5 Reasons Every Small Business in the World Should Write an EBook

by Marcus Sheridan

small-business-ebookThat’s right, you should have an eBook. And no, you’re not the exception. What, did you say you were an auto mechanic? Yes, your company needs an eBook. I’m sorry, did you say you were a roofer? Yep, you too, you need an eBook. So you’re a professional lion trainer…..Wow, you really need an eBook.

A lot of people out there in the world of business think eBooks are some weird thing found on the internet that only teaches other weird people how to make more money online.

Although this statement may partially be true, it’s far from the reality. And that’s what this post is all about. It’s time to shed a little light on this thing called small business and eBooks.

My Story

3 years ago I wrote an eBook for the swimming pool industry (Other than teaching people how to kick butt on the web, I’m also a pool guy. I know, kinda strange ;-) ). The eBook was entitled ‘How to Buy a Fiberglass Pool the Right Way, at the Right Price, from the Right Company’. When I wrote the book, I really only had two main reasons: There was a huge need and I saw an opportunity to make a decent supplemental income off of said need.

But little did I know that such an eBook would initiate a major change in my life and in my business. And as time went on, I came to understand more and more the incredible benefits that any business can attain simply by taking the time to achieve such a work.  So let’s talk about these benefits and then maybe some of you average Joe business owners out there (like me) will add one more goal to your freshly prepared 2011 aspirations:

5 Small Business Benefits to Writing an eBook

1. Your Company Doctrine

That’s right, your company needs its own doctrine. What do you believe? What methods do you adhere to with your product or services? For example, in my swimming pool eBook, I stated that it was a moral imperative that a fiberglass pool was back-filled with stone/gravel instead of sand. At the time, this was not a construction technique that was heavily practiced around the country. But because of the influence of the eBook, as well as our company blog, it is now the majority. In fact, I’ve had pool builders from various parts of North America call me over these past few years and tell me how a customer had bought my book and required the builder to use gravel instead of sand. Pretty powerful, don’t you think?

So don’t be afraid to come up with your company’s doctrine. What is the gospel according to YOU? By so doing, your eBook will set standards for greatness and also act as a compass for you and other businesses in your niche.

2. Forced Cognition

I’ve talked about this concept before but I’ll never grow tired of it. Here’s how it works: The more you think and write about something the better you’ll get at explaining it to others. For example, I write about sales and marketing all the time. Do you think it’s hard for me to talk to a client or give a seminar on this stuff? Heck no, it’s a piece of cake, but that’s only because of constant thought regarding the subject matter.

3. Become the Authority

Would you like to be an authority in your field? If not, then I dare say something is wrong and you need to choose a subject/profession you care more about. Since writing my eBook and writing so much about fiberglass swimming pools, I’ve essentially become the consumer voice of the industry. This year alone I was asked to fly around the country to consult with homeowners that had read my eBook and wanted to pay me to oversee their pool installation. I was also called by lawyers on various occasions to give ‘expert’ testimony on the subject. I could go on and on about this one but just ask yourself this: How many of your competitors have written an eBook that teaches consumers about your product? In almost every industry, the answer is less than 1%. Think that might make an impression?

4. Knowledge Equals Trust and Sales

Before I go out to a customer’s house to sell them a swimming pool, guess what they’re required to do? Yep, that’s right, they have to read my eBook. By so doing, they will become more informed on fiberglass swimming pools and options than 99% of pool shoppers in the world.

But not only will the potential customer now be very informed, but they’ll also know my stance on everything. They’ll have invested their time to read my teachings, and because of it, they’ll feel informed and prepared. Once they’ve reached this point and read the book, what do you think happens to closing rates? That’s right, they go way, way up.

I call this process of required reading Assignment Selling, and it has literally changed my life as a sales and marketing professional.

5. You Now Have a Ton of Killer Content

Guess how many swimming pool articles my eBook made? If you guessed ‘a lot’, you’re right. There is nothing easier than taking a large eBook and turning it into 25 blog posts, or taking 25 blog posts and turning them into an eBook.

But the key here is content. No matter what your business is, you must accept the reality of content production. You’ve got to embrace and become passionate about giving great information to your consumer base. Once you get this, your life as a business owner will get much, much easier.

So there you have it folks, 5 reasons to get on your horse and start that eBook that’s just waiting to leave your brain and find its place on paper. Oh, and one final thing—No, the eBook does not have to be that long. Anything more than 10 pages is pretty dang awesome in my book, so don’t let length hold you back. Get ‘er done!! :-)

What did I miss? What benefits would you add? And by the way, if you’ve already written an eBook, take a minute to introduce it to all the readers on here. Go ahead, free game; a little self-promotion never hurt anyone ;-)

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