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5 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Talk about Product Pricing and Costs on Your Company Website

5 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Talk about Product Pricing and Costs on Your Company Website

I don’t get it. Seriously, what is the deal with small business websites and their fear of talking about the one thing that makes every transaction a reality? Yes, you guessed it, that ‘one thing’ is MONEY.

Yep, the last I looked, if consumers and customers don’t have money, they have a tough time buying things (well, not including the housing market from 2001-2008). So, being that money is so vital to the purchase of a product or service, why is everyone afraid of it?

I’m guessing the answer is that they are afraid they’ll end up turning-off a consumer, or possibly scare them away. Personally, I think such a fear is crazy, bonkers, (fill in your own adjective here). In fact, the first question a serious consumer will ask when they are considering the purchase of a product is:

How much does your product cost?

Notwithstanding this all-important inquiry, hundreds of thousands of companies don’t even begin to mention pricing on their websites…..Hmmmmm, Houston, we have a problem.

Over the years I’ve learned that being open and honest regarding pricing is fundamental to success in sales and marketing. In fact, here are 5 reasons why you should always discuss product costs on your website:

1. People want to know: Wow, now that’s deep. But seriously, just like I mentioned above, serious consumers know the internet will give them the answers there are looking for if they search long enough. And if they can’t find them on your site, guess what happens? Yep, they go check out your competitor’s site and look for the answers there. Remember, any question a consumer asks about your product should be answered on your company blog/website.

2. Search Engines will give you LOVE: That’s right—big time love. Do yourself a favor and go to Google and type in the phrase Fiberglass Pool Cost or How much does a fiberglass pool cost. If you simply type these phrases in, or any similar phrase for that matter, my pool company’s website will come up 1 or 2 on search results every time. This page has been #1 on Google for about 2 years now and it’s all because I spoke extensively on my website about fiberglass pool pricing before any other company in the world did. Crazy….but true. As mentioned in the video below, this phrase has garnered me thousands and thousands of dollars in sales.

3. Consumers will appreciate your honesty: Despite this nutty myth that consumers don’t like to talk about pricing, you will find that most potential clients greatly appreciate the fact that they were finally able to get great answers from you and your company. This gratitude leads to respect which in-turn leads to trust….and ultimately leads to sales.

4. You will not waste time with unqualified customers: Because financing has become so difficult these days, the idea of ‘If they have a heartbeat we can get ‘em credit’ is deader than a doorknob. I don’t know about you, but as a sales and marketing professional, I’m not interested in spending tons of time trying to sell a product to someone who can’t even afford to buy said product. Remember, our time is very valuable, and the quicker we can focus our relationships and efforts on qualified candidates, the more successful we’ll be….and the less rejection we’ll receive.

5. No Surprises: Have you ever talked with a client and after having given them your price/quote/proposal they give you that, “Oh my goodness, I’m going to pass out” look? If this has ever happened, you and your website did a pretty poor job preparing them for what was expected. This is also why I always send out at least one well-written ‘pricing/cost’ article to any lead that comes into my data base.

So please take this information to heart. If it’s not there already, get busy talking about pricing on your website. Give the consumers what they’re looking for. Answer their questions. By so doing I can assure you that you and your brand will take another step toward niche domination and your bottom-line will benefit greatly.

PS: Before you leave, check out this short video where I talk about this subject of pricing at a recent seminar in Vegas. Also, I’d be very, very curious to get your take on pricing procedures for your website and what you’ve found that works the best. Your comments are always appreciated, big or small, agreeable or disagreeable. 🙂

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