a very special year for me, and for that, I’m extremely grateful.

36 thoughts on “My 4 Biggest Professional Disappointments of 2013: Thoughts and Reflections

  1. Good heavens!!! So sorry to hear of your incident in the airport. You have GOT to take care of yourself, Marcus. That’s no joke at all. That is not a “disappointment” – it should be a loud screaming alarm. I know you are young and vivacious but none of us is invincible and your health comes first. You have a gorgeous family that counts on you. No more junk food but more than that, way more than all of that, eliminate the worst disease of all: STRESS. Sending you healing thoughts my friend and I hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas and new year.

    • Farnoosh!! I just love seeing that wonderful smile on your avatar, so glad you stopped by. And thanks to for the kind words, it sounds like I should be following your diet a lot more than my current one, that’s for sure! :-)

      May your ’14 be a wonderful one as well my friend!


  2. A thoughtful wrap on your 2013, Marcus… If we’re really honest, we all have things yet to accomplish, projects left undone, and results yielding unexpected outcome, don’t we? We’re a work in process…

    All the best on your book! I’ve found a book is “done” when it is. It’s usually best written when there is focus and a true passion in the gut to share. That is the time when the words pour forth. For these reasons, book writing is very difficult to ‘schedule,’ unless the majority of the content is repurposed. Writing times lots can be scheduled, but the whole focus is about the writing, isn’t it?

    Unsuccessful clients, or those efforts that didn’t yield expected results — so many possible impediments can affect the effort! Because you are not micro-managing these entities, and presumably said clients have a vested interest in their success, this is a good time for them to review, fine tune, revamp, and then move forward with the tools you have provided. You may have helped them in ways they never imagined! (Think: Value-added)

    Regarding ‘content,’ I think there is a ‘sweet spot,’ when it comes to “amount,” so bottom line effectiveness is really not necessarily quantity, as much as relevancy and quality. You’ve illustrated how to leverage content effectively! I believe a timely review of business priorities is in order for all, when content creation becomes the driving force.

    Sorry to hear about your 2013 health challenges, but glad you’re doing well. Sometimes we get a wake-up call, don’t we? Take really good care, Marcus. Hope 2014 is a rockin’ great year for you!

    • Becky, I so appreciate you thoughtful responses, I really do. Whenever I read what you say, I find myself nodding in agreement thinking, “Yep, she’s right…”

      So thank you for all you do and who you are, and I hope this holiday week is a special one for you :)



  3. Marcus, I admire your transparency. BUT!

    By saying the following in #2, you seem to be implying the “Unsuccessful Clients” are a result of their failures and not yours.

    ***As the saying goes, “You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”***

    Is that what you meant?

    • I’m saying both Bob. I fail to qualify well at times. But talk to any consultant or agency(as you well know), and they’ll say the same. I’ve got a bunch of friends in this business, and we seem to share a consensus. The ones (clients)that do the work, do great, generally speaking. The ones that say they’re going to produce a lot of content, but then don’t, generally don’t achieve excellence. Because I don’t actually “produce content” like many agencies, this is why I’m saying “getting the work done.”

      This doesn’t mean I’m not to blame at times as there is not question I can up my game. I fully realize it’s not just about qualifying better on my end, but it’s also about giving 100% to every client to the best of my ability, which is something I can improve.

      Hope that explains it.


      • Marcus, thanks for the reply. I figured that’s what you meant. I think with time (as I have seen and I’m sure you are seeing), as one’s rep grows and grows the clients that find you and make their way to the bottom of your funnel are the ones most motivated and committed–everyone’s on the same page! The less selling/convincing you have to do the better!

        On another note, THE BOOK! While we would all love to read it whenever it is ready, not delivering the book doesn’t detract one iota from all you are accomplishing. There is such a thing as being too busy (work, family, life) to write a book (for now).

        Hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

        – Bob

  4. #1 priority is keeping that health in line bro. Without it, it’s hard to be a great husband, father, business owner, author, etc. I’ll be on you for that in 2014 I have some great recipes plans to share with you too. Gotta feed the machine high octane fuel to charge ahead at full speed lion and rhino style!

