US Waterproofing Case Study: Insourcing Gets Results

Matt Stock came to me in 2012 with one goal in mind: He wanted US Waterproofing (a basement waterproofing company in Chicago) to dominate the web for its industry. In order to do that, Matt needed a strategic plan, and he needed to get his employees involved (insourcing) in the content production process. After an initial workshop with the entire staff, everyone in the company (50+ employees) bought in to the concept of content marketing and the need to implement it into their entire sales process and organization. As a result of the workshop, the US Waterproofing blog quickly rose to the top of its industry, all because of the vision each employee shared.

US Waterproofing Blog

At US Waterproofing, content marketing is something multiple employees participate in.

Here is what their owner, Matt Stock, had to say about their experience:

I brought Marcus to our offices in February of 2012 to paint the true vision of Inbound Marketing to my basement waterproofing company.  I can honestly say it was one of the best investments we’ve ever made (the worst – paying an “SEO” company tens of thousands of dollars to build “links” with no measurable ROI).  Marcus is a one-of-a-kind speaker who uses the perfect mix of humor, employee interaction and sales / marketing strategies.  It motivated every department in our company to take action and ownership beyond what we ever imagined.  Our organic traffic and results are literally through the roof.
Here is an actual screenshot of US Waterproofing’s website:
US Waterproofing Website Traffic

After an initial content marketing workshop with Marcus, the US Waterproofing website experienced huge organic traffic growth.