In case you missed it, there was an Earthquake on the East Coast Tuesday. No, seriously, I’m not kidding. ;-) Heck, even a guy like me, who hasn’t watched the news in about 2 years, couldn’t help but notice the floor to my office moving in an odd manner as I was busy whacking away at the keys.

Once I realized what had happened, I got up, went outside, and observed just how still and normal everything seemed to be…yet something that hadn’t happened in over 100 years (to that magnitude) had just jolted the bodies, and minds, of millions.

A few minutes later, I started laughing to myself. Why? Because I realized that all the 700+ fiberglass swimming pools in the ground my company had built over the years would be much better off than their counterpart concrete pools (and the Washington Monument for that matter), and now would be the perfect time to tell consumers why.

Before I knew it, I was typing away on my swimming pool website. 15 minutes in, this little guy was the result:

Earthquakes and Fiberglass Swimming Pools: Yep, Flexibility is a Nice Thing When the Earth Moves

As I’m sure you can imagine, the article has done very, very well in the hours that followed the event, but the act itself reminded me of a subject we often times forget as bloggers: Timing is dang important when it comes to high blogging authority and traffic.

Here is the thing folks: Bloggers have a huge advantage over the normal press. We have no red tape. We have no ‘producers’ to run stuff through. When we want to publish something, all it takes it a few slaps of the keys and voila—DONE!

Becoming the Voice

Two years ago I got a call from a friend in the fiberglass pool industry telling me that a manufacturer who produced/built fiberglass pools had just that day closed shop and gone out of business. Because I knew this person was such a trusted source, I immediately did a blog post on the subject and broke the story.

The results that followed were profound. First of all, people in the industry started seeing my blog as way more than just educational articles about swimming pools. It was a place for major news and events. Heck, about a month after that article was posted on my blog the largest magazine in the pool and spa industry called me with questions regarding the company and how I was able to find out so quickly the closing had happened.

A few months later, another major fiberglass pool manufacturer filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. The day the bankruptcy paperwork became public record, guess how many emails I got from folks across the country telling me, “Hey Marcus, have you seen this???” Once again, before anyone in the press or magazine arena had a chance to mention the bankruptcy, I’d written an article on the story. In many ways, this event acted as a tipping point of sorts for the blog. It was now viewed as the authoritative voice of the industry.

So much did it grow that every time big events occurred, people kept emailing me the news. It was kind of weird, because I never realized a blogger for a swimming pool company could be a reporter of sorts, but that’s exactly what I was. In fact, one day a person in the industry told me my blog had turned into the ‘Drudge Report of the Swimming Pool Industry’. And when I thought about it, I knew the guy was right.

Sometimes, Timing is Everything

Let’s look at one more example. Most of you are familiar with my Blog World New York article and all that happened with this ‘unique’ event. But never would that article have gone viral and received 400+ comments had it not been so very timely. The morning after Blog World had ended, before anyone had a chance to publish thoughts on the closing event, I was busy typing away…and I also knew timing was of the essence.

So when I published it around 10am that morning, it quickly became a lightning rod of discussion for bloggers all over the globe that wanted to discuss BWNY. In the days that followed that post, there were many other great articles written about BWNY, but none came close to experiencing the success of the one posted on here TSL. In this case, timing really was everything, and it also marked the beginning of a major growth spurt in community and traffic for this blog.

To close, I want to list a few keys to remember when using timing as a tool for blogging success.

1. It Sometimes Takes Guts: I’ve never been so nervous as I was when I published that BWNY article. When I looked at the final product, I knew it would receive tremendous praise and scrutiny. But I also knew that I’d always regret it if I didn’t share my voice in that moment.

2. Keep Your Eyes Open Always: Great bloggers and marketers are always looking for their next great piece of work. For example, look at Chris Brogan. As soon as Google + came out, he lead the charge in educating others about it. But even though Chris may be ultra popular, that doesn’t mean he can just write something that’s timely and become the authority, which is why he wrote multiple articles on the subject and shortly thereafter announced he’d be publishing a book (I’m guessing the first of its kind) on Google+ for business. That, my friends, is the power of content combined with timeliness.

