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Inbound Sales & A Closing Culture: Video Interview With Josh Harcus

Inbound Sales & A Closing Culture: Video Interview With Josh Harcus

In this interview, I get the chance to talk to Josh Harcus from the inbound marketing agency Huify.

We talk about Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales. He shares his thoughts on the transformation of HubSpot and the dual methodologies they now support.

We talk about the great painful divide between marketing and sales teams in most companies today. Why this will not work moving forward, and how you can get rid of it forever.

Then, we quickly turn the conversation to Josh’s new book, A Closing Culture.

I pull out several chapters from the book and ask specific questions to help us dive into this culture of closing, and how it can impact any business out there.

Some of the items we hit on are:

  1. Setting SMART Goals
  2. Identifying Your Customers
  3. Marketing to the Buyer Personas
  4. Nurturing Leads
  5. When to Hand Leads Off to Sales
  6. When Sales Should Contact Leads
  7. Sticking To The Plan
  8. Putting it All Together
Some questions I ask are:
  • What are some of the biggest hurdles you see with companies that are trying to implement the changes you outline in your book?
  • How can marketing and sales work together to increase revenue?
  • How can you build a strong culture at work?
  • What is the future of marketing and sales departments?
  • How does this fit in with Inbound Marketing? And how about with Inbound Sales?
  • Why was Brian Halligan willing to put his name on the book with a cover quote?

Here are a couple links that you may be interested in:

Get Josh’s book, A Closing Culture.

Connect with Josh Harcus Snapchat.

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