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How To Use Facebook Live To Educate Your Clients & Community with Ecamm Live

How To Use Facebook Live To Educate Your Clients & Community With Ecamm Live

“Should we be using Facebook Live?”

“How do we use it?”

“What should we be doing on it?”

Sound familiar? Many companies are searching for these answers, and we hear them constantly. So often, in fact, that we had to specify 5 reasons you shouldn’t be doing live video, just for good measure.

Here at The Sales Lion, we believe that you if you’re going to use live video, then you should be using it to educate your visitors, leads, and customers.

The better educated they are the more trust they will have in you and your products or services.

We teach all of our clients that “They Ask, You Answer” works just as well with live video as it does with any marketing content.

So, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to educate your clients and community using Facebook Live?

No worries, now there is.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can be educating your audience on Facebook Live like a pro.

First, let’s look at the tool that is going to help you do this.

Nope, It is not OBS. It is the Ecamm Live app for Mac.

Here is a short video you can watch about it.

Using Ecamm Live for Facebook Live Broadcasts Example

You might be asking yourself how this works in the wild.

Below is an example of how I used Ecamm Live to teach the new HubSpot Web Analytics Dashboard on my Facebook Page.

On a side note, the Ecamm Live app works with both Pages and Profiles on Facebook, but I will show you more about that later.

Using Ecamm Live for Facebook Live Broadcasts Tutorial

If you have been following us for any length of time, then you know we love creating tutorials.

As a matter of fact, we wrote an article How to Create Amazing Screencast Explainer Videos to Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts.

Let’s get into your Ecamm Live tutorial, so once you download the demo, or purchase the full version, you can go out there and kill it!



What Features Does Ecamm Live Have?

This is no short list. Ecamm comes packed with a ton of great tools for you to use. Some are more obvious than others, so let’s get into this.

Ecamm Live Setup & Login To Facebook Live

With other software like OBS, you have to have a stream key and mess with settings before you can even think about going live and talking to your community.

Ecamm took all that mess and said, “we don’t think so!”

To set up and start your first Facebook Live with Ecamm, you only have to log in to your Facebook account using Ecamm.

You’ll then have access to your profile and any page that is attached to it.

By logging in with Ecamm, you can start going live on any Facebook profile or Facebook page.

You will know this is done when you see a blue “Go Live” button.

Ecamm Live Facebook Description

You have to tell your community what you are going to talk about or teach.

That is simple in Ecamm. Just head to the lower left corner of the app and type away.

Pro Tip: Add a hashtag or two to your title.

Ecamm Select Your Facebook Broadcast Community

Do you want to send your broadcast out to everyone?

Maybe you just want to teach your friends or friends of your friends.  Maybe you want to talk to only yourself?

Wait! That’s strange.

But, with Ecamm Live you can do it.

You can easily select your broadcast audience before you hit the go live button.

Broadcast to Facebook Pages With Ecamm Live

Don’t want to only broadcast to your friends and family?

Need to dive into a Fan Page and talk shop?

No worries, you can simply select the page audience you want from an easy drop down and then hit that go live button.

Multiple Ways to Teach & Entertain Your Facebook Live Audience

You should notice at the top of the Ecamm Live app there are three buttons you can toggle.

The first one is your built-in camera. If you have multiple cameras, you can select which camera you want to use in the main navigation of the app.

The second button is “Share Desktop”. With this feature, you can show any open browser, Skype window, Photoshop … heck, you can show just about any application you have running on your desktop.

The third button is the open a video file. That’s right, you can play a video in your Facebook Live session.

This is super cool.

A couple creative ideas might be:

I am sure there are a ton of other options here.

View Facebook Live Comments With Ecamm Live

You can see above that the area that once was your description is now transformed into your comments area.

You can easily read and then interact with your audience. No need to have Facebook open in another window to watch and interact in.

This little feature simplifies the communication part of your Facebook Live broadcasts.

Sneak Peek: You will also see two slightly hidden features that we will talk about later. Those features: image & text overlays.

Once You Are Live With Ecamm Live

Once you are live with Ecamm, you will see a couple new features pop onto the screen.

Pro Tip: Want a distraction free broadcast? Look at the lower left corner, and see how I was able to hide comments.

Slightly Hidden Ecamm Live Features

To get the full functionality out of the Ecamm Live app, you need to head up to the main navigation.

Here you will find features like:

While up in the main navigation, you should take a look at the options tab as well. Here you can give your Facebook Live videos the option to be embedded and much more.

Pro Tip: You can drag and drop multiple images on and off of your Ecamm screen as needed.

Functionality We Wish Ecamm Live Had For Facebook Live Broadcasts

While I am absolutely in love with Ecamm Live for my Facebook Live needs, there are a couple things I would like to see added:

We hope to see some of these wish list items come to fruition but none of them are deal breakers.

If you want to start crushing it on Facebook Live with live video and want the easiest process ever, then get your copy of Ecamm Live today.

Have other wish list items you would like to see?

Let us know in the comments below.

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