3. Build Sources: Here’s what’s interesting about building sources in an industry: Write good stuff and  sources  (or ‘blogging Deep-Throats’ as I like to call them) will just appear out of nowhere. It’s kind of like building back links to your website. You can’t just go and hire some guy on Fiverr to get you 500 backlinks for $5 (can you say ‘trash’ anyone?). The only viable strategy is to earn it. The same is true for garnering sources. As the saying goes, ‘Write it, and they will come’….(or something like that ;-) )

4. Just Because Timing is Important, Don’t Publish Junk: If you’re in a rush to put an article out to the public simply because you ‘want to be the first’, but the article is written poorly or inaccurate in facts, you’re running a serious risk of actually losing respect and subscribers from your audience, or even worse, getting yourself in hot water.

So there you have it folks. Keep your eyes open. Be creative. Be timely. And write when the inspiration calls. By so doing, you may just hit a few blogging ‘home runs’ you never dreamed possible.


Your Turn:

Do you have an experience where timeliness lead to blogging success? Also, feel free to name other examples of bloggers who have done this effectively. As always, your opinions, thoughts, and questions matter—and I’d love to hear them below.

62 thoughts on “Timing: The Secret Ingredient of Viral Blogging and Building Authority

  1. Marcus, this is a great advice. I had it happen to me once or twice with my blog and it is still bringing traffic. What I failed to do is do the same with one of my niche sites and it would be the perfect place to do it. So that is what I am going to try and do next. Implement this great tip over there.

    Off to read the pool article. And you are scaring me, our pool is in the ground and I sure hope we don’t get an earthquake or something :(

    • Hey Bran!! So cool of you to drop by and about that swimming pool… ought to send me a pick sometime. BTW, did you have a pretty good pool season this year? Do you actually use it much?

      But good luck with your timely content and keep rockin the blogosphere like you do. ;-)


  2. Thanks Marcus. Another gem. I knew about comedic timing and the timing it takes to hit a baseball, but I didn’t realize the power of timing, when it comes to a blog. Until now.

    The 4 keys to remember are right on:
    1. It Sometimes Takes Guts
    2. Keep Your Eyes Open Always
    3. Build Sources
    4. Just Because Timing is Important, Don’t Publish Junk

    Thanks again Marcus, for this Timely post. Hope the hurricane won’t cause problems for you and the fam.


    • Hey Al, thanks so much for coming by bud, and I do hope this post helps you a bit. You know, with your C.A.R.E movement, I think you’ll be able to find many timely events in the world that are the antithesis of C.A.R.E, as well as events that represent the entire movement. Those are the events and articles that are just waiting to be written by you my friend.


  3. Hey,

    The “secrets” to timely blogging! ;)

    Like Bill Dorman’s guest post… it is getting hits like crazy… over 360 comments and counting…! I am still trying to analyze that! :) But then Bill’s amazing networking skills and the ability for holding interesting “conversations” via comments makes all the difference!

    Writing a blockbuster post does take effort, also how well are you connecting with the reader’s mind at the moment. Like Chris Brogan’s post about Google + came at the time when we were like…. “Google what, plus what”; keeping yourself well informed and researching well might also be very helpful in getting that “superstar” post!

    But then like John talked about “Is there always a right time” or sometimes you should take that risk ;)

    • Hey Hajra, so kind of you to stop by! :-)

      Yeah, that BD is kind of a freak when it comes to conversations and networking. Really something.

      But I like what you said about ‘connecting with the reader’s mind at the moment’. That’s just it. And he who can think like a consumer/reader is the one that will win in business every time.

      Thanks so much for your support Hajra!


