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Blabinar – HubSpot Projects: Get More Inbound Marketing Done Faster & Easier [ Video Interview ]

Blabinar – HubSpot Projects: Get More Inbound Marketing Done Faster & Easier [ Video Interview

This week I had the opportunity to try something new and fun. Many of you have heard of webinars but have you heard of a Blabinar?

What is a Blabinar?

Simply put, I embedded a Blab show onto a static website page on The Sales Lion website.

Before the Blab, I promoted our website’s “HubSpot Projects” page instead of a Blab page. This meant that I was driving traffic to our home base. #MoreVisitors

During the Blab: I asked people to go watch the Blabinar because there were direct CTA links to items the guests were bringing up. We even had an example slide that one guest would use to tell their customer success story. Also we had a CTA for our HubSpot Intensive training workshop at the bottom of the page. #LeadConversion

It was fun, exciting and something I will try again to create a masterpiece of marketing greatness.

Blabinar Guests: HubSpot Academy Team Members

On the Blabinar, I had three great HubSpot Academy team members. I have listed them below with their bios and links so you can connect with them later.

Chris LoDolce

Program Leader at the HubSpot Academy, has been focused on integrated marketing and sales since 2009. Chris joined the HubSpot team as an Inbound Marketing Consultant in 2011, where he worked with hundreds of HubSpot customers to drive inbound initiatives. Over the past four years, Chris has educated tens of thousands of marketers, providing the tactics and vision to implement best-of-breed inbound marketing strategies. His latest initiative is a new type of training resource, HubSpot Projects, that combines product documentation and video training to give users the hands-on learning experience they need to reach their marketing goals.

Connect with Chris on Twitter


Isaac Moche

Senior Inbound Professor at the HubSpot Academy, initially joined the HubSpot support team in 2013, where he worked with over 4,000 HubSpot users to move the needle for their organization using best-practice inbound marketing techniques. Since joining the HubSpot Academy team, Isaac has used his experience helping HubSpot customers and partners to develop educational content around scalable marketing automation, email marketing, and lead nurturing strategies.

Connect with Isaac on Twitter


Sarah Phillips

Sarah is a marketing consultant dedicated to helping businesses develop and implement successful inbound marketing strategies. Through problem-solving, creativity and organizational skills, she helps clients’ achieve their inbound goals and overcome marketing challenges. Prior to HubSpot, she spent her time in the start-up world, working at a digital ad agency for non-profits. She is passionate about creating high-quality content, and sharing tips she’s learned along the way. As a lifelong learner and self-confessed caffeine addict, she finds herself spending many late nights reading as many books as her Kindle can hold.

Connect with Sarah on Twitter

Blabinar Topic: HubSpot Projects

The topic of choice for the Blabinar was HubSpot Projects. We talked about customer projects, partner projects, and much more.

Some of the other topics we covered were:

  • Broad Curriculum vs Goal Based Projects
  • How to Rinse and Repeat HubSpot Projects
  • Creating Consistency for Your Visitors, Leads, & Customers
  • Agency Case Studies
  • Customer Success Stories
  • How to Get Started with HubSpot Projects

Do I Need HubSpot Projects

Is inbound marketing hard? Wonder if you’re connecting the right pieces together? If you said yes to either of those questions, then yes, HubSpot projects will be a great help to you and your marketing efforts.

Here are some other questions to ask yourself about your inbound marketing efforts:

  • Are you having trouble with SEO?
  • Are your blog skills lacking?
  • Do you need help optimizing your conversion rates?
  • Are you asking the right questions on your forms?
  • Is your portal setup correctly?

Did you answer yes to any of those questions? Then watch this Blabinar to learn more and then go check out what project you should get started with.

Want to learn more about HubSpot projects? Check out this great article How to Make HubSpot Projects Work for Your Business.

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