How to Use Content Marketing in the Retail Space to Get Incredible Results (Interview)

by George Thomas


Yale Appliance: A Classic Content Marketing Case Study in the B2C, Retail Space

By George Thomas

In this Interview I talk with Steve Sheinkopf , CEO of Yale appliance located in Boston. Yale’s story is amazing, as they are generating over 250,000 visitors a month to their company’s website. In this interview,  Steve talks about what he believe to be the best SEO strategy— focusing your efforts on humans (the way they think, their problems, their questions) more than machines and then producing consistent content addressing these issues. If you want an interview that cuts to the chase, talks about the bottom line, and gives you actionable items that impact you business, this is the one.

Here are some of the questions the Steve answers for us:

  • What was the major pain point your company was facing with online sales or sales in general before doing Inbound the right way?
  • How did you discover the solution to your problem and what did you do to affect change?
  • What has been your biggest SEO success story?
  • What software do you use to publish your content and how has that affected your SEO efforts?
  • What are your main SEO points of focus when creating your pages or blog articles?

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