      • I like the word freak for him… is he reading this .. ;)

        • That’s what you can analyze ma’am……………:)

      • And of course, guess who taught me everything………………:)

        Timing is key and you can’t be afraid to put something out there that will be divisive. I’m not there yet as I haven’t had any inspiration or felt strongly enough about anything in the social media world that would be controversial. I’m still pretty much just the ‘show up’ kind of guy still trying to figure out the meaning of life.

        You are doing well my friend, full speed ahead.

        • That’s what I’m waiting for– the day Bill Dorman starts ripping into something because he got MAD! ;-)

          Thanks for the kind words buddy, and good luck on your journey as well. You’re also doing great things. :-)


  4. What’s up Marcus!

    Awesome piece. You always manage to bring it from a new angle Marcus. Reading this was like having a conversation with you. You truly do write how you talk – without the Virginia twang’!

    In terms of blogging, and what I blog about – timing doesn’t really come into play. Would you agree? I guess it could. I can take a story from the news and speak to it from my perspective and put some hustler-like twist to it and share the lesson from it. But again, that’s not really my shtick.

    It Sometimes Takes Guts. Your BWNY post was awesome and I can see how it made you a little nervous prior to posting it. My post about MBA’s was one of my most successful in terms of reads, shares and links. I wrote that sucker from the heart – without worrying about feelings. That’s very different for me. I don’t mind rattling cages – but I never want to hurt someone’s feelings or belittle someone’s personAL choices. So I was a little apprehensive when posting that. As you can imagine the majority of people loved the post and some didn’t. Mainly, the ones who didn’t, didn’t because they had spent upwards of $50-80k and 2-3 years on an education that really serves them no benefit today…AND my post was a reminder of something they wanted to forget! Anyway – I picked up a bunch of subscribers from that post and it really was breakthrough post for my blog. It took some guts.

    Keep Your Eyes Open Always. Brogan jumped on G+ and made it his. Working with Google (as a partner) has provided me some insight into what Google APPS Plus (the business version) will bring and it’s AWESOME STUFF. It will change the game. Anyway – there’s so much out there…and to find a new sweet place our eyes have to be wide open. We get tunnel vision too often.

    Build Sources: This is another powerful benefit of networking. You know enough credible people and trust is established you’ll be at the edge of all kinds of info before the mass media. I’m not so much in blogging – but offline – this is my shtick! (I’ve been using that world A LOT since your post a couple weeks ago.)

    Just Because Timing is Important, Don’t Publish Junk: And this is what I live by. Timing is everything – but it can also be a killer. I think this is the most prominent issue online – people publishing on a schedule that they can’t effectively manage. Sure, they can meet their stiff deadlines, but they can’t do it with quality. And without quality, at the end of the day – what’s the point..there is none…not to me. This summer has been so filled with family trips, vacations, campings, fun, side hustle projects, new jobs…you name it, and it was a part of my life this summer. That means that I had to take a few steps back in the blogosphere because I simply can’t do it all; and surely can’t put it in front of fun time with the family…but I’m baaaaack! And I’ll still be slow BUT running what you consider the best posting schedule in the world!

    I said all this in one breath.


    • JK, oh my goodness man, how do you expect a brother to reply to such a comment?? ;-)

      Really bud, there was simply so much here. I should probably just go ahead and add it to the post, it was that good.

      I knew your MBA article would do well. And I knew you spent quite a bit of time refining that particular post because it’s the type that has to be written precisely– without room for misinterpretation– which is what you did. And when it comes to blogging, strong, well thought out opinion is what gets the eyeballs…and the inbound links…and the subscribers. Well done.

      Also, I must repeat this statement you made: I think this is the most prominent issue online – people publishing on a schedule that they can’t effectively manage. Sure, they can meet their stiff deadlines, but they can’t do it with quality. And without quality, at the end of the day – what’s the point..there is none…not to me.

      I’ve always been mystified by this. The idea that one has to post 6 times a week to grow their blog is crap. I don’t get it. What we have to do is post quality, with a solid mix of quantity, and a huge helping of networking. That’s the deal.