    • Hey brother, I’ll take all the suggestions I can get!!

      Thanks again DS for being a true friend to the Lion in 2013 :)


  5. Hi Marcus,

    First, congrats on fulfilling your “Why” (e.g. spending quality time with your family)! In my mind, any year in which you create great memories with your family is a successful year.

    I agree with the idea that how we spend our time dictates our success as consultants, speakers, and thought leaders, but it is through the high quality articles you publish and the immensely powerful feedback you share that allows us (your fans, followers, and friends) to compensate for any shortcomings in producing enough content, as we take the time to spread your message and let it resonate in the interim with the people who matter (have I mentioned how this blog- and HubSpot- helped me influence my boss to attend Inbound 2012, and then send me to Inbound 2013? And can you guess who will be placing a bulk order of “They Ask, You Answer” upon its release?).

    I actually thought about how Seth Godin doesn’t respond to (or even allow) comments on his blog as a result of the time commitment, and compared that to your m.o. And with all due respect, while I find Seth’s daily posts engaging and his publications yield high monetary returns, I feel no personal connection to Seth or his story. In comparison, it’s because of the bi-weekly insights you share with us on TSL that your message has such a profound impact. And let’s not take for granted Robert Cialdini’s principle of “scarcity” when it comes to social influence. Lord knows you have a community of marketers, business owners and change agents who are pining to read your next published thought- but it’s the wait that makes a fresh post that much sweeter.

    My biggest regret came in mid-fall of 2013 when I turned down a very short notice industry speaking event. While there was little time to prepare and I had a mountain of other responsibilities, the opportunity presented itself and I let it slide. As the saying goes, “When opportunity presents itself, it’s often too late to prepare.” So, in preparation for 2014, I clearly outlined my goals- one of which is to take my speaking career to new heights- and shared these with my boss so I could rearrange some of my responsibilities (think of it as “pruning” a growing tree- sometimes we need to cut off the dead branches) to accommodate an initiative that would lead to self-fulfillment while benefitting our agency.

    Wishing you a healthy and happy 2014 brother. Thanks so much for striving to change lives.


    • Once again Jeremy, you amaze me brother.

      You’ve really made some extremely nice assessments bud. I know I’ll never be the “content everyday guy.” And hopefully, my pattern is one that will work for me, the brand, the readers, etc. It’s a fine line, you know? Plus, it’s easy to look around and see so many thought leaders pushing stuff out everyday on their site and grow uneasy (even though most that do this are able to pull it off through guest posts.)

      What’s interesting about this business is the fact that everything is always changing. Marketing is changing. Tech is changing. The web is changing. I’m changing. You’re changing.

      All these changes impact how, what, when and where in terms of the content we produce. It’s quite fascinating, really.

      Anyway, I’m just musing out loud here, but hopefully you get my point.

      I’m truly excited to watch your speaking career grow this coming year my friend…and hope we’ll catch up IRL a bunch more.


  6. Health is #1. Without that you can’t do anything else. Love this post. Inspiring bc it is transparent. Inspiring bc it also shows your heart. Inspiring bc it tells exactly whats in your heart.

    And last…. Did you renew your membership to over achievers anonymous? I noticed I didn’t see your payment come through yet. It’s a support group… lol. It’s OK…. All things come in God’s timing, not ours so stop using your watch – and use HIS! :) These “disappointments” are only bc you have been blessed enough to have the my friend! :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

    • Wonderful words and perspective Bella. That’s what makes you rock :-)

      Look forward to watching you do some amazing things in ’14 my friend.


  7. Love these types of posts, except for that health scare. Please take care of yourself for your wife, 4 kids and your TSL tribe, we need you in your best from :)

    I know blog commenting and personal interactions are very difficult to scale once you start becoming “internet famous”, but like Jeremy said, you don’t feel a personal connection with those types that do not interact with their audience. I understand both sides of it, but feel like I “know” people like you, Gary Vaynerchuk and Neil Patel. All three of you have big followings and find the time to add more value to your communities by connecting with your communities.

