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Google Penalties: What your B2B & B2C Business Needs to Know

Google Penalties: What your B2B & B2C Business Needs to Know (An Interview with Vertical Measures)

Are you doing inbound or content marketing at your company? Have you been creating a ton of content but just don’t seem to be moving the SEO needle?

In this interview, I talk with Art Enke from Vertical Measures about Google penalties, content marketing, and fruit stands.

In his interview, Art explains what the heck a google penalty is, the different types of penalties, and what you can do to find out if you have any.

I ask Art questions like:

  1. What are Google penalties at a 50,000-foot view?
  2. What are the top 2 to 4 penalties that you might get?
  3. How does a business tell if they have google penalties?
  4. How does a business find out what exactly they have been penalized for?
  5. Do you need a service or can you find out yourself via some Google tool?
  6. Can you share an example or story of how this played out for someone you know?
  7. and more…

Make sure you have a firm foundation built with your site. That is the part I love the most about this interview. Too many times people think you get penalties from google because you are doing shady SEO. The truth is, sometimes it is just because your site is not setup correctly to begin with.

Enjoy the interview and if you have questions, make sure you reach out to Art or myself, we are here to help.

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