Today, My Friends, I Sincerely Ask For Your Help

by Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan TED Photo

Over the past 44 months here at The Sales Lion, much of my work has been dedicated to sharing everything business and life has taught me up to this point. Without question, it has been an amazing ride. There have been many changes. I’ve truly done my best to offer value and build a community. But today, for the first time, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit and seeking the help of this incredibly important community.

You see, two weeks ago I stood on a stage in Alexandria Virginia to give the most important talk of my life. As some of you may already know, the event was TEDx Rock Creek Park, and I was given 12 minutes and one-shot at sharing with the world a subject that has been brewing within my being for just over a year now– The Honest Economy.

Truth be told, the following TED talk almost never happened. The event’s amazing organizer, Alison Whitmire, had asked me to try out for TED months ago– but there was one caveat to her request–she didn’t want it to be about “content marketing.” Nope, it had to be more universal and far-reaching than the usual suspects here at TSL.

Considering Alison is responsible for bringing Simon Sinek to TED, I knew she was right. In fact, she told me something I’ll never forget:

“Marcus, I need you to give the talk NOW that you’ll be giving in 5 years.”

It was one of the most profound and thoughtful statements anyone has ever told me. And it also challenged me to the core.

So much did it challenge me that I, at one point, asked out of the event. Frankly, I couldn’t “see” the talk in my head– something I’ve never had a problem with– but this time it seemed to be gnawing at me day in and day out. After  essentially giving up and telling Alison I simply couldn’t come up with a message that fit her expectations, she kindly rejected my petition and told me we simply had to talk it out even more.

Finally, after multiple conversations and pensive moments, I could see the talk in my head. I saw each story unfold. And I believed I had something that could truly resonate with anyone.

After hours and hours of practice in front of a mirror and envisioning each and every element of the talk, the moment came. Please take a few minutes to see the final results:

For a few years now, it has been my dream to be a part of TED. The thing about this is, most TEDx talks never actually make it to In fact, less than 2% of all talks make it to the incredibly popular site– which bases the talks it chooses on two main criteria:

1. The quality of the message

2. Whether or not the message seems to resonate with others.

It is for this exact reason that I need your help.  It is my sincere hope that, if the video touches you in any way, that you’ll share it with your communities, be it Facebook, Twitter, G+, a blog– whatever. Every little bit matters, so please know that even though I may not be able to tell you directly, I’m deeply grateful for all your support.

The easiest way to do this is by simply going to the YouTube link, hitting “share,” and then selecting where you’d like to share it. Also, here is a direct link to it on YouTube

Here is a photo that shows what to click when you see the video:



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