    You just inspired me to write a similar post to this one as well. I also plan to write an accomplishments one too, so it is not all “doom and gloom”. Again, I appreciate your honestly and all you’ve done for myself along with all the other TSL raving fans. Keep it up and happy holidays to the Sheridans!

    • Adam, thanks for you kind words man, as always. And thrilled to inspire some writings from you. Just do me a favor and when you publish the post, send me a link so I’ll be sure to check it out.

      Hope your holiday season is a great one as well my friend!!!


  8. DUDE. I love this. I love it for a lot of reasons. Mainly because it helps us see you’re human. But it also makes me feel better about myself and the things I stress about. There are certain things I don’t have done — or feel I could have done better — and I absolutely beat myself up over it. Seeing someone else do it, I realize how ridiculous it is now. STOP beating yourself up!

    1. The Book. Man, forget it. Sure, you could do more if you had a book. But it’s just not time or you would’ve done it. You are hugely successful now. You could get some other gigs if you had a book. But whatever. It’s just not worth it if it means cutting into the freedom you have now. There will come a time, my man, and it’s just not now.

    2. Unsuccessful Clients. It happens. You can’t guarantee success. Personally, I know that when a client doesn’t work for me, it’s often because I simply can’t dedicate the time I know I need to dedicate to the project. I don’t know how you have time for everything. Maybe it’s a matter of scaling back?

    3. Blogging, Podcasting and Email. Look, man. You prioritize. You did what was best for Marcus. If you would’ve blogged more or done more podcasts, it would have been at the expense of something. Blogging and podcasting are important, particularly in the early going. But you’re established now. You have higher priorities. Blog and podcast, but it’s understandable that you have higher priorities.

    Oh, and stop beating yourself up about email. I’ve finally come to terms with this myself. Some people are very demanding. They write LONG, unapologetic emails, have no plans to work with me, and often say something like, “How can you fix this?” You have to be selective in the people you help. You’ll feel better for it when you can focus more of your time helping those who appreciate it.

    4. Personal Health. I’m with you on this. Every year, I try to run more. Eat better. But there’s always an excuse. And as a family man like you, excuses are stupid. We need to not only provide, but we need to be there later. So I’m not going to give you a pass on this since I’m not giving myself one either.

    And you know what? A big part of your health is not overworking yourself. And that goes back to 1-3. Work hard and play hard. But rest hard, too!

    Feel free not to respond to this. You are not obligated!

  9. Man, this is why I love you Marcus. You hold yourself and your clients to an exceptional standard and that’s what makes you a G. Two thoughts came to mind while reading this:

    1. The War of Art: I can’t imagine you haven’t already read this book, but if you haven’t – stop what you’re doing and read it NOW! In fact, download it on Audible. I’ve probably listened to it at least 6 times in as many weeks. The performance is outstanding and I promise it will provide just the kick in the pants you need to overcome “The Resistance” and knock out that book in record time.

    2. Mysteries of the Mind: I’ve heard you voice your disappointment about unsuccessful clients more than once. If I may be so bold, I believe thinking about these clients is a total waste of your time and energy – both of which are increasingly limited resources for you.

    As Mr. Rohn said, “Here’s what I call it – mysteries of the mind. And I just leave it at that. Some things I don’t try to figure out. I take the simple approach now. Some people do and some people don’t. I mean, that’s about as profound as my philosophy is. Some buy, and … some don’t buy. Some go for it, and … some don’t. Some change, and … some don’t. And if you’ve been around for a while, you can usually work out the numbers. Right? Out of 10, 3 do – 7 don’t. Whatever business you’re involved in, pretty soon you got this ratio going – the ones that do, the ones that don’t. And you say, ‘Well, why don’t the ones that don’t, how come they don’t?’ We don’t know. I just leave it as a mystery.”

    And since I always like hearing Jim say things a few dozen times, I cued up the quote for you here :)

    So leave number #2 in 2013. Then, take all that excess time and mental energy to slay that dragon and finish that book – we’re waiting!

    Lastly, Merry Christmas my brother! 2014 is gonna be HUGE!!

