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The Secret to Getting Buy-In for Blogging and Content Marketing Every Time

The Secret to Getting Buy-In for Blogging and Content Marketing Every Time

I’m literally blown away, and saddened frankly, with the number of emails I receive these days from visionary employees who are struggling to get blogging and content marketing buy-in from others within their organization—be it a business partner, a CEO, department head, etc..

I’ve written about some possible solutions to this problem in the past, especially when it comes to digital renegades, but today I want to give you one very, very simple way to help others within your organization catch the vision you share and ultimately get the buy-in you want. Here’s how it work…

A Language and Communication Problem

As an industry, we have a problem folks. Yep, we’re terrible at explaining to others what the heck blogging and content marketing really are. Even worse, when we are looking to commence these types of programs within our companies, our communications look and sound a little like this:

“I’m thinking blogging would be a great idea for us.”

“Content marketing is getting huge, we need to get on that train.”

“Our employees should all be blogging—that would get major results!”

These types of statements go on and on, but they all center around the exact same problem—and that is the fact they say the words “blogging” and “content marketing” in the first place.

Think about it this way for a second. Let’s assume you’re going to a company that has 6 people on the management team and you have to “pitch” them on the idea of starting a blog. Which of the following statements do you feel would be most effective?

1. “Currently, I see your company does not have a blog. As you have likely heard, blogging is becoming a major part of marketing, branding, and customer service for many organizations. That being said, don’t you think you should be blogging as well?”

2. “In terms of truly teaching the world about what it is you do and the problems you solve, do you feel there is room for improvement?”

Hopefully you didn’t skim over those two statements, and if you did, please read them again, because the first one (or some derivative of it) happens over and over again around the world every day and the second is rarely ever used to help convince others of the importance of blogging and content marketing.

In my research with other companies, I have concluded two simple truths:

1. Nobody cares about “blogging.”

2. Everyone wants to be a better teacher.

Do you see where I’m headed with this?

If the movement that is blogging and content marketing is ever going to truly catch fire, we need to boil it down to its essence. We need to better explain to the world what it truly is. And what it truly is—if done right—is great teaching and communication.

So the next time you decide to go to your business partner, your CEO, or your management team to convince them of the need to embrace this stuff, try it without even using the words blogging and content marketing in the main body of your pitch. The same rule applies to marketing agencies as well. Instead, shift the focus of the conversation. Place it on principles that have been a pillar of our society since the beginning of time and if you do, the results just may astound you.

Your Turn

I’m really curious to hear from readers that have struggled with content marketing buy-in from your employer/fellow team-members. How did you handle the situation? What have been the results thus far? Also, if you’re a marketing firm/agency, I’d be curious to hear how you convince companies of the importance of blogging and content marketing.

Jump in folks, let your voice be heard.

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