      Anyway, you’re simply one of the best my friend.


    • Agreeing with Marcus, fab comment. #thatisall :-)

  5. Marcus I seem to recall I was supposed to approve all blogposts before hand. and of course I must present each post before the Committee of Doom which convenes only on every other Thursday between 4pm and 4:11pm. and only if the Committee of Doom approves the post I still must redact any parts that the NSA, NFL, or NASA find might be a security breach. Then I can show the Lions and you know they will be tougher than in years past.

    Good luck!

    Wait you don’t work for the NY Times?

    Nevermind hit publish.

    Viral is often timing meets content meets pure luck. But it happens! And your advice is uncanny. Because we can help improve the chances if we pay attention for opportunity and take action.

    • Hahaha Howie, no, I don’t work for the NY Times…But actually, I think I filter my content wayyyy better than NYT…plus I don’t make stuff up. ;-)

      But yeah, I love how you said: Viral is often timing meets content meets pure luck. —-Perfect way to put it man.

      Thanks for the smiles brother,


      • I think the important point was without timing and content…luck won’t save even a Lion.

  6. Hi Marcus,

    This has happened to me, on a smaller scale. I know you have heard the story of how I blogged “The Love of My Life'” in ten minutes. It made Gini cry and got included in her weekly Gina and Topics. (my very first pingback)

    It hadn’t even dawned on me that Mother’s Day was that week (I posted that on a Wednesday I think) but still it is my most popular post because it is one of those that just hits you right in the heart.

    Anyway, I have been getting rocked with bad news on top of bad news lately. I blogged about my Godfather going into hospice, and now it seems I will be blogging about looking for work.

    Maybe this is the right time. Maybe I am ready for something new.

    You never know until you stick your neck out.

    I remember blogging “Are YOU an Emotional Chicken?” and you told me to kick fear in the ass Marcus. It took me til the 4th of July, but I am no longer a chicken!

    Sometimes you just have to put it out there and have faith. I sat on that post for almost two week, too “chicken” to pull the damn trigger. No more. :)

    You are an inspiration to all of us Marcus.

    • Wow, so powerful this was Nancy. You know, I just love seeing you starting to believe in yourself and realize your capabilities–because you do have so very much to offer this world– personally and professionally. So just keep believing in yourself and hold your head high as you now look for employment. Great things are around the corner. :-)


  7. You are absolutely right about timing. I published a post about the Sopranos finale that hit at the same time as the show and it got picked up everywhere.

    But because I am an old curmudgeon I’ll remind people to make sure that they are providing real content based on accurate sources and information. If you aren’t careful you can get burned really easily and the consequences can be ugly.

    • Old curmudgeon or not Jack, you’re absolutely right. Our sources and our info better be accurate, otherwise our 5 minutes of fame can land us in serious trouble.

      Thanks for dropping by bud and have a great weekend,


  8. Hi Marcus,

    I heard the news about the earthquake, my cousin is in New York city for three months, and she has just arrived when I got the news. Wow, that was my first thought. Then I had to check if everything was ok. I’m happy it wasn’t such a big deal as I first thought.

    I haven’t been using timing to my advantage at all when it comes to blogging. But, I have one interesting experience, and that’s with a fellow blogger who told me about when he tried to get extra traffic from when a wrestling star in the US died earlier this year. He wrote a long article about it, and tried to relate it to his blog. It didn’t work. He was fast, and the timing was right, but the article wasn’t interesting at all, and it wasn’t related to his niche. So, we shouldn’t just start writing about any type of news, just because we can get some traffic from it, that’s the experience I learned from him. What you have done is totally different, it’s very related to your business, and you’ve become a trusted source.

    I would probably never had the guts to write the article about BWNY, but I thought it was brilliant and I wish I had guts like you, because we really need articles like that, and people telling us when things suck :)

    Have a great day.