  10. Marcus thank you for the post.

    Its so easy to stay in the thick of things when you’re already in them, its easy to see how just one step out of line can change everything.

    I have troubles with producing enough creative writing aswell. All writers do. Make the great days greater and salvage the not-so-great. God bless Marcus, we’ll hopefully see you in ’14!

  11. I love this post and your transparency Marcus.

    I don’t think we would be human if we couldn’t look back at any year in our adult lives and not have some things that stand out that think we could have done differently, worked at harder or just not done in the first place.

    If you could go back in time knowing what you know now and change things would the results have been any better? Sure, they would have been different but better?

    I believe everything does happen for a reason. I experienced many events in my own life that I totally believe have led me to where I am right now. You can learn things from even the very worst things that occur in your life.

    Maybe you aren’t ready to finish that book yet. Maybe if you finish the book you will build your brand but you will sacrifice time with your family in the process. That is a hard trade off between personal goals and been there for your family.

    Regarding your health. As others have said, you need to take care of yourself. If your health is suffering, the rest of your family and work life will suffer along with it. It is easy to take good health for granted until you no longer have it.

    Please take care of yourself.

  12. Roman


    I just heard about and from you on Entrepreneuronfire episode 56 ;-).
    Just loved the interview and wanted to know more.
    I love this post for many reasons but I will keep short because it’s holidays and I have kids too, so i will not write too loon so you do not have to read too long too ;-)

    About the book:
    I wrote a book end of 2011, and because an interview was going out, where I said i will have the book, made me wrote it in 2 weeks. You never know if a book will succeed or not, despite the effort, so i did not spend more than 2 weeks and the book sells pretty well ;-)

    About time block:
    This has bee a revelation for me, even though i am not as consistent as i want to be, i can work at it in 14 ;-) The revelation that helped me getting to this amazing habits is WakeUpProductive from Eben Pagan (online course).

    To finish, i love the transparency of your post and it inspired me to do a similar post for my audience. ;-) I will read your ebook, and Merry Christmas Man!

    Finding “you” was my gift of the day ;-) R

  13. It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one!

    Honestly, my biggest disappointment is that I have not been able to take the very large number of leads I’m getting and turn them in to paying clients. Personally, I’m OK with being a good consultant and lousy salesperson, but it is holding us back.

    Totally relate about the unsuccessful clients. Sometimes we want to help so much that we fail to see that they don’t want it badly enough!

    About your email overload. If time management doesn’t work, is there someone you work with who might be able to respond for you? I know it feels funny, but as long as you’re honest about it, people might be OK with hearing from “the team.”

    Hope you have an awesome 2014!

  14. Balance is one of the hardest things to achieve in life my friend – Family, Career, Commitments, Improvements… Top that with wanting to do and be your best every single day -That’s enough make superman pass out let alone you Marcus ;-)

    Health scares, albeit frightening when they happen, are life’s reminders that we are NOT superman. It means your priorities need to be rearranged. Usually it means you need to put YOU first. I don’t mean this in a selfish way. Obviously your family tops the list but you need to be healthy to be there FOR them.

    Take time to enjoy your family this holiday season and to recharge your batteries. Career opportunities come and go. Books will get written and blogs will get posted when creativity lightening strikes. Clients will either embrace your wisdom and experience or not.

    I know discussing religion or politics is never a good idea but honestly, I truly believe this is great advice to live by whenever one needs help prioritizing life –

    “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    The courage to change the things I can,
    And wisdom to know the difference.”

  15. Mark W. Schaefer

    I wish we could have lunch to talk this stuff over. I am ahead of you on the learning curve and could have written this exact post a few years ago. If you have the time over the holidays, want to have a Skype talk to go through a few of my “fixes?” : )

  16. Hey Marcus,
    Another thoughtful post from you. I just had to comment on this one though… I think I would have written the exact same 4 issues.

    I keep contemplating the 2nd edition of my book. It’s on my goals and task list. Yet I keep find all sorts of other things to do, rather than get started on it. Maybe because the pain of finishing Acclerate! is still fresh? ;-)

    I also get frustrated with clients not implementing. Like you, I spoke to thousands of people in 2013. Taught 10 workshops. Saw people leave those sessions all fired up to get started. And many never did or never finished.

