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The Big 5 Blog Article Topics Guaranteed to Drive Traffic, Leads, & Sales

The Big 5: Blog Article Topics Guaranteed to Drive Traffic, Leads, & Sales

To learn what The Big 5 are, and how you can write them to keep your efforts from ending in yet another tragic content marketing story, watch this video.

Here’s a sad content marketing story we see all too often with great companies that fail to achieve their desired online results:

They get the company-wide buy-in they need to get everyone onboard and fired up.

They hire a content manager to take charge of their efforts.

They start blogging multiple times a week.

They become dedicated to the process.

Months go by, but the traffic just doesn’t reflect their efforts.

They keep blogging; hoping to see an uptick; willing the needle to sway in their favor.

They grow frustrated.

They become convinced that content marketing is just another industry fad. Or maybe the giants of their industry just have too tight a grip on the marketplace.

Their efforts lag.

They give up.

They go back to the way they’ve always done it before.

So what went wrong for these companies? Were they correct that content/inbound marketing was all promise, no delivery? Is it possible their competitors had already dominated the online space, leaving no room for their voice to be heard?

In 9.5 out of 10 cases, the answer is no.

They just did it wrong.

At The Sales Lion we’ve found that the companies that were blogging regularly without showing any results for traffic, leads, or sales were simply blogging about the wrong topics, or not using SEO best practices.

So what topics should businesses write about that will actually guarantee an increase in traffic? That will convert more leads? That will generate more sales?

We call these all-important topics The Big 5.

Go start writing your Big 5 articles today.

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