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What Does the Face of the Blogger of Tomorrow Truly Look Like?

What does a sales force turned “blogging force” look like? Here’s your answer.

I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again—the blogger of tomorrow looks nothing like the blogger of today. Why?

Because right now, for the vast majority of companies around the world, the perception of what makes for a good blogger or content marketer is nowhere close to what it should be.

And if I may be frank, it’s my goal to change this perception.

I’m tired of hearing business owners say they don’t have time to blog. I’m tired of marketers saying they don’t know what to write about. And I’m really tired of seeing companies fall grossly short of their branding and marketing potential.

The answer to these problems, at least in most cases, finds itself right underneath the nose of every CEO, business owner, and marketing department.

The answer, of course, is found within the untapped power of their own employees.

Average Guys Doing Not-So-Average Things

I want to introduce some men today that are perfectly symbolic of the blogger of tomorrow. Their names might not be known throughout the realm that is social media, but you can be rest assured they are changing the face of the basement waterproofing industry.

You see, each one of these gentlemen lives in Chicago and works in the sales department for their company, US Waterproofing. They do what they do well, and they’ve been doing it for years. In fact, these guys have been in literally thousands of basements, and answered thousands of questions, over their lifetime.

Simply put, they know every problem, and every answer, anyone could ever have about basement waterproofing.

And even better, they’re blogging.

You see, a few months ago I had the pleasure of speaking to the entire staff of US Waterproofing. I was brought in for one simple reason—to help everyone in the organization catch the vision of content marketing, and the effect it could have on their company.

Atypical Bloggers Making for Great Teachers

What’s interesting is that the guys at US Waterproofing aren’t your typical blogger. They’re by no means trained writers. They didn’t go to school or get certified as English majors.

Yet all have one thing in common—They’re great teachers.

And because they’re all great teachers (when it comes to basements), and because they understood the benefits their company could achieve if they “bought in” to the power of content, they’ve embraced this new form of communication.

Are they perfect? No, they’re not, but that’s not an achievable goal anyway.

The goal is to help consumers, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

In just a short few months, US Waterproofing, by using their sales staff, has produced more blog posts than most companies will produce in a year. Furthermore, their web traffic is spiking, leads and sales are up, and the blog has already become the most trafficked page of the website.

A team of educators, taking their company to the top.

Much of the credit to all of this goes to Matt Stock, co-owner of the company, simply because he didn’t adhere to the typical mindset that “sales guys can’t blog.”

The Future

Over the past 6 months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredibly unique organizations. Law firms, government contractors, equipment retailers, etc.—all have taken this same approach and all have converted their companies and staff into content producers, educators,and teachers. Yes, it’s a major cultural shift, but I’m happy to say that this stuff (these principles) aren’t just for swimming pools, but rather for any company looking to lead their industry and become the voice of their niche.

I see a day coming when part of every job description will be the words “content producer.”

I see a day coming when every employee will be trained on how to use social media, produce content, and the importance of the two within the organization.

I see a day coming where all employees will be equipped with phones and camcorders—and given the charge to produce company videos at every opportunity.

Some of you will laugh at these words and predictions. Some will point out frivolous studies talking about how much less companies are blogging today than last year. And frankly, that’s quite alright with me. After all, this vision applies to the top 10% of every industry. It applies to the leaders, the trend setters, and the standard bearers. It applies to the best.

Your Turn

I’m curious—If you have a company with multiple employees, what is preventing you from instilling this “all in” culture and getting more participation, and results, from others?

Also, what have been your biggest struggles as you’ve attempted to use your staff to produce content and blog posts?

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