    I want to Podcast. Another thing on my list that I just keep pushing off. Maybe 2014.

    And health. I am not doing bad in that area. I hike 3 or 4 times a week. But I am a type 2 diabetic and I need to do a much better job of managing that. Maybe next year?

    Well thanks for the inspiration my friend. I will see you in March!

    Merry Christmas,

  17. Dude, you just work too much. And it’s totally useless to be successful if at the end you don’t have the time to enjoy it or if success shortens your life.

    If you were one of my clients I’d strongly advise you to relax more and work less. When you have enough money to feed your family and provide shelter and such the rest is a plus, if you see what I mean.

    Remember, the rat race makes rich only the rat owner.

    Having said that blogging sucks an enormous amount of time especially if you try to do it well. Is it worth it? Well, it depends, for most of us it’s more like an enormous loss of time but it’s addictive.

    Time is something we can’t borrow and we never know how much we have to live so do what you can and remember that your family is your treasure so health and time for them come first, all the rest come later. Because you will never get again the time you haven’t spent with your wife and kids.

    Some things haven’t gone as you wished in 2013, forget about them. You’ve have probably reached a lot of goals anyway so focus on the positive side and remember that we work to live but we should never live to work. That’s slavery.

    Sorry, my professional side has taken command. :)

    My best wishes for 2014 Marcus, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  18. Marcus,
    Merry Christmas!
    1. The book: I’ll be on line for it whether it comes out next week or 2015. Don’t worry about it! (and the more time it takes you, the more experience you’ll accumulate. Bonus for us!)
    2. From the client side, Thank you! Your stories and advice have done wonders for me, so count me in the successful 50% of 2013!
    3. Blog/Podcast? Quality not quantity! You definitely supplied the latter, keep up that great work!
    4. I, too, had a trip to the ER with a vasovagal syncope. Not fun. And when I came too in the ambulance, I didn’t wish for more time at work, I prayed for more time with my loved ones. So far that prayer has been answered!
    BTW, I used to be addicted to the elliptical machine….no more! If you’re going to be moving in place, for my time, I’ve found the rowing machine is the best exercise, highly recommend you try it out!

    A Peaceful and Happy New Year to you and yours!


  19. I appreciate your point on email overload, this is a problem for almost all of us. Reviewing email during a specific time period during the day is the best method to keep you on track with other priorities.

    As a footnote, it was a pleasure to meet you at your Build Your Brand Seminar in Las Vegas this past November. We started answering customers questions on our website as you suggested. Since posting the number one question fiberglass pool manufacturers get, price, we have had great positive feedback. Your seminar was excellent!

    Thanks and have a successful 2014.

  20. Marcus,

    You make me feel better. You list of what i didn’t get done is almost a long as mine.

    Keep the heath focus. ‘We need you.

    Warmest regards,


  21. Marcus,

    Love your passion and transparency!! Hope you can get the podcast revived. I always looked forward to a new podcast from you when I login to my daily dose.

    I have “start a podcast” on my 2014 list. Would love if you could put together a blog post on your podcasting setup.

    Your friend from Canada

  22. Marcus, I am sure you will get your book done and you will have some disappointments as well as being pretty successful. Life isn’t perfect. Your content is great, but we can wait if we need to. You do not need to spread yourself too thin, so ration what you do according to priority in your business. But, hey, who am I to tell you?

    One thing I have learned is not to confuse health and fitness. I had always kept myself pretty fit but this past year have had a health scare. I should be all fixed following some doses of radioactivity (which made me feel very tired for months and less able to work at full pelt) but because my engine works fine did not mean that something else could not go wrong.

    So if you have any symptoms or even if you don’t, get regular check ups and take care of yourself. Have a great 2014.

  23. It is useful to have list of such things in mind. That way you can always know what to improve, what to change. I had my disappointments in 2013, but I’m determined to overcome them this year. Thanks for sharing your story.

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