Over the past few years, many businesses have come to me and our team here at The Sales Lion needing help with their blog and their content marketing strategies. And although we’ve been able to impact most of these companies, but few have taken what I taught them and ran with it like the folks at Yale Appliance in Boston Massachusetts. But instead of me explaining the story, let’s hear it straight from the CEO of the company, Steve Sheinkopf:

I’ve been blogging since 2007 with pretty decent results. Or so I thought. Our average post would garner anywhere from 200 to 500 views. I happened upon Marcus’ profile during a Hubspot seminar and figured I would call him. I really didn’t believe he would have that much teach me.  After the first hour of our first session I realized that I had been blogging, but not business blogging. There is a huge difference. Marcus teaches how to be found organically, how to properly engage your prospects and how to write a call to action to turn these prospects into customers.

The results speak for themselves. In December of 2011, we had 18,000 visitors to our website through organic (which is free by the way) search. In September of 2012, with 48,000 visitors from organic search just using Marcus’ business blogging techniques with an average post of 1000 views(and climbing).

We also had Marcus speak to the staff to infuse the idea of content marketing to the staff. Now everyone is a blogger. We blog 5 to 6 days a week and own the top three slots on Google for approximately 141 keywords. Our business in a highly competitive market is up about 15%.   We have also reduced marketing costs by approximately $500,000.

If you follow his plan, the culture of your company will change. You will evolve from shouting at people through advertising to advising them through strategic business blogging.  You will be amazed.


Steve Sheinkopf

Real Results

As you can see from what Steve said, the numbers speak for themselves, but here is a visual chart of his website traffic growth:

Yale Appliance Growth

Within just a few months of working together, the Yale website literally exploded in traffic, leads, and sales.