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Learn Video Content Marketing Strategies With A Video Production Workshop.

What is a Video Production Workshop?

Video Workshop

If you’ve found yourself on this page about video workshops, you probably understand the value creating video content for your consumers can deliver: you get the opportunity to broadcast your knowledge and expertise to an audience that is looking for honest guidance as they make purchasing decisions.

While many businesses would love to produce more videos for their websites and social platforms, they often encounter a few problems along the way.

For starters, they may not know anything about producing, shooting, editing, or promoting video content. And without much video know-how, many fear they’d produce subpar pieces of content and would rather not attempt it themselves.

This often leads companies to explore outsourcing their video content to video production companies. But the high cost of outsourcing videos alienates many companies that simply can’t afford these services.

unspecified-1And while outsourced videos can often look and sound amazing, you’re often at the mercy of the company’s interpretation of what it believes to be your message to be. In short, you lose a bit of creative control over the process.

Furthermore, to have a one-minute video produced by a production company can run you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Just take a look at this videography pricing survey by SmartShoot.

Why Have a Video Production Workshop?

For starters, creating your own videos will save you a ton of money in the long run. Your audience is hungry for information and you’d be surprised at just how much of your content they’d be willing to consume as they sort out making a purchase decision. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a lot.

Video content workshop

Not only are these folks watching hundreds of videos each month, but 90% of online shoppers have claimed videos have helped them make purchase decisions. Add in that audiences are ten times more likely to engage with your videos over traditional blog posts, and you should be wondering, “why haven’t I been creating videos this whole time?”

Maybe it’s because you’re not sure where to start, and you don’t have a defined strategy for using videos in your marketing and sales efforts. And maybe you don’t know the basics of shooting, editing, or publishing videos. Or maybe you don’t know how to analyze your videos to measure their effectiveness and ROI.

Producing your own in-house videos may seem like a daunting task, but with just a little guidance you’ll learn not only how to do it, but do it well.

What’s Included in a Video Production Workshop?

To kick things off, George B. Thomas will travel to your place of work to host a full day video production workshop. He’ll meet your team and help you assess each person’s role in video production: who will be the actors, who will be the stage hands, and who will edit and promote the videos.

He’ll also help you outline a strategy for which videos ought to be created first as well as develop a calendar for publishing new content regularly.


Part of the workshop will entail working with what you have. If you already have access to a nice camera, great. George will show you how to use it. But if the best camera you have is a smartphone (still a very viable option) he’ll show you best practices for using what you have.

George will also bring his preferred prosumer camera and audio equipment. If you discover that you’re interested in purchasing a prosumer camera, you’ll get to try it out before you make any major decisions.

George will also help you setup, shoot, and edit your very first batch of company videos. He’ll be onsite giving tips and instructions to both those in front and behind the camera.

And finally, by having a video production workshop, you’ll learn the principles that will allow you to create amazing videos your audience will love fast and efficiently.

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