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The Magic of Telling Your Story Again and Again and Again

The Magic of Telling Your Story Again and Again and Again

I’m going to say a few things here that may appear as a form of self-aggrandizing, but such is clearly not my intent. In fact, if you stay with me over the next few paragraphs, I think you’ll see exactly what I’m trying to say…

In my little corner of the digital world, I’m known for a couple of things. In fact, if one was to describe the brand that is Marcus Sheridan/The Sales Lion, a few phrases would likely pop up:

“Pool guy”


“Content Marketing”

“Answer every customer question.”

“Talk about pricing.”


“SEO/Web Traffic”

“Enthusiastic Speaker/Presenter”

There may be more some folks would mention, but those are a few of the core aspects to my brand.

I mention this because over the last 3.5 years since starting The Sales Lion, I’ve written over 400 blog posts, given over 75 presentations to audiences about “marketing,” and been interviewed well over 100 times—be it podcasts, video interviews, textual interviews, etc.—and in almost every single one of these events I’ve told a simple story—again and again—that essentially sounds like this:

A struggling pool guy discovers HubSpot and embraces the power of inbound and content marketing, mainly by answering every customer question he’d ever received—including pricing—on his company blog. This transparency ultimately saved River Pools and made it the most trafficked swimming pool website in the world, and further led to a teaching and speaking career as a highly sought-after business/marketing consultant.

I don’t care if you read an interview/talk/etc. I gave 2 years or 2 days ago, this is the basic theme and story you’ll read or hear each time, and it’s also the reason I’ve had the opportunities to contribute to amazing books like Youtility or be featured in the New York Times—two events that would not have taken place had I grown tired of telling my story and allowed it to be buried long ago after the first 50 times I said it.

I mention this because I think there is, at times, too much focus on originality in the world of marketing. We think if it’s already been said then we shouldn’t say or talk about it again.

This could not be further from the truth.

Studies show that the average “customer” needs 6-7 touches before they make a buying decision. Well, I submit the average customer also needs to hear your story 6-7 times before it truly sticks, almost as if they were watching a great movie again and again and again.

So my point here is a simple one:

Don’t run from who you are. Don’t hide what makes you unique. Rather, embrace your story. Tell it again and again, allowing for changes as they occur.

By so doing, people will remember you, relate to you, and the brand will eventually stick.

Your Turn:

A quick couple of questions my friends. In a few sentences, what’s your story? And what are you doing to make it an intricate part of your brand?

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