    • Oh Jens, you always sell yourself short my friend. You’ve got way more guts than you give yourself credit for bud. Seriously, I mean that. Heck, most people would never start a blog and put their thoughts and life out there like you do…but you followed a prompting and beat the odds. To me, that’s guts.

      And yes, I like your wrestler analogy. Just because something is timely, and of interest to certain groups, doesn’t mean it will mean squat in other niches and industries.

      Well said brother…have a great weekend.


  9. Hi, Marcus.

    From where I’m at right now, I still have to find that perfect timing you are talking about. Because I am running a niche site, about 3D architectural rendering no less (which not all people know about), it is kind of hard to get that timing just right. But, because I have people I am learning from a lot like you, I bet I won’t do that bad when the time comes.

    Thanks for always being an inspiration, Marcus. :)

    • Hey Kim, thanks so much for leaving this comment. I think one of the most important things you can do is just make sure you’re set up to hear the latest news in your field and then have an opinion when the time comes. I’m sure you’re already using Google Alerts, but if you’re always looking for something to write about in your niche, the doors will be opened.

      Good luck Kim, and thanks so much for your support of this blog!


      • You deserve all the support, Marcus. :) And, thanks for reminding me about Google Alerts. I knew there was something that I forgot to do. ;) Sheesh! I am getting old…

  10. Timing is everything.
    In blogging, in life and in business.
    Brogan is a great example of using a launch date to his advantage and leveraging timing.

    In life we can say things too early and not get the result we want or too late and the words become useless.
    In my business I launched services too early for the market and they bombed. Hitting the right time with the right product is an amazing thing, when it happens it’s like watching fireworks on the 4th July.

    Guts? Nah I think sometimes it takes being a fool and not giving a damn what others will say or think about our work ;)

    • Hahaha, great comment JF. Love the analogy too—‘Like watching fireworks on the 4th of July’.

      The few times I’ve watched time work its magic, that’s exactly how I’ve felt.

      Have a good one bud, and thanks for everything.


  11. Hey Marcus. it’s been a while. THanks for sharing this. And about the earthquake, I didn’t feel it because I didn’t stay there. But I was a bit surprised though.

  12. Interesting. Yes, riding the wave of current affairs in your niche is important. Just have to make sure that the take away message is timeless or the post becomes rapidly “old news”.

    • I don’t think that’s the case Ameena. Some posts are principle driven– and are thus timeless. Other posts are current event driven. Others my be ‘the latest this or that’. Such posts serve the reader for a finite amount of time, but they have clear value as well.

      Thanks for dropping by Ameena!! (now go give that husband of yours a hug for me…his last few days call for such ;-) )

  13. Timing can make or break your blog. Well done on always up-to-date info and news. Just another reason why you are an authority in your field.

    • Thanks Ana, I really appreciate that. :)

  14. It’s always a great thing to get on top of what is happening now. To be that source for trusted news, my one fear (and 1) I don’t think this is you at all and 2) you touch on this in point four) is that I still think it needs to be really strategic. So many people are obsessed with creating timely content that they end up neglecting lasting content.

    Had a draft of a counter point to this sitting in my folder for far too long called F^&K Realtime. Not that I don’t understand the importance of being on top of things, especially when it comes to my daily customer service responsibilities Just worry that some people are losing sight of the future with their obsession on what’s happening now.

    That’s why I always like to wait a week or two before posting my Tues/Thurs contextual posts. If I can’t go back a week or so later and still want to share, why would anyone want to read it in a month?

    • Hmmm, ‘timely vs lasting’, great point there Michael. I think it’s important, absolutley, not to allow the need for timeliness to trump honesty, thoroughness, and professionalism. Notwithstanding, I don’t think ‘over timeliness’ is a big problem with most bloggers. Rather, I submit most have never really considered the idea, especially small businesses, as there is always industry news to be talked about. People need to have their radar on always, know what I mean. ;-)

      Thanks bro,


  15. Once again, I am amazed at how effortlessly you are able to put ‘fingers to keys’ or as they used to say ‘pen to paper’ and come up with some amazing, insightful and motivational words. You spur me on to greater things. Thanks, so much.

