Want to see Marcus Sheridan speak? If so, the following is a list of future events he’ll speaking at. (Note** Not all events are listed, as some are private, and new events are often added within 30 days of the speaking date)

2013 Speaking Schedule

marcus sheridan speaking

Keynote speech at the “What’s Next” conference in Bangor Maine, 2013.

Oct 7th: PACE Conference in Chandler Arizona

Oct. 8th: Pet Sitters Conference in Las Vegas

Oct. 10-11th: Marketing Profs B2B Conference, Boston

Oct. 12th: Plumbing Fixtures Conference in Chandler Arizona

Oct 22nd: Entrepreneur Group in Washington DC

Oct 25th: Social Strategy Bootcamp, Iowa

Oct. 29th: HubSpot  User Group in Washington DC

Nov. 13th: Pool and Spa Convention in Las Vegas

Nov. 14th: Insurance Professionals Conference in Alexandria Virginia

Nov. 22nd: Content Marketing Workshop for an Accounting Firm, Rockville Md.

Dec. 2nd: HUG Super Forum, Washington DC

Dec. 3rd: Boating Conference in Ontario, Canada

Dec. 4th: Ragan Content Marketing Summit, NYC

2014 Speaking Events

Jan. 14th: Innkeeping Conference and Tradeshow, Charleston, SC

Feb. 19th: AMA Event, Baltimore Md

March 3rd: Inbound Marketing Conference, Cancun Mexico

March 20th: AZIMA Awards, Phoenix Arizona

March 26th-28th: Social Media Marketing World, San Diego California

June 1st: National Rotary Conference, Phoenix

June 4th: Tweetstock, Brantford, Ontario

June 12th: Young Insurance Agents Conference, Oklahoma

June 19th: Mastermind Talks, Toronto, Canada

August 1st: What’s Next Conference, Bangor, Maine

August 22nd: Discover Card (speaking to marketing department) Chicago

Sept. 9th: Content Marketing World, Cleveland, Ohio

Sept. 16th: HubSpot “Inbound” Conference, Boston

Oct. 6th: South Carolina Insurance Agents

Oct. 15th: AgCatalyst, Minneapolis

Oct. 20th: Petsitter’s Conference, Las Vegas

Oct. 23rd: Aweber Conference, Philadelphia




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