5 Qualities of the Greatest Home Page Marketing Videos on the Web

by Marcus Sheridan

Video marketing

About a year ago I wrote about the future of home page design, one in which simplicity, ease of navigation, and funnel marketing were all prominent components to success. Looking back, I made one major omission, and that is the power of video marketing when it comes to powerful home page website design.

To break it down to its most simple form, the reason why great home pages need video is simple:

People want to consume information in their chosen manner, not yours.

For some this is text. For others it’s video and audio. It all depends on the person.

Furthermore, the way web visitors consume information will change depending on what stage of the buying process they’re in. For example, often times when I start researching a product I might prefer to only read about it, but once I’ve learned enough and established a solid base, I’ll watch videos so as to take a “deeper dive” into said product.

Such is the pattern of millions of consumers around the world.

What surprises me though is that most companies still don’t “get” video, and certainly aren’t using it right, especially when it comes to integrating it into an effective content marketing campaign that starts with the home page of their website.

In my research, I have found there are 5 main qualities that home page videos should ideally have. Granted, not every business has the same capabilities when it comes to producing content, be it video or text, but notwithstanding there should be at least a few “best practices” to strive for to maximize success. That being said, here goes…

1.  There is a Face Tied to the Company

We’ve all heard this statement before—We are more likely to do business with those people we know, like and trust. And what better way do companies have in “humanizing” their brand than to integrate a real person into the video? This is exactly why Papa John is in every one of his company’s commercials, or the late Dave Thomas with Wendy’s, or George Zimmer of Men’s Warehouse (“You’re going to like the way you look, I guarantee it…”)

An example of a company doing this right on their homepage is HubSpot, showing the following video in conjunction with their funnel marketing approach on their company home page:

2. It Tells a Story that Teaches

It’s simple—People remember stories. Actually, people remember good stories, but you get my point. Storytelling, done right, is content marketing’s greatest weapon and the world’s greatest teaching tool, yet few truly embrace it well. If you did a study on the greatest communicators from the beginning of time until now, you’d see almost every single one of them shared an essential trait—great story telling.

This is exactly why the home page video here at The Sales Lion tells my story. Not only is it incredibly humanizing, but if you break it down, it teaches in this pattern:

Pool guy almost loses business, discovers the power of inbound marketing, saves business, and now teaches others how to do the same thing…pretty cool, right? ;-)

3. It Guides Them through the Website

Recently, my business partners and I at River Pools decided to take our company’s website to the next level of simplicity, education, and video. As you can see from the photo below, the page consists of very basic funnels—all matching different stages of a pool shopper’s buying process, as well as a video tied to the main call-to-action.

River pools homepage

Although this may sound biased because he’s my business partner (Jason Hughes) and it’s our company, this is one of the best home page video’s on the web today. It literally takes the shopper by the hand and says, “Hi, I’m Jason, and I’m going to hold your hand and make this a wonderful experience. Let me show you around our house…

Don’t believe me? Watch the video, it’s that good.

And by the way, at River Pools, we do all videos in-house, and everything has been self-taught through trial, error, and practice—something that is clearly available to any business if they put their mind to it.

4. The Video Quality Elevates the Brand’s Quality

Although I’m never one to say that videos have to be perfect and “Hollywood” to be effective, I do believe that if you’re going to put a video on the home page of a website, then it’s needs to not only be of good quality, but it should also elevate the brand perception as well.

A great example of this is found with my friends (and clients) at US Waterproofing. You’ll notice this video is not only personal with Matt Stock representing the face of the brand, but it tells a great story, walks viewers through the web experience, and leaves a very, very powerful  impression on the US Waterproofing brand.

5. It Speaks in Terms of Real Humans with Real Problems

People don’t care so much about what you and I do as much as they care about if we can solve their problems. Unfortunately, most videos (and communication in general) miss the mark on this important element. Done right, company videos will leave the viewer saying, “Oh yes, I’ve had that very same problem, and look, they can fix it!”

A great example of this found on the homepage video of my friend and master business/strategic sales consultant Ian Altman, who intertwines a powerful mix of real-world business problems and social proof in this video:

Your Turn

Obviously, there are more than 5 qualities of great home page marketing videos, but I hope these will give you something to think about as you look to maximize your website’s success in moving prospects through the sales process while building your company’s brand. That being said, I’d love to hear what other qualities you’d add to this list. Also, do you feel video will be a major part of effective home-page design as the digital age continues to unfold?

Your thoughts and questions matter, so don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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