  16. Hey Marcus, first sorry for calling you Markus on Skype, I have a friend called Markus (my bad!).

    I completely agree like the other people who have commented so far. Timing is essential. I don’t think luck comes into play too much, it’s more timing. We’re often in “the right place at the right time” because we put ourselves there. From the outside, people look at the glory, and disregard the hard work that goes into getting ourselves to that point.

    It takes guts to be the first guy to do something, and it’s high risk, but the rewards can be tremendous.

    Great post as usual buddy. I’ve been off the scene for a little while, just working on my new blog.

    Keep up the good work, sure we’ll get to talk soon.


    The major bloggers are the same, they weren’t always major bloggers, but a series of events and consistent hard work allowed the to achieve the success that they have today.

    • Dang Robert, well said my friend. :-) Oh, and don’t worry about the mispell, I was on a call and didn’t get that message till today, so my bad man.

      Love what you said about the ‘hard work’ that goes into the glory. Boy is that often forgotten! We live in such a world of shotcuts that we think this success thing can happen quicker than it does. Simply put, that’s bull.

      Really appreciate your support man. Talk soon.


  17. You just keep getting better and better, Marcus. This is stellar advice and doesn’t get highlighted nearly enough. In fact, you’ve got me thinking more about how I can use timing in my own content. Thanks!

    • Hey Marlee! Thanks for the kind words girl, and I’m glad to ‘make you think’. Actually, that’s really what this article was all about. I want folks to realize that the concept of ‘timing’ does make a huge difference, so we’ve just got to keep our eyes and ears open to the possibilities.

      Thanks for dropping Marlee, appreciate all you support these many months. :-)


  18. Excellent advice Marcus. I experienced a giant leap in traffic on my niche site when I published a controversial news article. The timing was good – although I was quite late to it as I don’t have many contacts in my niche site, I am still reaping the benefits now, three weeks later. I see no reason why your blog can’t also feature relevant news articles – it’s just another piece in the “ultimate resource” jigsaw.

    • Love your ‘ultimate resource’ take on this Tom. That’s exactly it. There are so many ingredients that can..or cannot, lead to viral and authority success, and as you well mentioned, whether it’s niche site or some huge industry site, the principles are the same.

      Great stuff Tom, as always, thanks a bunch bud.


  19. I was in the Philadelphia airport when the earth began to move and then the building got knocked side to side. It was a really weird feeling. And then the airport was evacuated. So that was fun. But I had no PR or marketing lessons from it to blog about.

    That said, I absolutely agree with timing. I write for the Chicago business journal so my column this week focuses on the retirement of Steve Jobs and how business leaders can take a page from his book by blazing the trail to lead the industry…even if your competition knows what you’re doing.

    But, like you said, it can’t be forced. So watch and listen to your surroundings. You’ll find blog posts.

    • ‘So that was fun’….you’re such a goof Gini….probably explains why I like you so dang much ;-)

  20. Powerfully and well timed written article.

  21. Yes Marcus, Timing is everything. I just wish that I was available to write such pieces as they strike. Currently, I am on a schedule and can only write on certain days with all the other obligations… Hmm maybe I should start giving up sleep like you do. Just kidding.

    I will just persevere and one day timing and my writing schedule will align.

    Thanks for the tips!

    • And thank you Rajka for taking a moment from your crazy schedule to stop by. :-)

      The fact that you’re able to maintain a blogging schedule, that’s consistent, despite all you have on your plate is amazing. Really. And that alone is much more important than a little ‘timing’ every will be.

