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The Mad Marketing Podcast

Mad Marketing PodcastThere is something truly magical about the podcast experience that makes it in a class by itself in this digital world. Blog articles are nice. Videos have their place as well. But of all of these, podcasting is arguably the most intimate. Whether you’re working out, on your way to work, or just relaxing outside – listening to a podcast can be a powerful experience.

Which is exactly why I love it.

My podcasting style is different. I rarely if ever interview other people. Essentially, I take your questions and I answer them, in my most honest and transparent voice possible. And if something is on my mind, I talk about it.

  • It’s off the cuff.
  • It’s extremely personal.
  • And it’s definitively real.

That’s the essence of The Mad Marketing Podcast – and I hope you’ll make it a part of your life as well. :)

Marcus Sheridan

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The Hubcast Podcast

Hubcast PodcastHave you ever wondered why there are no podcasts  *just* for HubSpotters?

Yeah, so have we– which is exactly why we did something about it. :-)

The fast and furious pace of the Hubcast is one enjoyed by HubSpot users around the globe. The two hosts( George Thomas and Marcus Sheridan) have a unique way of having fun, using humor, and of course educating their audience.

  • So if you’re looking for the latest and greatest HubSpot news, tips, tricks, etc.– then the Hubcast is the perfect for for you.

This is the essence of The Hubcast Podcast – and we hope you’ll make it a part of your life as well. :)

Marcus Sheridan & George Thomas

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