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As so many know, it was just 5 years ago that I was simply a “pool guy” with a failing business, scared to death my partners and I would lose our homes and everything we’d worked so hard for over the previous 8 years while in business.

It was during this time we shifted our thoughts to digital marketing, deciding to answer every question we’d ever been asked by a prospect  on our website, one article at a time. Today, I call this philosophy “They Ask, You Answer” and it’s literally at the core of every client The Sales Lion has– a mentality of “Listen, Communicate, Teach, and Help” at a level that exceeds consumer expectations and earns incredible trust in the process.

This philosophy catapulted to become the #1 trafficked swimming pool website in the world  and led me down a very different road than that of “pool guy” when, in 2012, I went full-time with The Sales Lion and began to tell/teach the River Pools story, and many others just like it from our clients, to audiences around the globe, with the sincere hope they would catch their own vision of the possibilities of the internet if they would just embrace what consumers truly want and give it to them.

Despite River Pools’ success, these last few years have been quite frustrating for me as well. You see, River Pools has always been limited by the fact that although we get traffic and leads from all over the world to our website, our service area stops with Virginia and Maryland. This means we’re throwing away millions of dollars in potential business a year that we are unable to assist, simply because we”re not a national business.

The Birth of River Fiberglass Pools

It is for this reason our company, over the last year, has quietly been taking the steps to become a manufacturer, and not just an installer, of fiberglass swimming pools. With this new side of the business, we’ll now be able to have dealers around the country and ultimately allow the brand to become what it should already be–one of the largest manufacturers of fiberglass pools in the world.

the start of a fiberglass pool

This is the moment of truth for a fiberglass pool, when the sprayed shell (that will eventually go in the ground) is separated from the “mold.”

fiberglass pool mold

The new pool is slowly lifted off the mold…

We have lift off!

We have lift off!

fibeerglass pool shell

The separation of the new shell from the mold (this is when everyone hopes the straps don’t break!)

The River Pools gang inspects the pool...while it's still hanging upside down :-)

The River Pools gang inspects the pool…while it’s still hanging upside down :-)

fiberglass pool mold

What was one unit just a few minutes ago is now two. Time to put the mold back inside and spray a new pool!

Although by no means will the national growth of River Fiberglass Pools happen overnight, it is inevitable. In the near future, our pools will be going into the backyards of homes all over North America, providing joy for kids and families for decades and decades to come.

As I play out this future in my mind and smile at the possibilities, I can’t help but to think back to those difficult days when I thought the business was over and all my worldly things would be lost.

Little did I know this thing we all call “the internet” and answering customer’s questions would change my life in such a profound way.

35 thoughts on “The Next Chapter of the River Pools and Spas Story Begins

  1. Marcus!

    Awesome work Brother!

    I am…..your first dealer. Get me some info. We are primed, ready and been waiting for this moment. The River Pools moment.

    Serious as you are.


  2. Phil Sheridan

    How do I place an order for one

  3. Bob Reed

    BOOM! I was wondering when you were going to scale up.

    Congrats, Marcus!!

  4. Maybe it’s time to franchise and go national, millions of $s.

  5. Congrats on getting to this new stage of your business. And thank you for not keeping your marketing mind to yourself

    • My pleasure Hashim!! Ultimately, I just want others be possibly experience their own version of the River Pools story. :)


  6. Hey Marcus,

    It’s awesome following your journey. This is an exciting opportunity and I wish you the very best!


    • And it has been great following yours as well Ian.

      Thanks for the support brother!!!


  7. Marcus,

    Big congratulations! This is a big deal on many fronts. Way to go, to you, and your entire team.

    Much success,

    • Super kind of you to say Mark, exciting times! :-)

  8. Hi Marcus,

    Congrats on how far you’ve come, and best of luck with this new opportunity!

    The photos above suggest that you’re already thinking about your first piece of content for that business – “how are fiberglass pools made?” ;)

    Again, congrats Marcus!


    • Without question Jeremy. There will be no more Secret Sauce in the fiberglass manufactuing space!!! :-)

  9. Steve

    Great move….manufacturing is a different skill set…but that’s awesome

    • Yep, certainly a different skillset my man. We’ll see how it goes. Super excited to watch it grow…and make Yale’s traffic, eventually, look small!!! ;-)


  10. awesome..great effort.thanks for that

  11. Brilliant and gutsy. Way to go Marcus. This is awesome!

    • Appreciate that Schaefer. I’m just grateful that as a marketer I’ll continue to have my own sandbox to play in! :-)

  12. Wow!!!! Congratulations on this BIG move Marcus. So exciting to watch your business(es) grow and you find success with inbound marketing. It is a wonderful, inspiring story that I love watching play out for you and for others. This is why I’m so happy I do what I do. As an entrepreneur myself, it really makes a difference in people’s lives. As a wife and mother of 4 kids, I can appreciate what a wonderful feeling it must be to know that all the long hours (I know you are often found exercising in the middle of the night and writing blog posts!) and hard work you’ve put in are paying off. So very, very happy for you!!!

    • You are too kind Kathleen, thank you!!! :)

  13. Wow Marcus! Congratulations, I am sure this will be a success!

  14. Your vision and the guts to take steps needed to attain your goals is astounding! My hat’s off to anyone that has been in a difficult business position and took steps in an unknown direction and succeeds, a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word.

  15. Congratulations Marcus and River Pools and Spa!

  16. Some great news! Congrats and keep on working hard! ;)

  17. Wow, that’s big. May your big move pay off big.


  18. “I’m a hustler homie, you a customer crony.
    Got some dirt on my shoulder; could you brush it off for me?”

    Brush ya shoulder off, Marcus! Makin’ moves, never movies!


    • Hahahaha, that was awesome bud! And hope your move went well!! :)

  19. Marcus Jim and Jason.

    So proud and happy for you. What an adventure. If you ever need any help free advice or assistance of any kind, I know a few people who would love to help and also know a thing or two about the fiberglass pool manufacturing and distribution business.

    • Ashley, my old friend, it brings me a smile to read your comment. You’re a good cat and it’s a shame not all manufacturers know how to treat people as you do bud.

      I’m sure I’ll be in touch.


  20. And congratulations as well from good ole RSA.

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