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Becoming a Professional Speaker as a Woman with Amy Schmittauer

Becoming a Professional Speaker as a Woman: Plus Other Tips with Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer is good.

Like really good.

The first time I saw one of her YouTube videos (on Savvy Sexy Social) I walked away incredibly impressed with her style, her wit, and her ability to make me smile as she discussed everything from tech, to marketing, to personal thoughts.

Over the last few years, Amy has grown quite the brand online, earning over 50k Youtube subscribers and has become a highly sought after speaker in the process.

I recently caught up with Amy while we were both speaking at a conference in Salt Lake City, and in the short interview we were able to cover:

  • Her biggest lessons and surprises as she has gone from part-time speaker (kicking in doors just to get gigs) to a full-time, professional speaker.
  • The impact video has had on her brand, as well as her ability to communicate in front of an audience.
  • The lack of female speakers in the business space and how to address promote more in the future.

It’s a quick interview, but one I certainly think is relevant to anyone wanting to improve their video, brand, or speaking career. Check it out:

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