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Inbound Sales Tips for Marketers – [ Blab Video Interview ]

Inbound Sales Tips for Marketers – [ Blab Video Interview ]

Have you ever wanted your sales team to get excited about utilizing inbound marketing content within the sales process? In this blab, George Thomas, Don Stanley and I share some recent stories, break down new research results, and detail some tried-and-true tactics to help you inspire more inbound sales love and collaboration.

Watch the video where we reveal the one exercise that triggered 3 “AHA” insights for a sales team:

  • How much research is happening during the “quiet” times
  • More content means more entry places (“every page is page one”)
  • Every attempt to connect matters — email check-ins, blasts, and phone calls all have a direct correlation to more content intake.

Plus, we’ll share the 3 immediate actions which anyone can use to improve their inbound sales process.

Don Stanley is known as one of the Top 40 Marketing Professors in the World, an award-winning faculty member at University of Wisconsin-Madison in addition to being a sought-after speaker and consultant. Don not only reveals some mind-blowing stats about social media engagement, he also gives insights about intriguing new research around “gray social” vs “dark social” and how that impacts inbound strategy.

And as always, George B Thomas helps us deep dive into the geeky side of inbound sales. He dissects marketing qualified leads vs sales qualified leads (MQLs vs SQLs), lead scoring, automated email triggers and ways of making it easy for your team to identify “cream of the crop” prospects. WARNING: it gets geeky, techy and downright insightful (insert maniacal laugh).

We even had a few surprise guests join in on the Blab, because who wouldn’t want more inbound sales goodness, right?! Major hat tips to Ian Altman, as well as friends at Xybix and Quintain Marketing.

So buckle up and improve your inbound sales ASAP. Give it a try and let us know what results.

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