      Thanks so much for the comment,


  22. Can’t say I’ve jumped on an event in a ‘timely’ manner Marcus. I like Michael’s point about timely vs. lasting, esp. in this age of long tails, right. So there should be a balance. I noticed you tweeting your earthquake related post, thought it well done. As a PR type, I often seen it poorly done – slap shot, lazy to downright manipulative and predatory. I think it’s that extreme that makes me wary of using some event for my own marketing purposes.

    Your tips are all solid, esp. developing a deep well of info and not publishing crap. Both of course have to do with working this, putting in the time and effort to network, build communities, read and stay on top of things. I’m sure my ‘time’ will come someday, we’ll see. FWIW.

    • Well hello ambassador. ;-) Glad you appreciated my earthquake tweet. Sometimes a content marketer just has to have fun, ya know?? But yeah, there is the extreme in the other manner, which is wayyyyy too common, where folks are taking advantage of one tragedy and big story after another to simply take advantage to the soup of the day. Pretty sad, but it’s reality.

      And yes, your ‘time’ is coming….just keep up the grind my friend. :-)


    Really timing is everything. Its said nothing is constant but change and thus timing affects everything in life. Well this article described it very well . Thanks for sharing.

  24. Marcus, terrific post. That’s what I call staying at least one step ahead of the competition, probably at least 10 steps in this case!

    The one area that I’d have to call into question is Chris Brogan’s webinar/book on Google+. Sure, the timing is perfect. He saw the opportunity and went for it. But there are those that have criticized Chris that the content he is producing is not up to par. My question would be is this possibly an abuse of influence?

    I don’t know how anyone can be an “expert” about Google+ especially since it’s so new. Worse, is the book is titled Google+ For Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything. How can someone write a book about Google+ for business when you can’t even have a Google+ business page as of yet?

    I know that dummy books will typically now come out ahead of a product launch, and perhaps that is the case with Chris’s book as well. Either way, it’s a tremendous opportunity. I just hope the content is “Chris” worthy.

    BTW – Loved the timing of pool hurricane article as well! What’s next I wonder??? :)

    • Hey buddy, thanks so much for your kind words. Yeah, I know many have questioned Chris’ timeliness with G+, but my feeling is this: Chris is no dummy. He understands the risk. He knows the bar he has set for himself. He also knows if he produces junk it will kill his ability to garner future book deals. That being said, if Chris’ product delivers value, and gets great reviews, then I think it will be a lesson to quite a few folks on the reality of timeliness.

      Always great to see you my friend,


  25. I seriously love the timing of this post…ESPN just announced that journalists are no longer allowed to break news via Twitter. OK, I get wanted to funnel everything through an “official” news channel such as their TV channel or digital news desk…but that takes time. As you pointed out in your post, it took you 15 minutes to post that article after the earthquake. I can only imagine how long it would have taken if you had to go through an official channel before posting.

    • Steve, great to see you man. I had no idea ESPN had done this. And to be honest, I think it’s going to blow up in their face because other channels, without filters, will allow their reports to post stuff real-time, and thus they’ll get the credit for the story and the initial punch that comes with breaking it.

      Guess we’ll see how it goes though, ehh? But thanks so much for dropping by Steve, always appreciate your comments and support.


  26. Hi I completely agree with you that bloggers have the advantage over normal press when it comes to publishing timely stuff but the problem is that a lot of them do not do so because they are afraid to go out of their comfort zone. Blogging about a natural calamity is fine but let’s talk about serious things like say an event with a political dimension like a riot, very few people will be willing to post their genuine feelings for fear that they might eventually be tracked down later on.

    • I can see your point Pam. No doubt, occasionally it takes some serious guts to be timely and discuss issues that are a lightening rod in a particular niche. Guess it goes back to the phrase: Many are called but few are chosen. ;-)

      Thanks so much for dropping by,


  27. This is one of the things that I should learn, timing is really hard especially if you are a full time employee. Still I might be able to it then, everyone should.

  28. This is great advice and something I hardly do as well. I suppose it is something to do with me being lazy.

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